Those on the shelves for kids in 2022.

Age 0-6

Blue-eyed yellow fish
The aim of the book is to instill in children a feeling of friendship, love, coexistence and cooperation towards all other creatures. Each page is colorful and written in verse language. Cemal Ustaoğlu enriches his stories with the art of origami, which he says helps young children develop behavioral skills such as concentration and hand-eye coordination. There is a section at the end of the book.
Cemal Ustaoğlu (Verita Book)

Winter dance
The first snow fell. Time for all creatures to get ready for winter! Some go to hot places, some sleep long, some collect food. So what should our little fox do? He gets different advice from each animal. They all think their best way. But he will find the answer he is looking for when he encounters a fox like himself. When a celebration dance on the snow will begin. By the line of Richard Jones.
Marion Dan Bauer (what are you)

Foreign language fairy
Elf didn’t like the pressure that adults put on him to learn the language. He didn’t like English, and he was annoyed that his friends were constantly prolonging the last syllable of the word. If he did not have to learn English! Have you ever felt this way? “Read English, boy.” What do you mean by those who say, “Girl, what would we do if we had these opportunities in our time”? Elf has something to share with you about this …
Cem Balçıkanli (Gold)

Forget Cockatoo and Thrush sharing
One of the oldest birds on the island was Cockatoo, a cockatoo. Because of his life experience, other birds on the island consulted with him whenever they encountered a problem. One day, Kakadya hit them with a beautiful chirp and stumbled on five thrashes. They were arguing next to four juniper trees. Cockatoo soon realized that these birds could not share the juniper trees, everyone wanted to eat berries from the tree alone.
Devarim Harlu (Ithaki)

Waiting for Dad
The sea is right in the middle of the lives of children living in coastal cities. They always see the sea while playing in the park or going to the grocery store. So, what would a boy whose father works in a coal mine think when he looks at the sparkling sea? Schwartz sheds light on a mining town through his simple and touching story. Sydney Smith’s paintings give a sparkling beach and a striking contrast between the underground darkness where miners work.
Joan Schwartz, Trans: Ganka Osman (Red Cat)


Ages 7-10

The fairy of truth goes to school
What good is a web site if it simply “blends in” with everything else out there? Don’t try to be someone you are not. It’s better to be yourself, never get tired. The fairy of truth goes to school with Ginger in this new adventure. The truth is that the school is merged and this time they face a threat. Perry and Ginger discover the importance of friendship and being yourself. Truth Fairy doesn’t stop telling the truth, even if she encounters a troll with a picture of Chris Mold.
Matt Haig, Trans: Hazel Bilgen (Yapi Creedy)

In a dark black forest lived an animal covered with thorns: Dikeniko. He had thorns on his back. His stomach was thorny. His head was empty. Her ass was thorny. He even had thorns on his arm and knee. One day, something unexpected happened: Dikeniko’s spine fell out. That black, spiky creature was replaced by a soft pink like marshmallow. How will he survive if he can’t scare anyone else?
Ilaria Guarducci, Translator: Eren Cendey

Says lentil soup
“I’m not one of those soups that boils in a pot and hides in a corner of the fridge. I’m a lentil soup that has befriended thousands of children for hundreds of years. I haven’t forgotten any of the kids I’ve befriended.” Everyone’s favorite lentil soup, big or small! Besides, he is very talkative যে the children he befriends, the house he goes to, the restaurant, the trip he entertains, the school… he will give us so much joy now.
Palin Osman (Apple-Academy Plus)

The Journey of the Flower Children
The world in which Chrysanthemum lived was a little different from ours. In fact, it would be a trivial matter to say: The babies born from the flowers of a large tree survived by eating the leaves. No one ever grew up there, so everyone was a child. You may think this is funny, but it’s not! Each day was the same and she was a curious girl. He wondered under the tree where he lived: What was there? He thought for a few days and decided not to go.
Fatma Adilimaz (Dorlian)

Bidigago Journey
The first book in the series, “Bidigago One World Idea”, we witnessed students interacting with the “Creative Thinking” course. In the second book, the children find out where the Bidigago planet is. This time, they travel to a source of thought that will enhance their creative intelligence with fluent and flexible verbal thinking games. The book tells children about events in a spoken language, and includes creative intelligence games.
Ada Albayrak (born baby)


11-14 years

Inverted castle
Little Lorina, who has to write an assignment for school, travels through the forest to a magical world with the help of a black rabbit. Once there, he meets greens who are overworked, hungry, and exposed to toxic fumes from nearby forts. Lorina decides to enter the castle and ask for help. But in the castleUnderground treasuresThose who keep all the food to themselves and Outsiders He realizes that there are selfish people who see them as slaves …
David Henry Wilson, Translation: Burku Karatepe (Ithaki)

Marsik and I.
There is a hill near Joey’s house. It’s an old, neglected, dirty trash where no one goes. Still, Joey loves it here, it’s his top. There he goes to think and dream. Joey wants to be better at one thing, to be a famous astronaut or mountaineer in the future. One day, when he discovers a tree house in the mountains, he gets angry that someone has invaded his private space. However, he also wonders who this intruder might be …
Translated by Martine Murray, Tuğçe Özdeniz (Can)

The woman is whispering in the air
This is the story of a mysterious hand motif found in an archeological excavation, dating back to the Anatolian Middle Ages … To save Mama Hatun, who ruled the Saltuklu principality for years, from the dungeon, Mahsima Sihan Hatun embarks on a long journey on horseback in the land of light in search of healing. The wind blows in the dark monasteries, inns and caravanserai, which stops this difficult journey, the story of the strong and brave women of history floats in his ears.
Rana Demiris (Young Times)

Shadow Thief: The Secret of the Museum
The Suarez arrived at the port of Galata in 1670. There was a very important manuscript on the board; Avicenna anatomy study. The work went into the hands of the dark people on the street behind the gala. Denizsi Qasim tried his best to convey this task to its owner. Two centuries later, Osman Hamdi Bay, a painter, archaeologist and curator of the museum, crossed paths with Bay. But the pattern was suddenly lost again. Or is it a mystery created by Osman Hamdi Bay?
Erdem Voter (Cloud)

How to sell your family to aliens
He’s the bad guy at Happy Conclin. Moreover, there is a grandmother who confiscated the money that the father of the family earned from the discovery of Conclin and created a kingdom for himself. Living in these harsh conditions, Hap did not actually want to sell his family to the aliens. He just wanted to try because he had found a way to get rid of his cruel grandmother. But when her whole family pays for it, she finds herself in the middle of an intergalactic adventure.
Paul Knott, Trans: Can Basakec (Epsilon)

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