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Health Minister Fahretin Koka issued a statement on the violence against health workers, specifically the alleged violence against doctors by sergeants.

In Mughal, specialist Sergeant Ali Aladagali was accused of beating Dr Tahir Tarmar at the hospital and protested with applause as he was being released. Camera footage later revealed that Aladagali had been beaten.

Coronavirus and epidemic

“My dear citizens, the state is the general consciousness and embodiment of society. It is both a result and a guarantee of unity and integrity. The state has committed itself to understanding and addressing the needs of its citizens when necessary. Institutions, justice and the state are always with us at its mercy.

Mr. The words that our president often uses, this state is a sacred state. Hz. Just as Om had the morality to hold himself accountable for the sheep that would take possession of the wolves along the Tigris River, our holy state also has a policy of evaluating its people and being at their service. The state runs its business with its trained people, which it has allocated to serve its people. These services may encounter problems from time to time. Although the goal of the state is perfection, the process can sometimes oppose it.

For example, the need for suspended healthcare services during an epidemic has increased the density of our hospitals. Health workers, who worked with superhuman strength during the epidemic, began to have difficulty. I don’t think it’s fair to assume that those we used to admire on the balcony can now continue the same performance without hindrance. We are in crisis.

We should know that our healthcare workers have also been severely affected by the epidemic due to difficult lifestyles around the world and the expected improvements have not yet been implemented.

At the present time, we should never forget that mutual understanding, humility and respect between the health worker and the patient is a healing force. We need to be understanding and patient when we get health care. Instead of tackling problems individually, we should rely on government solutions. Hospitals are the jewel in the eye of this holy state. If people make mistakes, we should avoid tagging these organizations or any professional group with those mistakes.

Violence against health workers

My honorable citizens, whose health is blissful;

And the health workers we work for,

We know; Incidents of violence are beginning to affect the patient-physician relationship even more. I want to say this immediately and warn those who try to do full justice to this respected society on the basis of increasing violence.

Violence against healthcare workers has been reported in many countries as the epidemic has subsided. The increasing incidence in our country is usually due to people who are prone to crime or have committed crime before, in some cases addicted to drugs, have personality structures that see themselves above rules and government authority and also tend to lose their behavioral control during stress.

It is not a coincidence that many people who use physical violence against their doctors and nurses, especially family members, have other cases of violence. Verbal violence constitutes a serious part of violent incidents. In our view, the source of this group’s violence is the tension between the patient or the patient’s relatives and the health worker, arising from false expectations. I believe that by rationalizing expectations and managing tensions, we will overcome the problem of this department with the steps taken for healthcare professionals.

This state is the state of law. Any issue reflected in the law, including health violence, is not pre-convicted and the other party is not pre-acquitted and victimized. If the diagnosis is to the physician, then to the judge. For this reason, I would like to ask our physician friends and our entire community. Have faith in justice. The new legal regulations enacted will give you comfort in advance. Don’t forget that attempts to put violent crimes on the agenda and expose the perpetrators have negative consequences and may even lead to unfounded opposition.

An agenda that does not have adequate prohibitions against crime leads to criminal tendencies in some problematic personality structures. Demonstrating the power of the state as sensitive to the truth comes back to us like a boomerang. Let’s stop this harmful attitude!

The often short-lived relationship between patient and physician is, essentially, a rare one. One side needs to understand while the other side is responsible for understanding. It is a relationship based on respect, not accepting bad behavior and based on the professionalism of the physician. We will not allow the shadow of violence to fall on this relationship. Society is with us. But it is also important to understand: just as healthcare professionals need to understand, so do patients who come to us.

5 Great Gospels

Dear health worker,

One week ago, in celebration of Medicine Day on March 14, Mr. Our President has given 5 great news. The first three of them were promises of development for which we were ready to make every effort. The word was step by step, and then step by step.

The bill was introduced in our Parliament and sent to the Judiciary Commission to amend some laws to prevent violent crimes in the field of health and to end errors and injustices in the field of misconduct.

This bill would prevent pre-trial for intentional injury. Again, the bill would criminalize health care prevention, increasing penalties for violence.

The possibility of filing a lawsuit based on misconduct will be established subject to the approval of the Professional Responsibility Board. The provisions that form the basis of the proposal have a historical consequence: if there is no intention, the burden of compensation will be lifted from the physician. The state will cover the complaints of the citizens.

Unfortunately, our community is not excited to hear from these developments. Why is that?

Unfortunately, events that we have experienced before have happened. Instead of meeting around problem solving, they gathered around current examples of problems. An event whose course should have been left in the hands of the law almost led to a siding and separation.

It is a mistake to deviate from the real agenda that promises our future and peace. On the other hand, crime and punishment are personal. The fault of an individual is not the fault of an organization or a professional group.

The majority of good society make-up. People are instinctively good, good behavior enhances good.

“In the epidemic, we called healthcare professionals ‘health forces’.”
My dear citizens,

As a society, we named health workers as the health forces when the epidemic was terrible. None of us can allow this to happen now. Let’s not underestimate this proper duty that suits us. We have two forces, one defending his nation against the enemy and the other protecting his nation from disease. Army-nation This society cannot separate these two armies.

I would like to end with three points:

-We are sensitive to the rights of the patient.

-We will further enhance the relationship between the patient and the health worker.

– Against all forms of violence in the field of health, against the unjust costs incurred by health workers in lawsuits. We will take the necessary steps under the leadership of our President.

I would like to convey to our people and healthcare professionals: Our greatest strength is the importance that our President places on the rights of patients and the law of his employees.

I express my love and respect to our people and health workers.

Incidents that have shattered Turkey and Gaziantep

Ersin Arslan, the doctor who moved Turkey, has reached the final stage in the murder case. Ersin Arslan’s killer has been sentenced to 24 years in prison.

Attorney Genghis Goek State Hospital, 30-year-old Dr. Ersin Arslan attacked Murat Geseken with a knife in his room in the service room on April 17, 2012 and he could not be saved despite the intervention.

Murat Geseken, who was sentenced to life imprisonment, was sentenced to 24 years in prison for being under the age of 18 at a hearing in the Fourth High Criminal Court in January last year.

The sentence was also upheld by the 1st Penal Chamber of the Supreme Court, where the decision of the local court was sent for appeal.

Dr Ersin has assessed Arsenal’s relatives’ lawyer Matin Kinakila’s decision.

After Aslan’s assassination, doctors protested in many places and condemned the attack … Gaziantep Ave. The name of Cengiz Gökçek State Hospital is also “Gaziantep Dr. It was renamed “Ersin Arslan State Hospital”.

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