Healthcare workers tired: Insufficient offer!

Parliamentary Health, Family, Labor and Social Affairs Commission UNP Demirtas, a spokesman for the CHP group, assessed the proposed legislation to prevent violence against women and health workers.

The problem should be solved in all its aspects
Demirtaş from the CHP said the proposal, which was discussed by the parliamentary health, family, labor and social affairs committee as a secondary commission, was insufficient to prevent health violence.
Speaking at the GNAT Health, Family, Labor and Social Affairs Commission, Unal Demirtas said, “The bill includes provisions on violence against health workers and violence against women. Both the unresolved and unresolved issues that have unfortunately been negatively reflected on our country’s agenda for many years, have made headlines, become a social scourge that creates traumatic effects on society and are waiting to be resolved year after year. The proposal aims to increase resistance against violence against health workers and to facilitate the arrest of perpetrators of violence against women and increase punishment. However, it is not possible to prevent, prevent violence and solve problems only by increasing arrests and punishments.
Noting that the proposal submitted to the Grand National Assembly of Turkey does not have a holistic view of the problem of violence, Unal Demirtas said, Violence against employees cannot be completely prevented and the problem cannot be solved or reduced. Therefore, the bill should have been a more comprehensive and comprehensive judicial package aimed at resolving the problem in all its aspects and eliminating the institutional, social and psychological causes of violence. And problem solving in all its aspects.
Nal Demirtaş said the following in his speech;
There are chronic health problems
Many chronic problems are waiting to be solved in our country’s health system. Unfortunately, the problems in the health system are growing instead of being solved under one party government. The stage we have reached today, our citizens are not getting adequate and speedy access to healthcare, are not getting quality healthcare and are getting expensive healthcare; Health workers also complained about the heavy work conditions, the 36-hour shift, low wages and the loss of their jobs and reputation. For this reason, our physicians and healthcare professionals want to leave our country and go abroad, they do not like certain branches and they do not even want surgery in some branches. One of the most important and unresolved issues facing healthcare professionals today is violence against healthcare professionals.
The report of the Parliamentary Research Commission was not considered
Issues related to the prevention of violence by healthcare professionals have been on the agenda of our Assembly many times before. The report of the Commission of Inquiry established in 2012 to investigate the growing incidence of violence against healthcare professionals in the Turkish Grand National Assembly and to determine the precautions to be taken was announced in January 2013. The report contains very important research and solution suggestions. On 28 May 2014, the report was discussed at the General Assembly of the Turkish Grand National Assembly. The commission has put forward six proposals to prevent health violence. All this advice is valuable advice. I wonder how many of these suggestions have been implemented so far and how many firm steps have been taken? Here, I think it is necessary to evaluate them well in order to understand today. For example, the report recommends that “unequal distribution of health workers and inadequacy of their numbers should be eliminated and the time allotted for patients should be increased.” It was said to prevent unequal distribution? Unfortunately not. Has the number of health workers increased? Extended but not enough. So has the allocation time for patients increased? Unfortunately not again. According to the Turkish Medical Association, Turkey is the only country in the world with more emergency services applications than the population. In our 84 million countries, more than 570 million urgent applications are made annually
Again, less staff. For example, there are nurses waiting to be hired, but not enough nurses have been hired.
What else has the commission proposed? “Healthcare workers should reschedule work hours and shift times and give up long working hours.” If so, have long working hours been abandoned? Unfortunately not. Let’s remember, just six months ago, Assistant Physician Rümeysa Berin Şen lost her life in a traffic accident on her way home after a 36-hour shift in Ankara.
What else is recommended? “Health administrators, and especially politicians who set health policies, should make speeches that condemn violence and emphasize the importance and necessity of the services provided by health professionals.” Who says that? “Authorities must carefully select their speech to healthcare workers.” Who says that? So, has this been taken care of? In contrast, government representatives have issued statements targeting health workers, the last example being “let them go.” “Doctors are unable to give injections.” So much has been said, such as targeting all healthcare professionals and targeting each other among healthcare professionals, that a significant portion of the research commission’s work is actually wasted in this way.

Health workers are sold
Unfortunately, like other public services, our country’s healthcare system is defined by the places where these services are actually performed, such as buildings, quality of service, financial and personal rights of service providers. , Preventive health care and treatment services. In other words, “Do physicians examine patients in a timely manner?” When asked, the government’s response was “We have built a city hospital.” Being. “Are the salaries and personal rights of healthcare workers enough?” When he asked, “We’ve built a city hospital.” Being. “Are preventive health services more important or medical services?” When asked, he said, “We have built hospitals in the city.” Being. You could not solve all the problems of the health system by building huge, away from home, and big city hospitals inside the hospital, so it was not solved.
When the test time is five minutes, the health workers will say, “We are tired, we can’t work.” “If preventive health services are given enough importance, if there is a significant disruption in medical services, if adequate and balanced health workers are not recruited, doctors and nurses can no longer tolerate this harsh working situation and when they go abroad, they say, “Let them go.” If so, I think there is a serious problem with the health system and among those who comment on this to health professionals.
Healthcare workers are disrespected
During the Ake Party government, professions from doctors to nurses, health officials to technicians, all healthcare professionals were unfortunately devalued. The government has defamed the health workers in front of the people. This was sometimes done with the wrong statement of the President of the Republic targeting the health workers. Sometimes this was done without improving the financial and personal rights of health workers. In December 2021, the regulation on improving the personal rights of health workers was supposed to come to Parliament, but was abruptly withdrawn. Maybe some point was missing, it was fair, but on the other hand, “we will complete it and submit it to the legislature again.” It was said, but look, three months have passed, no resolution has been tabled in the assembly yet. Therefore, healthcare providers and healthcare recipients were confronted and polarized, and even healthcare workers were unfortunately targeted.
The rights of healthcare workers are not provided
In 2019, an epidemic Covid-19 process that shook the world and our country began. We were all grateful to the health workers who were the protagonists of the epidemic, we applauded them from the windows of our homes, even the officials of our ruling party said, “his rights are not given.” They made statements, but in reality, their rights were not granted in the process; There is still no improvement in their salaries and personal rights. Covid-19 Occupational Diseases are still not counted for healthcare workers who catch Covid-19 while they work. Unfortunately, the Ministry of Labor rejected the requests, citing the fact that “it should be proved that he was caught in Covid-19 because of his responsibility”, while the health workers killed three of them one by one. Healthcare professionals, who have spent their days and nights on health and public health, were, unfortunately, left in the middle of this process. In this case, the bill is an important step in showing that the government understands the importance and value of health workers, albeit to some extent; But it is a delayed and incomplete move.
The commission was bypassed during the epidemic process
In the last two years, when the Covid-19 epidemic process, which affected the whole world and our country deeply, and therefore the health problem was at its peak, we should have held many more meetings of the commission and shared our views and suggestions on solutions. Was. Health problems with society. Unfortunately, our assembly was bypassed during the Covid-19 process, and during this process the most important issues of society were not discussed in our commission and solutions could not be made. The executive body Covid-19 did not manage the process well and our citizens had to face many health problems and they started experiencing these health problems. It has once again revealed that the power of Parliament has been weakened by one-man rule, the Legislative Assembly has been bypassed and our Commission has not met for a long time. For this reason, there is an urgent need to change the one-man system, to return to a strong parliamentary system, and to ensure the unconditional sovereignty of our legislature, that is, the will of the nation.

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