Infographic: The latest status of the broadcasting tender – TRT Spor

Companies participating in the tender process are: Package 1A (238 matches per weekend), 1-B (68 matches per weekend), 1-C (36 matches per week), 1-D (First League Live Broadcast – Summary and Super League. Summary), 1-E (digital platform summary), 1-F (Super League radio live broadcast), Package 2 (live broadcast of Super League matches on betting platforms), Package 3 (Super League and TFF) Internet TV and GSM network live broadcast) and packages 4 (all packages) 1st league match in low resolution on betting platform.

At its meeting on 28 February, the Broadcasting Tender Commission announced that only existing broadcasters had taken the initiative for Digital Package 4, which includes all packages and did not accept V105,000,000 + VAT.

The commission evaluated the offers separately for the remaining 8 packages.

Announcing that only Digitark had taken the initiative for Package 1-A, which will play 238 matches in the Super League next season, the tender team rejected the proposed 810 million lira because it was far from expected and problems were felt. Institution last season.

The commission said a new study for the 1-A package would be conducted in the coming days. Digiturk has the highest bid for the remaining 7 packages, including 1 billion 295 million lira. Although the commission gave Digitark one week to sign the contract, the current broadcaster did not sign the broadcasting contract because it had not been accepted, although they did offer the highest bid for all packages in the tender.

After that, the shift went to Saran Media Group (5 packages) and TRT (2 packages), which offered the second highest bid among the packages for the broadcasting rights agreement.

Saran Media Group has signed the necessary agreements for 1-B (324 million Lira), 1-C (30 million 375 thousand Lira), 1-E (16 million 200 thousand Lira), 2 and 3 (12 12 million) packages.

TRT has signed contracts for 1-D (190 million 400 thousand lira) and 1-F (4 million 80 thousand lira) packages.

The packages that have been tendered are as follows:

Package Content Saran Media Group TRT
1a 238 Weekend Matches (Super League)
1b 68 matches over the weekend (Super League) 324 million lira
1C 36 matches per week (Super League) 30 million 375 thousand lira
1D 1. League Live Broadcast-Summary and Super League Summary 190 million 400 thousand lira
1st Summary of the digital platform 16 million 200 thousand lira
1F Super League radio live broadcast 4 lakh 60 thousand
2nd Live broadcast of Super League matches on betting platforms 84 million
3 Live broadcasts of Super League and TFF 1st League matches on low-definition Internet TV and GSM network betting platforms 84 million
Tender price 538 million 575 thousand lira 194 million 480 thousand lira 733 million 55 thousand lira

A new study for Package 1-A will be conducted in the coming days.

Note: The total value of প্রস্তাব 12 million proposed for packages 2 and 3 is given in the Turkish Lira conversion chart.

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