Love that destroys the laws of physics

Love is a feeling that is hard to describe. According to some, it flies butterflies in someone’s stomach, forcing someone to write poetry, while some people begin to see the world from a different perspective; It disables logic and reasoning, giving people the ability to do many things about life that cannot be; Just like Mark Chagall’s figures have slipped off their feet …

Born and raised as a Russian Jew in Vitebsk, a fairy-tale town in Belarus, the painter Mark Chagall’s real name was Moise Chagal. Between World War I and World War II, Europe faced difficult times, such as civil war and famine. It was harder for him to be any other painter, because art schools were forbidden to Jews in Russia because of restrictions on Jews, so he entered the school with a bribe. He then moved to Paris from Russia before World War I to live in greater safety. He changed his name to Mark Chagall to live here a little more comfortably. Paris became a city that introduced and inspired the artist with modern art. The wars, regime changes and coups that the artist has experienced throughout his life have pushed him to live with different cultures in different countries.

The Russian Revolution after World War I gave him hope that his art would be promoted. For this reason, he returns to his birthplace Vitebsk, where he meets and marries Bella, whom he fell in love with at first sight. In his works of this period, Chagal expressed the joy and happiness of embracing and living with flowers. However, he realized that Russia’s attitude towards artists had not changed much, and that he and Bella first went to America in Paris as World War II began. Despite his longing to be away and the things he left behind in the background of his life, the source of his happiness was his love life, and he created passionate and peaceful deeds that showed that happiness and unity of two people could be enough.

Goat completed his painting “Birthday” a few weeks before he married Bella. Bella, the birthday girl, is happily flying over the counter with a cake and a bunch of flowers in her hand. Mark Chagall turns around to make her happy, but the most impressive aspect of the painting is the huge, sweeping kiss… the inspiration for this work Got flowers from The painter, who was so fascinated by this article, not only gave him flowers; He wanted to show that he gave the heart with his lips.

Although this work, where the artist invites the audience to a special moment, at first glance resembles the real world, it is felt that there are inconsistencies in its shape, image and movement and it distracts the viewer’s mind from the real. . In the painting, Bella’s body, holding a bouquet of flowers bought by her, is seen floating outside the house in a dream. The goat, on the other hand, flew softly to his wife. Like many of Chagall’s canvases, perspectives, ratios, physics, reality, and even the law of gravity do not matter. Rather, emotion is important. The more real the feeling of love in painting, the more unrealistic the images, because the goat reflected its own reality. In his work, where he says how strong their love is in a childish and interesting way, he and his wife deny the argument and fly away like dreams and fairy tales. This condition of theirs creates absolute happiness, excitement and peace among the people.

Goat talks about meeting Bella, who has been his only inspiration for 35 years; “His silence is mine, his eyes are mine. As if he knew everything about my childhood, my present, my future, as if he could see through me. Used his words. The life of the artist became enlightened and colorful with Bella. In his work, he blends his love and excitement with life and is detached from the cruelties and anxieties of life; He expresses what it means to be a lover, to be in love, to be happy, to love life, in a fairy-tale way, with sincere, warm and irrational images.

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