The shocking words of the mother who killed her daughter by suffocation

Aye Vural, who arrived at the Buca police station on May 17 last year, surrendered, saying she had killed her daughter and that her husband and son had nothing to do with the incident. Then, health and police teams went to Aye Bhural’s house, which is located on the ground floor of a 5-storey apartment building in Laleli district. Upon entering the house, the team found the lifeless body of Janep Vural on his bed. Aye Bhural, her husband Safet Bhural (60) and her son Om Bhural (25) have been arrested. An examination by the medical team revealed that Janep had drowned in Vural water. Following the prosecutor’s examination, Janep Vural’s body was sent to the Izmir Institute of Forensic Medicine for an autopsy. After the autopsy, Janep Vural’s body was buried, her mother Aye Vural was arrested. Saffet Vural and Ömer Vural were released on bail. In the case prepared for the incident, the prosecutor said that it was not possible for the arrested accused Aye Vural to take this step alone and there were contradictions in the statements of the accused and demanded more life imprisonment for the 3 accused. The crime of “intentionally killing a descendant or a descendant”.

“We tried for treatment.”

The arrested accused Aye Bhural and the father of the non-custodial accused Safet Bhural and brother Om Bhural appeared in court today. Detained defendants were present at the hearing at the 23rd High Criminal Court in Izmir, including Viaral Audio and Video Information System (SEGBİS), and defendants and their lawyers were present in the hall. The presiding judge gave the first word to Aaye Bhural to defend himself. Mentioning that drugs have destroyed his daughter and family, Aye Bhural says:

“She beat me 10 months before the incident. I held her hand so she could calm down and kiss me. After a crisis, she cried and apologized. One day she brought me flowers. Two days later she gave me a vase.” It broke that flower in my head. She was doing it for no apparent reason. We blamed ourselves. We felt sick. We always tried to treat her as if she were sick. I hope you knew Janep before the medicine. There was a sweet baby. Drugs ruined us. I was very wrong. I realized late that my daughter was using drugs. She said she was guarding and stealing petty. I left a box of chocolates for. I opened it because there might be something in the chocolate. Something like lemon salt came out of it. It turned out to be a drug they call Crystal. He was constantly hallucinating. One day he disappeared. When I came home I opened his cupboard She was there. The clothes in her closet were shrunk. I found them in the closet 24 hours later. I thought he was dead. My wife and I had our bodies. A thorn or a knife could sting if we had thick clothes. We used plastic because it broke everything in the house. He attempted suicide 10 times, of which 5 were registered. “

“When I touched it, his face was like ice.”

Describing the day of the event with tears, Aye Bhural said, “After Ginep went to the computer room, she called Omar and told him to buy some raw peas. Omar came and got them. While eating the peas, he called the door slowly and in a very low voice called me and cleared him. Vomiting. Then she pulled me out of my hair. She looked at me and started looking for money. I pulled her out of her scarf to save her. I tried to get rid of it. When I fell to the ground, I kept it for a minute. It looked like it had leaked to the ground. I told Omar that Jeannep was unconscious. When he leaked, he didn’t hear anything. It looked like it had leaked. I cleaned the house. The next time I When I approached her, there was a light line on her upper lip. When I touched it, I saw that it was like ice. I lay down beside her and wiped my face. I said, ‘It’s my fault.’ Then I surrendered. “ Says

“She was selling our phones and buying drugs.”

After Ayşe Vural, the pending defendants were promised. Om Bhural says his older sister Janep tried to commit suicide several times. “Four months before the incident, he tried to commit suicide in Mughal’s Marmaris district. We picked him up. On the way back, he threw himself out of the car he was driving. He used violence against my parents. He was throwing plates. Cutlery. I would close the door at night. He used to take drugs from a man named Gokhan. He used to buy drugs. He even sold our phones. I was in the living room with my father. Incident. “I hugged him and took him to his room. He attacked me and told me to surrender,” he said. Says

“We lose everything”

Noting that they have made many sacrifices to save Janep Vural from drugs, the accused’s father, Safet Vural, said:

“He would search my pockets and try to take my wallet. To date, he has sold 3 of my mobile phones and bought drugs with his money. He used to threaten me with a knife for money. The night he went out. And after 3-4 days he comes back by taxi. When he comes back, he sleeps for 2-3 days. He intentionally pours hot water on his mother. He attacks his brother with a knife. When I ask him why. “I realized she was hallucinating. She tried to stab her pregnant sister lying on the ground. We’ve worked hard for 11 years. We’ve made no sacrifice to save her. There’s no fault in Ayesha. I heard about the incident when Aye called us and said that he had beaten Janep. “

TA, the family’s youngest daughter, who was later called as a witness in the case, claimed that Janep used violence against her family. TA“Janep has been using violence against his family for the last one year. He was planning to kill my children. He once attacked my wife by suffocating her.” Says

“It’s very clear that there is no normal life.”

Defendant’s lawyer Mehmet Ali Orman said after the hearing. “It is clear that there is no normal life in the house. Noise in any ordinary house is immediately taken care of, but noise is normal in this house. The house next door was used as a house for precautionary purposes. From Genep and rest. It is clear that client “Five months before the incident, the client went to the prosecutor’s office to treat Janep by force and said he did not know what to do. My client defended himself.” He said.

At the end of the speech, the interim decision was announced in the court. The court adjourned the hearing, ruling that Aye Vural’s detention should continue, changing the terms of judicial control of the suspects in question should be changed to a ban on leaving the country, that witnesses should not be heard and that there should be deficiencies in the file. Get rid of

(Source: DHA)

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