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It was a matter of great concern that Gribble, from the Ashley Kane-Gribble / Timothy Leduk couple, who came on track just before the Alexa Nierem / Brandon Frazier couple, who competed in last place and won the championship, could not fall and jump from the ground. .

USA Champion after 43 years

She won her last US Doubles title in 1979 with Babylonia / Randy Gardner. The Alexa Nierim / Brandon Frazier couple, who completed the short program in the first place, presented a very successful series and reached the World Championship by almost 22 points.

After a tragic incident with their teammates, the couple went on track, lost sync in the Triple Tolup Double Tolup Jump they performed side by side, but failed to present the rest of the series. Gaining four degrees of difficulty in the spin, lift and death spiral elements, the couple completed their series in the spirit of the championship. With 72.72 technical points and 71.49 component points, the couple completed the free program with 144.21 points. Reaching 221.09 points together with the short program points, they finished the competition where they became the favorites with the championship.

The fall of Ashley Kane-Gribble is cause for concern

The Ashley Kane-Gribble / Timothy Leduk couple from USA, who finished second in the short program with a very good series and took the track with the hope of a medal, started the series with a high triple twist. Kane-Gribble doubled over the side-by-side triple loop jump. After this fall, the female skater, who lost her balance in the throwing triple lute, fell again in the second jump they performed as well. Falling face down, Kane-Gribble could not get up from the ground. The medical team gets on track with the disrupted program. The skater, who was seen holding his head in shock and could not get up from the ground for a long time, then got up with the help of the medical team, but kept the rink on the stretcher.

The Japanese couple managed to win the medal despite the mistake

Japanese couple Riku Miura / Ryuishi Kihara, one of the favorite champions of the championship, presented the most flawed program of the season. He completed double side-by-side triple tollup / double tollup / double tollup jump with missing lap and got very low score for this move. Riku Miura lost his balance in the triple salcho next to him and fell into the triple loop. Gaining four degrees of difficulty from spin, lift and death spiral, the couple reached 127.97 free program points, 60.97 technical and 68.00 material. The couple won the silver medal, finishing the competition with 199.55 points from the points they brought from the short program.

The Canadian couple rose from fifth to third place

The Vanessa James / Eric Radford couple has presented a much more successful series than the short program. Experienced couple have demonstrated this experience technically and artistically. Leaping completely out of sync with their first side-by-side, the couple was later able to deliver a flaw-free program. The James / Radford pair scored 130.78 points, 63.99 strategy and 66.79 points, showing a very strong lift at the end of their series. Reaching 197.32 points with their short program points, the couple finished third in the competition.

There is no age limit for love of sports and work

Joe Jones / Christopher Boadzi, representing England, gave the audience a completely different special moment. The performance of the competition’s oldest skater, 42-year-old Joe Jones, once again reminded the audience that the athletic spirit knows no age limit. Starting her career in the women’s singles, Jones, a mother of three, has been competing in the doubles with Christopher Boadzi for six years. Joe Jones and his partner, Christopher Boadzi, of French descent, experienced emotional moments after their free program series, as they bid farewell to the competition, 25 years after the first World Championships. Reaching a total of 94.57 free program points, 45.97 technical and 48.60 material, the couple finished 10th in the championship with a total of 144.24 points. Thus, he managed to end his career in the top ten of the World Championships.

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