The Flying Racket has met children and young people in Sanliurfa

The project, which began in 2018 with the aim of encouraging children and young people to practice the sport through table tennis, was re-launched in Sanliurfa after the epidemic. The Flying Racket project, which reached more than 85,000 students in Sunliurfa, has so far reached 115,000 students. Through the project, the number of students receiving training in table tennis coaching has reached 26.

Today, technology company Hitit, which exports software solutions to 54 airlines on 5 continents, has taken its social responsibility project to Shanliurfa after ফ্লorum, Isparta and Trabzon called Flying Rackets. The project’s Sunliurfa launch took place at GAP Arena Sports Hall. The Flying Racket project, implemented by Hitit, was launched in 2018 to bring children and young people together with table tennis and to achieve healthy living and regular sports habits thanks to table tennis.

Professional table tennis with trained coaches

Within the scope of the project, the required schools across the province were identified and, first of all, table tennis equipment was provided. At the same time, at the end of the professional training provided by the Federation, the process of educating the students was started by the teachers who got the coaching certificate. Another goal of the project is to help children develop mentally and physically, to discover and support young talents, and to acquire athletes representing countries around the world in this field. With the Flying Racket project launched in 2018, more than 30,000 children from 55 schools in Koram, 41 schools in Esperanto and 77 schools in Trabzon have gained access to professional table tennis training.

It will reach 100 schools and 85,000 students in Sunliurfa.

The flying racket provided table tennis tables and equipment to 100 schools in Sunliurfa where table tennis equipment was not previously available. Equipment support was combined with a professional training program, and the 1st level coaching course for 100 teachers was completed. Teachers, who have completed the training and received their credentials, will provide voluntary support for the expansion of table tennis education in the school. The Flying Rackets project aims to reach 85,000 students in 100 Sunliurfer schools.

Equipment support in Syrian schools

In Sanliurfa, schools along the Syrian border were not forgotten, and table tennis tables, racquets and ball support were provided in the secondary schools of Tel Abiad’s El Serrah, Ayon-Arus, Hassan El Isa, Suluk El Garbi and Ali Ibn Talip. , Which is approved by the Sanliurfa Provincial Department of National Education. Federation President Okte Chimen, Sunliurfa Deputy Governor Yasin Akgul, Hittit Deputy General Manager Nevra Onursal Karagak, Sunliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Ahmed Kaytan, project stakeholders and school mentors were present. Inaugural meeting held at GAP Arena Sports Hall.

“85,000 students meet table tennis in Sanliurfa”

Hewitt’s Deputy General Manager Nevra Onursal Karagak said in his speech:

“The epidemic that has affected the world has affected not only the economy and social life, but also our relationship with sports, which is an essential part of a person’s healthy life. The future benefits of adopting sports as a way of life have become more important. Because of this, we are also experiencing the excitement of touching the lives of our children again during the normalization process with flying rackets, which we had to take a mandatory break from. We continue with our project, Sunliurfa, which we have already realized in Koram, Esparta and Trabzon. We are happy to introduce table tennis to 85,000 students in 100 schools in Sanliurfa alone. Also, by providing material support to our 5 schools on the Syrian border, our children in these schools will also have the opportunity to benefit from the project. We will continue to bring table tennis to children by making them aware of the flying racket in different provinces in the future and make it popular as a mass sport. ”

“Today we played table tennis with our friends for the Flying Racket. I am very happy, we will be given a table tennis gift,” said student Elif Nisa Sifatsi, noting that she was happy to be given a table tennis table at their school.

Rubeda Baskir, one of the students, said, “There was a very good program here today. I really like the flying racket project. They will give us a table tennis table for playing, thank you very much.


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