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Wall – Esat Işık Caddesi, who woke up very early in that mode under the snow, started somewhere and ended somewhere like all other roads. Again, only the people of Kadıköy know that it is a “neighbor” in its own right in the middle of Kadıköy. The end of the famous slope of the road opens into a stray stream. That shield holds the splendor of the French college to his chest. This is what lies beneath this dignified, sun-drenched air. He witnessed both the action with the green dress and the emerald ring and the great fall: “Non je ne reret rin!” It stands like a still shadow, surrounded by houses on the left and right. Every morning when he wakes up, he sees them right next to him. I’m an archive prospect: “Would you like another cup of tea?” The interiors of the houses are warm, the interiors of the houses are frozen… we will embrace this long winter even though the woman is not the mimosa branch hanging from the window. He was in Büyükada yesterday. The friend picked two mimosa twigs from his garden. Back home he wrapped the mimosas around a hoop. “That’s how old houses are! Take a look at the temper … its pulleys and struts don’t end. It’s like a wreath, look! I know you like things like that too … “Owner Mimosa hangs the frame in place and opens the window:” They said typing would start … “. Walking through, it looks like the back of an island.

Necla (Yorgancıoğlu) is in Pravustalı Moda.

Preliminary information: YORGANCIOGULLARI

Moder’s older families were known by their surnames: Sarıca’lar, Cimcoz’lar, Uluant’s, Pravuştalı’s… I also recognized the lady as “Pravuştalı’s daughter”. Since everyone has names, I wondered if they had names too and asked. Yes, there is: Cinema… Cinema Prabhustali! He was the first and only child of Necla (Yorgancıoğlu) Pravuştalı and Savaş Pravuştalı. Neckler spent his childhood and adolescence in a palace with a beautiful garden, where the Tape apartments are located in Esat Işık Caddesi. Nekla Haneem’s father, Mustafa Urganciolu, is a well-known name among the people of Kadiko. The land belonging to the Söğütlüçeşme train station was once the wood-coal warehouse of the Yorgancıoğlu family. When the warehouse was confiscated by the state, they started making furniture as a family. Located on Yasa Street, Organciolou builds houses with furniture, atlas quilts, bedside tables and tool curtains that conceal a state. Those houses, each of which has a secret design! They continue to survive an old moment left over from a memory. Husbands and fathers of these houses wake up early but do not fall asleep. They go down to the market to open their shop. Mostafa Bay is one of them. She had lunch at Yanali Restaurant and bought a “favorite baby cake” from Beaz Firin on her way home in the evening. Occasionally there is news in the store, “said Ms. Vesîle,” Uncle Mustafa to get a Turkish delight with cream with his way on his way. ” Mustafa Bay now takes the road to Hachibekir. Vesîle Hanım is a wonderful housewife who loves her family and neighbors very much.

Neckla (Organcioglu) lordship and war lordship.

Determined by Immigration: Prabhavastan

Hayriye Pravuştalı and Vesîle Yorgancıoğlu, the wives of the neighboring palaces, became very good friends and then became friends year after year. Together they sway in the pendulum of time, free from the worries of the year. The presence of Hayriye Hanım in this house continues on a time pendulum. The wall clock, which is an important person in itself, looking at us like familiar eyes, came from Miss Harrier’s dowry. Heir to Haniem’s ​​father, Juhatu Onar, one of the leading tobacco merchants in Kavala, heir to the great family of Kavala. The magnificent building, which today is Kavala High School, is the house where Hare Haneem was born. It is unfortunate that Hayriye Hanım, who looked at the Gulf of Kavala and grew up in silk and jar, witnessed many hardships in his long life. He experienced Balkan wars, population exchanges… yet, he did not forget to fall in love! He married Kavala in his youth and gave birth to a daughter named “Furujan”. Her husband, whom she had married with big dreams at a young age, died suddenly one day. Their daughter, Furujan, is still a child. Hayriye Hanım dedicates herself to her daughter and never meets anyone. In the most difficult and painful time of her life, she survives in support of her mother, Severi Honey. Our host, Cinema, remembers her grandmother, whom she calls “Grandma,” as she recalls her grandmother: “My grandmother Savory lived a long life, she died at the age of a hundred. She was a very beautiful woman; Skin, blue eyes পর্যন্ত until the day she died, she had embroidery, lace, and embroidery. She never forgot Kavala, she lived her life in Istanbul like an ordinary Rummelian woman. She loved her husband very much, she loved him passionately. He even started crying when he heard the song ‘Ben Sana Yandim Juhatu’ on the radio. I would be surprised. She would say, ‘They sent us in a hurry before we got to my husband’s grave.’ The event your grandmother was talking about was the 1924 population exchange. Over the years, they made a living by trading. They started a new life: “It is said that our family started to grow tobacco at Samsung. Enistem Emin Tuksal is the man who founded Samsung’s first tobacco factory. They felt comfortable in their new life. The women lived in affluence. The men of the family in particular worked hard so that the women did not lag behind in what they saw. In the meantime a new family was formed. Good people ‘. My father, Mehmet Savas Prabhusht, was born from this marriage. We were a big family in Rumeli, but we live a simple life in Istanbul. I continue to use our title officially with the court decision and I like his story. Hasan’s grandfather was a Mufti in Prabhushte. Prabhushta is also known as ‘Pravi’. The Greeks changed its name to ‘Elefterupoli’. Settlement on the side of the hill, not by the sea. The Lord was famous for tobacco, figs and plums. It was a small but very rich town. My grandfather and his brothers were known as ‘Son of Osman Bay from the Lord’. When the title law is enacted, they take the title ‘Prabhustali’. So far I have not found anyone who can write and pronounce correctly at once. It has been a tough last name for life. I will never forget, only when we were married, the officer told the truth. I was stunned! “

Hairie and Hassan Prabhustali couple with their son Savas. 40’s, fashion.

