Kerem Aktürkooglu: Miracle hoped to carry Turkey

The article, which says Kerem Akturkoglu, a survivor of the 1999 Izmit earthquake, is “one of the most promising names in Turkish football in the future.”

The article describes the earthquake in Izmit, who survived Keram’s childhood, “A magnitude 7.6 earthquake in August 1999 devastated Izmit. In the rubble, the mayor was busy saving lives, especially his 9-month-old grandson. He was able to save Kerem and make the Akturkolu family happy. Galatasaray praised the left winger nickname “Harry Potter” who survived the worst against Voldemort (the villain in the Harry Potter series). ” The expression was used.

23 year old player Fatih Terim It is mentioned that he proved himself in his management and “when the legendary coach discovered and recommended him from a small team, Erzincanspor (third league team), he came to Galatasaray in September 2020. Just like that. In Galatasaray“Like Ribery, who came to France from the 3rd League and made his name known to the world,” it was said.

Barcelona coach Xavi“The best of the team. Atak pair is great”, which Kerem Akturkoglu used in the match in Galatasaray, was also emphasized.

Kerem Aktürkoğlu’s stats for the season have also been cited, saying, “He is a versatile player. In addition to making a big difference with the ball, he has scored 14 goals and assisted 44 times 9 times in a match that started at 11am. Luis Campos, President of Galatasaray The new adviser says its value is 25 million euros. “If Galatasaray does not qualify for next season’s European Cup, it may have to be sold.”

“Portugal is strong, but it has moved to Serbia”

Kerem Aktürkoğlu answered questions on the agenda in an interview with German sports magazine. Kerem Aktürkooglu said: “We are on the toughest path to the World Cup together with Portugal and Italy,” adding: “Portugal is one of the best teams in the world with its Premier League stars. However, Serbia has left behind this strong team. With Stefan Kuntz we have a young and hungry team that is improving and getting better. We are not afraid of them and we are happy to play this match. “Because we know what we can do,” he said.

The philosophy of the Turkish national team is to always continue and never give up.“The support of our fans is an important factor,” said Kerem Akturkolu. No matter where we play, lots of fans come and support us all the time. In this case, it is not possible to give up. Our teachers have strategically and strategically arranged the game more aggressively. It suits my style of play as an offensive player. But let others decide if I am a striker.‘He said.

Noting that Fatih Terim has always encouraged him during his tenure, Kerem Akturkolu said, “I am very happy because he kept his expectations high from me and I thank him for that. Without it my development would not be possible. Words like these inspire me to be better, as well as make me proud. ”

Keram said it was an honor to compare him to Frank Ribery.Of course, it’s an honor to be compared to a world-class player like Frank Ribery. Honestly, I didn’t have a specific idol. I have always enjoyed seeing Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi. Both are the biggest players of the last 10 years and they have impressed a lot of players including me.‘He said.

The answer to the question transfer from Kerem Akturkolu

Regarding the mention of his name in the transfer after his performances in Galatasaray and the national team, Kerem Akturkolu said, “Football is played well and fast in Germany. Therefore, the Bundesliga is always a good address. I’m not busy with the club I’m interested in right now. My goal is to get better on the field. Also, I recently extended my contract with Galatasaray and I want to play a key role in the restructuring of the club. It is usually done in agreement. But in life, and above all in football, the future is unknown. I am very happy in Galatasaray at the moment and I see that I have the opportunity to continue my development together with my coach Domenic Torrent.‘He announced.

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