Parents ‘scorecard’ warning! Advice to the family!

Parents ‘scorecard’ warning!

The last bell of the two-week semester break at school will ring today. About 18 million students received their report cards and entered the semester break today. Experts warn parents that low-grade children should not be considered unsuccessful on their report cards.

‘Corn’ warning for mothers and fathers!

Expert psychologist Dilara Yamanlar Buukok, who warned parents about the report card, said, “First, you can appreciate your child’s efforts and evaluate the semester together. She survives one semester, good or bad, and can be improved. In the near future, it will be helpful to focus a little more on what in the new term.

Büyükkoç said, “Instead of restricting the child to semester breaks, he can plan activities with small tasks related to the things he has missed and then plan activities. Feeling that he is limited to a time when everyone is working. Because the child will inadvertently start a new period, therefore, it is absolutely necessary to redefine the day with a helpful approach and then plan the activity. The plan will be both developer and inspirational.

It is important to have a good time but to spend a lot of time with the kids

Expert psychologist Dilara Yamanlar Buukok says that after online classes in the Covid process, the kids have finally reached their school and friend environment. Everyone will feel better when they plan activities, “he said.

Noting that his initial recommendation was to focus on productive time with the family rather than spending a lot of time with the children, Bayukok said, The suggestion is to make a plan with our child for these two weeks and turn this plan into a written program, for example, titled ‘Family Film Day’ on Monday and waiting for the child. Bring sub-items, spend time in nature, some artistic developmental activity. Adding activities that both feel comfortable and good. Enabling them to meet online will also contribute to strengthening their relationships and socializing during the holidays. ” He said.

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Asked what can be done to boost children’s confidence during the semester break, Büyükkoç said: “We can consider this advice as a suggestion that should be applied not only during the semester break, but also at every stage of life in general. And giving the child constructive feedback on their attitudes after the tasks we give them. This will generally boost their confidence. Of course, it is important to be realistic when doing these things, because unrealistic positive feedback can damage children’s self-confidence . “

Use of tablets, phones and televisions should be limited

Büyükkoç continued: “It would be healthy to limit the use of tablets, phones and televisions to make the holiday more productive. In doing so, it should be communicated as ‘that time’, not as a ban. Allocated for today.” After such restrictions, the activities will ease the restrictions a bit.For example, a method that says ‘we’re out of tablets and it’s time to make a cake with mom, let’s prepare ingredients now, little chef’ The desire to spend time together will increase both. “

Should children study on holidays?

Büyükkoç, who offers some tips to make it easier for children who are accustomed to relaxing during the holidays, said: It can be a little more fun.The school morning routine will make the process of picking up independently with the song, making breakfast for the family, giving everyone a little chore while preparing, a little easier. Entering that makes it difficult to adapt to school. Creating a small practice hour related to daily repetition and then changing the activity time will both ensure that the child does not lag behind in his lessons and feels like he is on vacation with the following activities.

“The first few days may be declared a day of rest”

Büyükkoç said, “The first few days can be declared as a day of rest. In this way, the children will feel that they are on vacation. You can start the start date of your vacation program as the second day of the vacation,” and listed his suggestions. As follows:

– Express your feelings. Returns such as ‘I enjoy spending time at home with you’, ‘I am happy to spend time together now’ will enable the child to enjoy the moment more and strengthen the emotional bond between them.

– Allocate time for sports or physical activities so that the sleep pattern remains the same, the child who is not tired does not sleep and the child who sleeps late has difficulty waking up.

– During a very comfortable vacation can cause adaptation problems and reluctance to start a new period. Sticking to sleep and eating habits and not neglecting developmental activities and small repetitions will be the healthiest for the new era.

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