The perfect “storm” in the Black Sea – TRT Spor

In the 29th week of the Sport Toto Super League, leader Trabzonspor hosted Gazettepe on the relegation line.

In the 31st minute of the match held at the Medical Park Stadium, the guest Gazette took the lead 1-0 with the goal of Halil Akbupar. Trabzonspor responded to this goal immediately. Nawakaim came on stage in the 34th minute to level the score: 1-1

Abdul Qadir Omur gave Trabjanspar a 2-1 lead in the 36th minute. In the 43rd minute, Goztepe brought balance to the fight with Sonar Aidogdu: 2-2.

This score ends the first half of the fight.

Trabzonspor, who started “like a storm” in the second half, took the lead again with Janini in the 49th minute: 3-2.

Abdul Qadir Omar scored the 4th goal of his 2nd team 54: 4-2.

As there were no more goals in the rest of the time, Trabjanspar left the field with a 4-2 victory.

With this result, the burgundy-blue team, which continued its unbeaten run at home and raised its score to 70, took another huge step towards the championship. Trabzonspor increased the score gap to 18 by their nearest rival, İttifak Holding Konyaspor.

Abdulkadir Omar with 2 goals, 1 goal and 1 assist in Nawakaime and Edin Visca with 2 assists were prominent names in the Burgundy-Blue team.

Göztepe, who this week hired Stজেjpan Thomas to replace coach Nestor El Maestro, could not stop the bad course. Izmi, who lost the 6th match in a row, are in the relegation line with 27 points.

The crucial moment of the match …

In the 14th minute, the shot from the right corner of the penalty area near Cornelius went to Ade from the base of Novakaim.

In the 21st minute, Cornelius, who got the ball near Nawakaim’s steal, returned the ball and Leather goalkeeper Irfan Kane left Iribayat.

In the 23rd minute, from left to middle, in the crowd inside the penalty area, a shot from very close to the head of Barkan Amir, the goalkeeper Uğurcan Çakır great danger.

In the 24th minute, Enwakame, who got the ball behind the defense at Viscar Pass and faced Irfan Kane Iribat, returned from the leather round goalkeeper.

In the 26th minute, Ahmetkan Kaplan cleared the danger from the front of the line with a head shot by Arsenalic in the penalty area.

Lake: In the 31st minute, near Barkan Amir, Halil Akbunar, who had run away from Densville and entered the penalty area from the left, sent the ball into the net where he faced goalkeeper Ugurkan. Under investigation for a VAR foul against Densville, the target was set: 0-1.

Lake: Trabjanspar equalized in 34 minutes. Irfan Kane, the goalkeeper of Nawakaim, got the ball inside the penalty area near Cornelius and went into the net from the left side of Iribat: 1-1.

Lake: In the 37th minute Trabjanspar went ahead. Wisca, with the ball he caught in the middle, went into the penalty area, leaving the leather round in front of Abdulkadir Omar. This footballer also touches the ball and sends it to the net: 2-1.

Lake: This time the visiting team equalized in the 43rd minute. After Barkan Amir’s pass from the left, a golden Idogdur shot inside the penalty area, the ball went into the net despite the intervention of goalkeeper Ugarkan Chakir: 2-2.

The first half of the match ended 2-2.

Lake: Trabjanspar took the lead again in the 49th minute. Due to Angel’s mistake in the defense, the ball could not be found in front of the long pass of Nawakaim.

Lake: In the 54th minute, the Burgundy-Blue team increased the lead to 2A. Abdul Qadir Omar’s shot, which met with the ball in the penalty area near Viskar, was caught in the round net: 4-2.

Novakaim’s pass was activated in the 76th minute and there was a viscous shot from the front line of the penalty area and the ball went a little to the side.

In the 90th minute, he did not know the shot from outside the penalty area and goalkeeper Irfan Kan Iribayat avoided danger by lying down.

90 + 2. Ahmetkan Kaplan clears the ball in the line of carom which created the cake that Lawrence made from the left in the minute.

Trabjanspar won the match 4-2.

Status: Medical Park

Referee: Ali Sansalan, Kamal Ilmaz, Yusuf Bozdogan

Trabzonspor: Uğurcan Çakır, Peres, Ahmetcan Kaplan, Denswil, Trondsen (minum 46 Yusuf Erdogan), Berat Özdemir (minum 46 Dorukhan Toköz), Siopis, Abdülkadir Ömür (minum 75 Bakasetas), Visca (minusasinne8)

Gazetteer: Irfan Can Iribat, Karim Alisi, Arsalanjik, Angel, Barkan Amir, Obinna, Aitak Kara (min. 64 Tizanik), Soner Idogdu (min. 78 Yalkin Kayan), Halil Akbunar (min. 89 Lawrence), Andiaye (min. 89). .78 Jahovik)

The goal: Min. 31 Halil Akbunar, Min. 43 Soner Aydoğdu (Göztepe), Min. 34 Nawakame, Min. 37 and 54 Abdul Qadir Omar, Min. 48 Janini (Trabzonspor)

Yellow card: Minutes 33 Uğurcan Çakır, Min. 45 Nwakaeme (Trabzonspor) Min. 33 Aitak Kara, Min. 83 Barkan Amir, Min. 87 Halil Akbunar (Göztepe)

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