Trabzonspor – Great return from TRT Spor

Sport Toto faced leader Trabzonspar Galatasaray in a complicated match in the 23rd week of the Super League. The Burgundy Blues won the match 2-1, where they were trailing 1-0.

Bacacetas scored in the 64th minute and Viskar in the 90th minute to give Trabjanspor the victory. Galatasaray scored the only goal of the match from the penalty spot in the 31st minute by Alexandro Sicaldow.

With this result, leader Trabjanspar continued on his path, raising his score to 54. Galatasaray, which lost its 4th consecutive defeat, had 28 points.

The first half of the league hosted by Trabzon ended in a 2-2 draw.

Important moment of the first half

After Galatasaray’s free kick from the left corner outside the penalty area in the 11th minute, Emre Kılınç’s shot, which Trabzonspor’s defense tried to take away from the ball in front of the penalty arc, briefly went astray.

In the 14th minute, Halil Dervisoglu entered the penalty area from the right and took a shot and the ball remained close to the goalkeeper.

Lake Galatasaray took a 1-0 lead in the 31st minute. In the 29th minute, Kerem Akturkolu was on the ground when Densville intervened as he entered the penalty area. The match referee awarded the penalty after reviewing the VAR. Take the ball in the 31st minute and send the ball to the net: 1-0

In the 35th minute, Peres entered the penalty area from the right and turned the ball inside, and the leather round was in front of Novakaim, where the defense intervened in Galatasaray. The ball goes out of the shot of the player of Trabjanspor.

In the 39th minute, Berkan Kutlu’s hard shot from outside the penalty area hit Hugo and changed direction. Goalkeeper Ugarkan Chakir took the corner in the last minute.

Kerem Akturkoglu got the ball in front of the penalty area in the 45th minute, Leather round goalkeeper Ugarkan Kakir shot.

The first half of the match ended 1-0 in Galatasaray.

Important moment of the second half

In the 51st minute, Bacacetas long-range shot went to goalkeeper Fatih Ozturk.

Cornelius, who was hanging behind the defense with a long cake thrown in the 52nd minute, took a shot from the left side of the penalty area from the penalty area. The ball goes smoothly from the ground and the auto comes out from under the distant post.

In the 57th minute, Ahmetkan Kaplan hit the ball, which Cornelius slid back into the corner kick used from the right, even though it was at a narrow angle.

In the 66th minute, Perez entered the penalty area with a right-handed slash to Visca and the ball bounced off the corner.

Goal84. Trabjanspor’s draw goal comes in minutes. The ball that Marcao also tried to move, which Perez wanted to remove in midfield, was in front of Bacacetus in the right corner of the penalty area. In a hard shot from a Trabjanspor player, the leather round went into the net from under a distant post: 1-1

After Emre Kılınç’s long pass in the 86th minute, Babel, who got the ball in a six-pass, walked away from the opponent and took his shot, the goalkeeper Uğurcan did not let the ball go into the net.

Goal 90. Trabjanspar went ahead 2-1 in the minute. After goalkeeper Fatih Ozturk had passed the game, Tailan Antaliali lost the ball and Visca sent the ball into the goal from outside the penalty area: 1-2

90 + 5. In the minute, Marutan came down the line from the right side and took the ball to the center.

Trabjanspar won the match 2-1.

Status: Nev

Referee: Attila Karaoglan, Bahattin Duran, Tariq Ongun

In Galatasaray: Fatih Ozturk, Boye (Min. 88 Yedlin), Nelson, Marcao, Omr Bayram, Teylan Antaliali, Barkan Kutlu, Emre Kalin (Min. 88 Morutan), Sikaldou (Min. 70 Feghouli), Kerem Akturkul (Min. 2), Dulu

Trabzonspor: Uğurcan Çakır, Peres, Hugo, Denswil (min 46 Siopis), Puchacz, Berat Özdemir (min 46 Ahmetcan Kaplan), Dorukhan Toköz (min 79 Yunus Mallı), Visca, Bakasetas, Nwakaeme, Cornelius

Goal: Min 31 Sicaldow (penalty) (Galatasaray), Min. 84 Bakasetas, Min. 90 Visca (Trabzonspor)

Yellow card: Min. 29 Uğurcan Çakır, Min.30 Denswil, Min. 41 Perez, Min. 90 + 2 Yunus Malli (Trabjanspar), Min. 58 Marcao, Min. 80 Fatih Ozturk (Galatasaray)

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