Orphans have been ‘assigned’ to the Foundation who have been sexually abused in their dormitories

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Tuzla Municipality in Istanbul with AKP, for children aged four to 14, needs protection and orphans ‘Life Center’ Mutlu has signed a protocol with the youth association for the inauguration

A few years ago, two boys were sexually abused by an administrator at the Suffa Foundation’s dormitory, which is affiliated with the Nur community.

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The two-year protocol signed with the Mutlu Youth Association, headquartered in Bagila, was approved by the City Council, including Muzaffar Gullivert, chairman of the board of directors and AKP member.

According to it, ‘Plans for protection, rehabilitation, skill and capacity building, upbringing, education and professional future of orphans who have been abandoned and taken under state protection due to physical or moral violence, lost within the borders of Tuzla district’ Named Happy Home for Orphans ‘Dedicated.’

CHP has opposed.

Explaining that they voted against the protocol passed by the City Council as a CHP group, Council member Ulku Sakala explained the reasons for the objection: “It simply came to our notice then. The Ministry of Family and Social Policy should be under the control of the Child Protection Agency and under the Child Protection Act No. 5395, it is not a task to refer children to an unspecified body. This is how we see the results of donating children to supporters, communities, associations and foundations. ”

What is the protocol?

According to the protocol, children under legal protection in state institutions and girls and boys aged 4-14 years who are not in these institutions but are not under the care and supervision of their relatives or one or all of their parents will be there. Within the scope of the project.

Again, within the scope of the project, a ‘Life Center’ Will be established. The objectives of the project are described in the protocol as follows: “The purpose of this protocol is; A conference was held in Tuzla under the auspices of the Istanbul Provincial Department of Family and Social Policy to rehabilitate children, develop their skills and abilities, help them gain morale and inspiration, and support their educational and professional future. ‘Life Center’ And the use of programs at these centers by children, volunteer families, service workers, care workers, government and non-governmental psychologists who perform similar responsibilities, particularly by the Istanbul Provincial Department of Family and Social Policy.

Allocation of buildings, bills and vehicles from the municipality

Municipality according to protocol;

* It will allocate the building for use as a residential center for one year.
* It will cover the cost of renovation and repair of the center over time.
* He will be responsible for the renovation, repair and supply of technical equipment at the stage of establishment of the Living Center.
* It will cover the cost of kitchen, car allocation and cost, driver, cleaning staff and cost of electricity, water, natural gas.
* In case the association’s psychologists and educators are insufficient, they will provide academic and psychologist assistance.

Noor community and AKP connection

Members of the board of directors of the association also work at the Suffa Foundation, which is affiliated with the Nur community.

He served as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Mutlu Youth Association and also served as Erjuram Deputy in AKP for multiple terms. Dr. Directed by Muzaffar Gallurt. Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Gulliver Sufa Foundation.

Tamer Göde, vice-president of the association in charge of administrative affairs, is among the directors of the Suffa Foundation. General Secretary Abdul Qadir Yajisi is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the SAFFA Foundation.

Yusuf Basar, AKP Yozgat deputy, chairman of the Mutlu Yuva Foundation’s Yozgat province, chairman of Halil Özcan sanlıurfa.

According to a report published in 2016, one of Saeed Nursi’s students is associated with the Gulliert Noor community. ‘Fortyth Teacher’ In his speech at the funeral of the leader of the named community, he said that he was the teacher of the leader of this community and said: “My condolences to the people of Erzurum in the Islamic world. I met the venerable Hokafendi when I was a high school student. For over 50 years, we have tried to benefit from my teacher Fayez. She has helped university students and young people grow up and protected their faith. He explained the scriptures and conveyed them to the people at the point of knowledge and we tried to benefit from his fayez, which was helpful in teaching thousands of young believers. She has helped university students and young people grow up and protected their faith. He explained the scriptures and imparted knowledge to the people and helped to build thousands of young believers. “

Children are abused

Mehmet Siddique Seekek, who worked as an administrator at the Nur community’s Sufa Education Foundation boys’ dormitory, was convicted of sexually abusing two boys between 2011 and 2014.

According to news published in 2018, CKEC was sentenced to 26 years in prison in a case filed on the basis of the children’s allegations. However, the Court of Cassation claimed that Seekek would be given a lower sentence because he had finished his work when he had the opportunity to continue.

Foundation too ‘Tax Exemption Status’ Due to non-payment of taxes.

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