Nurşen HACIEYÜPOĞLU – What is love?

My dear reader, first of all, I wish you a good and healthy day.
Today I will talk about love.
E.g. ‘What is love?’ I will accept the question.
Because we all have ‘love’, ‘love’, ‘happiness’, ‘separation’, ‘sorrow’ in our lives.
I asked the teacher; ‘What is love?’
‘I haven’t read this lesson!’ Says
I asked the driver; ‘What is love?’
‘I didn’t pass like that!’ Says
I asked the boy; ‘What is love?’
‘I didn’t play this game!’ Says
I asked the police, ‘What is love?’
‘Didn’t get that notice!’ Says
I asked the madman; ‘What is love?’
‘What made me like this!’ Said.
And now I ask you, ‘What is love?’
Don’t talk about ‘candy apples’ or anything else …
Say what comes to mind, that is, what comes to mind first.
You can write if you want!
Now is the time for a math question.
Don’t be afraid!
Because there is no student who is not afraid to mention ‘Mathematics’ …
As an adult, put your fears behind you …
Like your sad days …

No paper-pen required

Errol Captain from Izmir asked the following question from England on 22 December;
‘Yesterday morning, a Bulgarian came to Edirne, exchanged one thousand dollars and got 17 thousand lira!
She did her shopping, ate, drank and had fun today!
On his way back this evening, he flipped over 14,000 TL in his pocket, returned home with a thousand dollars!
Now the question of this problem is:
‘This friend came with a thousand dollars, he left with a thousand dollars!
Who gave him the 3,000 lira he ate? ‘
Errol said to the captain, ‘I didn’t pay!’ I said but I doubt …
In fact, I wasn’t in Edirne then!
Now I will talk about a massage that I just heard and learned:
From a massage called ‘Reflexology’ …
My message to everyone …

An innocent method

Our citizen Sokeli Firoz Hammam writes from Kushadasi:
‘Reflexology massage is a type of massage that is applied topically to the feet. It is applied to each leg for an average of 20 minutes.
Reflexology, which originated in the Far East, is a massage technique that is applied to certain points in the legs to relieve body tension and provide supportive treatment for neurological disorders.
The site of the first application of reflexology, which is known to have a history of about 5000 years, is reported as China.
Reflexology, which is currently in the class of complementary medicine, is considered to be an effective and harmless method used to provide free energy flow to the body.

It’s a cure!

It is applied to the reflex points on the soles of the feet by hand and finger techniques or by applying pressure with a wooden stick.
During the session, all the reflex points of the foot are stimulated one by one with the movement of the hand.
First, at the end of the application, you feel relieved as if your whole body has been massaged.
Your nervous system relaxes, your blood circulation is accelerated and deep rest is given.
Also, it has many other benefits such as improving sleep quality, maintaining energy flow, strengthening immunity and cleansing the body of toxins.
Depending on the normalization of body function, it provides great progress in many diseases.
It has been shown to reduce pre-menstrual arousal by 45%, especially stress and anxiety disorders, panic attacks, depression, insomnia, herniated discs, autism, paralysis, migraines, hormonal problems, arthritis, asthma, indigestion, menstrual cramps by 45%.) Supportive treatment of the disease.


Reflexology is not recommended, especially in the first 6 months of pregnancy, in patients with cancer and vascular occlusion, and in patients with varicose veins and diabetes.
Reflexology training courses are available in our country.
In these courses; Courses such as foot anatomy, locating reflexes and reflexology techniques are offered.
Today, some European countries also have schools that provide reflexology education.
Reflexology has been shown to be one of the most widely used methods in the West.
It is widely used, especially in the physical and mental treatment of children with disabilities, and as an adjuvant treatment for paralyzed patients.
Applied therapy increases the efficiency of physical therapy studies and provides faster results.
Although it varies according to the wishes and needs of the person, it is considered sufficient to apply the therapy once a week.

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