Lawyer mother withdraws from son’s file: ‘No defense’

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The massacre that shook Turkey took place on 9 November in Atashehir, Istanbul. On his way to Istanbul from Ankara for work, 28-year-old architect Basak Cengiz was attacked by Kan Goktug Boz with a samurai sword while walking down the street. Basak Genghis, who was seriously injured in the attack, which was also reflected in security cameras, died at the scene where he was taken and Can Goktug Boz was arrested. Boze’s lawyer mother, Aye Nekla Yomraliolu, took part in the judge’s interrogation for which an arrest warrant was issued. The lawyer’s mother, in a written statement yesterday, claimed that her son had serious mental problems after puberty and that he had tried his best to treat him and summarized the following:

Medicine treatment: “She is OK. After we decided to divorce Goktug’s father Ali Boj, Goktug cut off all communication with me because he couldn’t think clearly. Even seeing me is starting to feel bad for her. I have been yearning for my son for 3 years.

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I was told by his father: I used to visit his father every day to get information about Goktug’s life. We communicated every day about her mental state, her health, and how she was in general. To get Goktug out of his loneliness, I repeatedly requested that I share the same house with him, through his father Ali Boj, since I could not reach him.

I saw the state of the house from the press: Göktuğ The possibility of harming anyone never came to me. I have seen articles, notes and home situations where Goktug used to be in the news in the press. If I could enter my child’s home and see this condition, I would not let him stay in this condition, I would make sure he gets treatment, even with law enforcement officers if necessary.

A mixture of my emotions: Although I am not a criminal lawyer, I participated in the interrogation of the Criminal Judgeship of Peace, where the decision to arrest Goktug was made due to the depth of the incident and the confusion of my mental state as his lawyer. I will not save my son or his work. Because there is no defense of what happened; My son, who is involved in the incident, confesses publicly.

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I think I’m trying to recover: My son’s lawyer, who is the culprit in this incident, thinks I am trying to save him from his crime because I have interfered in the file and claimed that he has mental problems. However, I do not want to get rid of my son’s crime, I do not want to tarnish my reputation. When a young girl, early in her life, dies because of my son’s actions, I can’t say, ‘Let my son roam around with his swing’, I can’t ask for it. “

I am ashamed

I am very ashamed that my son has caused such a serious incident. It shocked me that a young girl lost her life in such a horrific incident. I will carry the pain of Basak Genghis and his family in my conscience for the rest of my life. I am in immense pain for our lost child and his family. I can’t find the strength to stand physically or mentally.

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This file is my last pleasure

Noting that he had filed a petition in the investigation file to question his son’s criminal powers, Yomraliolu continued: “This petition will be the last petition I will file in this file. I did not interfere in the decision to ban the broadcast. The ban in question was considered an independent right of the parties হিসেবে as a responsible mother, a responsible lawyer, a responsible woman and a responsible citizen, I am resigning from the defense of my son Can Goktug Boz.

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Report after the murder

Can Goktug Boz, who killed architect Basak Genghis with a samurai sword in Istanbul’s Atashehi, was reportedly handcuffed because he resisted police officers who came to the house after the brutal murder. After being handcuffed, Boz confessed to the crime by showing his sword to the police. The minutes also recorded that Boze, who told police he was killed on his way home after a game because depression and illness had settled on him, washed the bloody sword in the bathroom and later changed the underwear of his sweatpants. Back home. A total of 4 swords, a pocket knife and a baseball bat were recorded per minute. It is also learned that there is no record of Boz receiving psychiatric treatment. (Hilal Ozturk / Istanbul – DHA)

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