On the slopes of the neighborhood: ‘Manom’

Haireye and Hasan Prabhustali couple are very happy together. After their marriage, they moved from Samsun to Istanbul with their extended family. Hassan Bay began work on the sea route. In exchange for the house they left behind in Kavala, the family was given a palace at Moda-muhurdar: “The people of Kadiko remember my grandmother’s palace very well. It has been run as a kindergarten for many years. My father was born in this palace. Since World War II, my grandfather always dreamed of warplanes. Where my father’s name came from: War! My grandmother’s first wife’s daughter Khala Furujan also lived with them. One thing he says is not two, he was always cherished. My grandfather was very affectionate and kind to his family. Despite being shot, I know, like other Rumelian men! He was as brave as all Rumelians, even brave enough to be called ‘blind’! He hid the bullet wound with the whip of his watch. There must have been a pocket knife under his pillow. Although he knew Greek as his mother tongue, he did not speak it. The loss of Kavala, Macedonia, the monastery and Thessaloniki has left a trauma in our family. All our relatives carried this trauma throughout their lives. Despite this, the children are not feeling anything.

Kavala. (The pink and white building is the house where the hieroglyphic lord was born. Today it is Kabbalah High School.)

After a while, the house they live in grows and their livelihood increases. They are selling the palace to Chevrolet Salih Soysal, a famous doctor, and they are moving into the house where they now live. They are moving here especially because they want their only son to study at St. Joseph’s. So just across the house! The palace is reminiscent of tile stoves, marble tables and mother-of-pearl mirrors. In fact, the ground floor apartment was an aviary. My grandfather used to raise canaries there. He recognized birds by their voices. He instilled in me a love for nature. Haider Erdemli restored the palace in 1986. Since it has the status of a 2nd class historical monument, its exterior was made of wood and has gained its present appearance. My mother also named this place ‘Monument’. We are very happy in this house. My father also had a happy childhood here. Shakru Sarakoglu Stadium The place that is now known as Pastor’s Grassland. My father and his friends used to play football there. Later they became interested in table tennis. My father took this love so far that he became the founder and president of the Veteran Table Tennis Player Sports Club Association in Fenerbahce. My father loved sports, arts and entertainment. House parties were popular in his youth. Young people gathered inside the house, playing records and dancing. According to what I heard from my father, the most popular name for this musical dance entertainment was Azda Pekkan! Azda is Kadiko’s daughter. In her early teens, she sang at parties at her friends’ homes. If I had such an environment in my time, unfortunately I could not catch it. I envy them a lot. “In Moda, the most handsome, Savas invites Nekla, the fancy girl from the mansion next door, to a party one day. They fall in love … they get married … from this marriage Mrs. Cinema was born.

Old and new versions of the Monument Pavilion.

Happy day: movies, festivals

Although he could not keep up with the tea party with songs and dances, he was able to capture the best times in Kadiko and Istanbul from the edge: “Since my grandparents were very close friends, they had a common atmosphere. They visited each other’s homes every week. Hassan Ladies – who also called her ‘Colonel Lady’ – Gulnihal Haneem from Sara, Feride Haneem from Adali … Everybody was talking about housewives that day. Starch, embroidery, white cloth wrapping, fine ribbed napkins with shadow embroidery, dowry porcelain utensils are brought out … all kinds of flowers collected from the palace garden are placed in the middle of the table. I looked at them with admiration. They talked for hours about the clothes they had just made. They wore scallops, lace and satin ribbons to match their outfits. The house reunion was great. We would go on a picnic together. In Tuzla, Fenerbahce, Tarabya hills… my grandmother used to collect hibiscus in Fenerbahce and cook on the way back. Göztepe’s Soyak site was then a daisy field. We would go to Kayışdağı to get water. When I started school, they enrolled me in the private Ornek Primary School, founded by Sevin Atasagun. I went to high school at Moda College in Shifa Sokak. There was a legendary literature teacher at that school: Gay Barlas. I admired him so much that he forced me to study literature at university. In those years, theater and cinema were in our lives. In my youth, we used to go to Sureya Cinema, Rex Cinema, Ass Cinema, Tevfik Gelenbe Theater. I don’t think Moda has ever been seen in a tea garden like now. We would gather at the Beaumonte tea garden in Kukuk Modar. There was no place where kebabs were made, even if they were made, no one would eat them. I used to go to Sabih Meat Restaurant whenever I was talking about meat. The most popular pastimes were renting a boat from Kaikhan and having a picnic in the middle of the sea. My father used to call such days ‘happy days for your child’. We’ll be fish in the water, seagulls in the sky … we were happy! “

The snow has disappeared … a thin sun has gone silent. In the middle of the wall clock, the chair থেকে from the landlord’s hand and forehead. The end of the road opened in the evening, changing the direction of the clouds. Here I put tableware with a silk lining, bone buttons, enamel boxes, “filters”… a dream here… I forgot all my familiar life.

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