There was a message of condemnation published about the fired provincial health director Sergeant.

Sergeant Ali Aladagali, an expert in charge of the Yatagan Gendarmerie Command, was taken to the Yatagan State Hospital by ambulance when he fell ill around 14:00 on March 14. After the intervention there, Aladagali, who was transferred to Mugala Training and Research Hospital, was admitted to the emergency room who wanted to examine himself. He argued with Tahir Tarmer (26). The security guards of the hospital intervened in the incident. Dr. Tarmar claims he was beaten during the talks. Tarmar, who said he had a rash on his body and his glasses were broken, received reports of assault and filed a complaint against Aladagali. Ali Aladagalio also received reports of the attack. Aladağlı, who was diagnosed with appendicitis, underwent surgery.

Dr. Tahir Tarim

The so-called ‘terrible, terrible, strangled’

Dr. Tarmar, in his statement to the police, described the incident as follows:

“The patient was referred to Yatagan State Hospital on suspicion of appendicitis. He said he wanted to have an ultrasound. I told him it was not possible without blood tests and other tests. He wanted to leave the emergency room. With his papers. I didn’t let him go back. He got angry and pushed me away. “

Ali Aladagli, who was released from the General Surgery Ward after appendicitis surgery at Mugla Training and Research Hospital, protested with applause in the health workers’ slogan, “You were violent, beaten, humiliated. We treated you, we got relief.”

Master Sergeant Ali Aladgali

He said ‘I spoke’ and there was a complaint

Specialist Sergeant Ali Aladagli, who was taken into custody, fell ill again at the police station. Aladağlı, whose statement could not be obtained, was taken by police to Mentes State Hospital on charges of severe pain in the area where he was operated on for appendicitis. Aladagali, who was later released after treatment at the hospital, was again taken to Commissioner Hamdi Bay Police Station. In his statement, Aladagli said he was the real victim and said, “I did not insult the health worker, I did not physically interfere. I was unjustly lynched and slandered in public. So, I am complaining against the doctor.” Aladagli, who was transferred to the court after his actions in the police, was released on condition of judicial control. Also, an administrative investigation was launched against Aladagi, which was suspended as a precaution.

The truth has been revealed with pictures

He claimed he was attacked in the security camera footage of the incident. There was a time when the star specialist went after Sergeant Aladagali, who wanted to take his documents from the officers at the desk and left and slipped. After the photo, the hospital authorities said. He started an administrative investigation against the farmer. Aladgali, Dr. He filed a criminal complaint with the prosecutor’s office alleging that he had slandered himself. Aladagli, who was fired as a precaution, was reinstated.

25 health workers defended

The administrative investigation of the chief physician of Mugala Training and Research Hospital is continuing. Chief Physician Assoc. Dr. Within the scope of the investigation conducted by Turhan Togan, footage from the hospital’s security cameras was seen and participants in the applause protest were determined. The defense of 25 health workers, including doctors, has started this week.

‘Hospital registration should no longer be done’

Correspondence from doctors working at the hospital in the WhatsApp group was also included in the investigation file. In the letter, after sharing Aladağlı’s identity information, it can be said that “I do not want to write a petition with his identity information and do not want to examine him for the following reasons.” You have such a right ‘statement appeared.

In correspondence, it is the duty of hospital administrators to oppose violence. There were also statements like “I have a hard time understanding why the doctor was not with us to respond to the crime”, “Of course, the administration was not on the front lines in such a situation”.

Provincial health manager released

Following the process, Mughal Provincial Health Director Alexander Jenser was fired and General Practitioner Ali Burak Mulayam was appointed. Dr. The need for judicial control for expert Sergeant Ali Aladagali, who was adamant not to hit Tahir Tarmar, was withdrawn with objections from his lawyers.

Alexander the Great fired the provincial health director

Conditions in accordance with the instructions of the Provincial Department

A message of condemnation on behalf of the chief physician was published on the hospital’s Twitter account on March 15, at the behest of Mughal provincial health director Alexander Jenser.

From the account, whose password information is known to be in the department, the following statements are included in the post titled ‘We are condemning’:

“In the face of the violent or degrading behavior and attitudes committed against our colleague on 14 March 2022, who sincerely tried to carry out his duties in all circumstances, we, as the management of Mugala Training and Research Hospital, declare that we will follow.” The legal process of the incident. We extend our best wishes to our physician friend, and have experienced such violence in the field of health. We condemn any behavior involved

The chief physician has been called, the manager has been warned

Mugla Training and Research Hospital Chief Physicians Association. Dr. Turgan reportedly called Jenser after Togan’s post, saying he had seen security camera footage and that the sergeant had been mistreated. Despite this, the post was removed on March 20.

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