The best winter themed movies

If you can’t find what to look for under white snow and a warm blanket, or if it’s not winter, you’re one of those people who likes winter themed movies, you’re in the right place. Here’s a list of our best winter movies we’ve compiled for you …

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Anna Karenina

Anna Karenina moved to Moscow to help save her marriage after receiving a letter from her brother Oblansky. He met Officer Vronsky, the son of Countess Vronsky, whom he met during the trip, and an attraction developed between them. Anna, St. When he returns to St. Petersburg, Vronsky follows him. The passionate love that started creates a stigma in the public.

I’m Tonia

Tonya Harding is an ambitious figure skating enthusiast. Tonya, who is slowly coming up in the sport of ice skating, finds it difficult to please her mother, has a troubled relationship with his ex-wife Jeff Giluli and is always under pressure to get better. Two-time Olympic and two-time Skate America Champion, Tonia, with the help of her ex-husband, hired someone to injure Nancy Kerrigan, the athlete she competed in before the 1994 USA Championships. However, the price he will have to pay with the rise of the conspiracy will be very difficult for Tony.

The land of ice

After the curse of the Snow Queen, the kingdom is condemned for eternal winter. The adventurous and kind Anna, who lives in this kingdom, decides to find the Snow Queen and help the people of her city return to their old days by helping to end the curse. Anna’s companion who started the journey of the fairy tale is Christoph, a master mountaineer. To be successful, they must be able to see and know the Snow Queen. This seemingly simple plan became even more difficult with the mountain trek. At each turn of the journey a different danger arises, accompanied by mythical creatures and scary spells.

Alone at home

Kevin, who hates his family, spends the night in his attic after his punishment, but when he wakes up the next day, he realizes that his family is not at home and they have forgotten him while they are on vacation. Panicked at first, Kevin soon realizes that this is an opportunity and begins to enjoy loneliness. Now it’s up to Kevin to get the 2 thieves away from the house who had their eyes on the house.

Ice Princess

Casey Carlyle, a seventeen-year-old student, has been challenged by her physics teacher to work on a physics project over the summer to submit to Harvard. Casey, a skater, decides to do a project on the elements of physics applied to figure skating. Initially, he went to a skate club run by former professional skater Tina Harwood. There, Casey realizes that in order to better understand the principles he wants to use, he must first identify himself as a test item. Then he decided to go to skating school. As soon as he dived into this business he started liking figure skating.

The Nutcracker and the Four Kingdoms

Although Clara is dying to find out what’s in the box inherited from her dead mother, she can’t satisfy her curiosity that she doesn’t have the key. One day, she sets foot in a magical world, where there are different animals from each other. He will try to go to the fourth kingdom and find the key with Philip, whom he met here.

Girl and wolf

Maintaining a volatile ceasefire for decades by sacrificing an animal every full moon to satisfy the hunger of the weeping monster werewolf, a resident of the village of Dagerhorn suffers the wrath of a wolf who changes rules on a blood-red full moon night, revealing his bloody face. Suffering beautiful young Valerie’s older sister. Valerie recently learned that her parents wanted her to marry Henry, the son of one of the richest families in town. But the young girl does not want to be with anyone but the poor carpenter Peter, whom she has loved all her life.

The Hateful Eight

Some time has passed since the Civil War. In the freezing winter blizzard, a charitable hunter takes refuge in a stopover that he caught alive. However, here they cross paths with different characters. Some secret ties between these 8 people will make it very difficult for them to survive.


Russian Tsar Nicholas II threw a stylish ball at the famous Catherine Palace. The ball is suddenly intercepted by Gregory Rasputin, an evil sorcerer who was recently banished by the Tsar. Rasputin sold his soul to avenge the family. Thanks to Dimitri, a young servant boy, only Marie and her daughter Anastasia, Tsar’s mother, were able to escape from the scene; But Rasputin will not leave them behind.

When you are sleeping

Lucy is an unmarried woman. He meets the handsome Peter on the subway every morning and he caresses her. One day, Peter falls on the track. Lucy comes forward to save him. Peter is in a coma and Lucy is the only person next to him. While meeting Peter, they meet his family, Lucy, who tells them that Peter is her fianc. One day, the real problem arises when Jack, Peter’s brother, shows up. Lucy and Jack fall in love irresistibly.

The word in us

Ben Bass and Alex Martin are two strangers on the same plane. The plane they were on has crashed. Ben and Alex were able to recover from the injury. Trapped in a remote snow-covered hill in the center, the two wait a long time for help. But when help does not arrive, they are forced to embark on a terrifying journey across hundreds of kilometers of desert. Ben and Alex have to rely on each other to survive.

Deadly snowboard

Deadly snowboarding tells the story of Mia and Max, whose lives are turned upside down when they enter a restricted area while snowboarding. Mia and Max visit an off-center resort for snowboarding. When they check into the hotel, the receptionist tells Mia and Max about the unexplained deaths on the trail, but the two are determined to go snowboarding. But when they hide in a restricted area while snowboarding, Max suddenly disappears when Mia is attacked by a masked man on a snowmobile. Now they have to fight not only against nature, but also against the dangers around them.

Little lady

Little Women tells the story of four sisters trying to end post-Civil War America. Meg, Joe, Beth and Amy are four sisters with completely different personalities. Leaving their childhood behind and in the process of transforming into femininity, the siblings struggle with all sorts of troubles. The four young women, whose fathers fought in the American Civil War, began to struggle for life with their mother. In this difficult process, their biggest advantage is being next to each other. Siblings who face all sorts of problems together realize that in this process real happiness is love.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

The Pevensi family did not know the adventure they would face when they left a country that was not safe because of the war. Four siblings started living with a professor. Meanwhile, the youngest sister, Lucy, who plays hide and seek, discovers a costume that takes her to the land of Narnia. Narnia under the ice is full of strange but unique creatures. The White Witch is also observed by the Jadis. When all the children in the family go through this closet, a completely different world is established inside them. They must find the ruling lion of this world where the animals talk and neutralize the witch.

Christmas Chronicles

There is little time left for Christmas. Kate and her sister Teddy only dream of seeing Santa Claus. They plan to visit and take pictures of Santa Claus before Christmas. When confronting Santa on the eve of Christmas, the brothers can’t control themselves and can’t get into Santa’s slay. However, this action causes a lot of unrest. The brothers who crashed the sled now have a new mission, to save Christmas!

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