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The Association of Private Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations, abbreviated as OHSAD, organizes a congress every year called ‘General Solutions to Health’, in which all stakeholders in the health sector, especially the public, participate and discuss and resolve issues. Listed. They invite me and I join Congress whenever I get a chance to follow developments in health.

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Last year, due to the epidemic, the conference was held digitally. This year, it will be held physically in Antalya from March 23-26. I will attend the meeting, and I will conduct a meeting in Congress on Friday. It looks like two important issues will leave their mark on the Congress for a joint solution to health this year. One is manpower in health and the other is digitization of health. Digitization is an issue that will be debated in the near future. In fact, last month an arrangement was made to allow health institutions to provide remote health services which they have been waiting for a long time and the boundaries of remote health services were drawn. OHSAD President before the conference. We chatted with Resat Bahat. Bahat stressed that Turkey is one of the best countries in the world in terms of health and digitalization. During a meeting between the Ministry of Health and the United Kingdom, Bahat said officials were surprised to see Turkey’s arrangements. With private hospital. We also have a staff structure that is very compatible with digital systems. It needs to be taken further. Control is also important for remote healthcare at the moment, “he said.

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Great plan for health

Resat Bahat says hospitals will not be what they are today, they will change shape and after 10 years, hospitals will provide 40 percent of their services in a digital environment. Mentioning that a significant portion of healthcare in the digital environment will again be provided abroad, Bahat said, “If we do not do our job well, our citizens will get 40 per cent of this service from abroad. The plan is already big and we need to talk about it now, “he said. Resat Bahat added that hospitals should move away from their current state and said:” Citizens do not have to go to the hospital for general health problems. No. Those who need it should have access to it. For example, there will be other changes. Some specialties will probably evolve a lot. Maybe we don’t need so many pathologists. Will develop very different skills in their own field. First, new human resources must participate in this system. “

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Compensation issue

The most talked about topic in recent times is human resources in the field of health. We had a conversation with Resat Bahat about this, which is one of the main topics of the Health Congress. The entire health system, and especially the health burden of the epidemic, was and continues to be managed by millions of health workers. Bahat argued that the number was too small and insisted that it should be raised to at least 2.5 million, adding that “Turkey solves its health problems by investing only 4.2 percent of its gross national product in health, including medicine.” “There are dangers and threats,” he said. When it comes to healthcare professionals, Resat Bahat has touched on an important issue, perhaps a point that has not yet been raised. And that compensation has to be paid to the doctors. Noting that physicians and healthcare professionals have recently begun paying huge compensation, Bahat said: “So much so that our doctors had to pay far more than they earned as compensation for a single mistake in their professional lives, even in cases where there was a doctor’s fault. No, or they didn’t do it that way, he started doing it out of fear. These compensations do not exist in many European countries, and those that do are publicly funded. In Turkey, such a model is being discussed, at least in government hospitals.

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