My Dream Love – Erin Quinn’s book summary, plot and review

Whose work is my dream love? Who is the author of the book Love in My Dreams? What is the theme and main idea of ​​My Dream Profit? What does the book Love in My Dreams say? Is there a PDF download link for My Dream Love? Who is Erin Quinn, author of My Dream Love? Here is a summary of my dream book, lyrics, comments and reviews …

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Author: Erin Quinn

Translator: Marve Duagun

Real Name: Spooky beauty

Publisher: Infinite book

ISBN: 9786053843245

Number of pages: 444

What does my dream love mean? Subject, main idea, summary

A mysterious stranger …

A lost woman …

A terrible legacy …

One morning, a mysterious stranger knocks on Danny’s door and enters his life with a story that makes him forget everything he knows and follows him. Shawn, a dangerous temptation, says he has been looking for her for years and has come to take her home to Ireland. But Danny thinks this young man has more to say and to find out, he travels to a forgotten past and to a city where nothing seems to happen.

Now in a country where the mysterious and supernatural is as real as the emerald green field, Danny has to rewrite the past to reunite with the love of his dreams … either he will succeed or his love will live on in his dreams forever.

“My Dream of Love is an amazing book! The writing is impeccable, Danny and Shawn are very emotional, full of vitality and depth, you can’t solve the mystery till the end. Even if you are only going to read a book, don’t miss this book!”

-Romance Junkies-

“Love in My Dreams is a compelling, highly compelling book that draws you in and doesn’t let you go to its extraordinary end.”

-USA Today-

Dream Love Quotes – Lyrics

  • I’ve been waiting a long time to see you again “…
  • It’s crazy to hear that, she believed him.
  • Maybe it was wrong. It was definitely crazy. But there were some of them. An electric. Awareness ..
  • He looked into her unusual eyes – not green or gray – smiled and took her outstretched hand.
  • “Wasn’t death a metaphor?”

My Dream Love Review – Personal Review

It was the first book in the author’s “Irish Mist” series, a book that contains many mysteries, including the mysterious element, the Temporal Paradox, the dark book of Fenor … Danny is a girl who grew up in an adopted family with no memories of the past, but her There are some mysterious mysterious powers, most importantly the visions he sees, a young and handsome man who one day appears in his kitchen, takes him to the mysterious country of Ireland, after the horrible moments they witness, Danny comes out of sight and returns in a moment, but The next day, the man she had seen in his vision, Shawn, appeared at his door, giving him a piece of his past. Telling mysterious events and telling them they have to go to Fenor Island in Ireland … Danny and Shawn go to Fenor Island but in a different way, suddenly with a different perspective, they find themselves in the middle of a catastrophe twenty years ago, to change the past, death, for the living. Disaster prevention will not be as easy as they think, and in addition, every action they take will change the future too …. It was a beautiful book where mysterious elements and temporal paradoxes were confusing, especially the last one was interesting, the author’s language was a bit heavy. , But I think it should be read by those who like this kind of mysterious thing 🙂 (Satigul is high)

This book has a mature magic. This is the kind of story that will come to mind. A true love story, or rather a fictional love story. (Azar Bagatur)

Is there a PDF download link for My Dream Love?

Erin Quinn – My Dream Love One of the most popular searches on the Internet for the book PDF Link is My Dream Love. Most of the paid books on the internet are in PDF format. However, downloading and using these PDFs illegally is both illegal and unethical. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book Erin Quinn?

Erin Quinn’s book – her work

  • My dream is love
  • The skin of my dreams
  • My dream is heart and my dream
  • Desire and passion in my dreams

Quotes from Erin Quinn – Lyrics

  • I’ve been waiting a long time to see you again “… (My dream is love)
  • “Wasn’t death a metaphor?” (My dream is love)
  • A man could endure up to a point, and when Meghan woke up in the cave and saw that Aidan was looking at her with a confused and frightened expression in her eyes, she was afraid that the limit of patience had been exceeded. (The skin of my dreams)
  • A novel worth readingThe skin of my dreams)
  • He looked into her unusual eyes – not green or gray – smiled and took her outstretched hand. (My dream is love)
  • “Do you think you can be a man with big muscles and a heart of stone? Survival means feeling. Taking risks means losing and breaking your soul.” (My dream is heart and my dream)
  • He feels the heart and soul of the people around him. He is sorry when they are sorry, he cries when they are sorry. He is humanity itself. (The skin of my dreams)
  • “Sared went to Rory and looked into his eyes. Sarai’s eyes were dark with thick black lashes.”My dream is heart and my dream)
  • Maybe it was wrong. It was definitely crazy. But there were some of them. An electric. Awareness .. (My dream is love)
  • “Have you ever had something in your life that scared you so much that you wanted to run away?” Tierran raised his eyebrows and looked around, realizing how stupid Shelley’s question was. Tierran’s world was in danger. He must be dead so he will not be afraid. “So there’s something here,” he said, and his fingers touched Tierran’s hard, muscular chest. Tierran looked at the fox’s finger, then took his hand and placed it over his heart. The fox felt the warm steady pulse of his heart. “Yes,” he said softly. “Every time I opened my eyes, I felt it. I was always afraid that someone would expose me.” (Desire and passion in my dreams)
  • It’s crazy to hear that, she believed him. (My dream is love)

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