Valentine’s Day message for mom! February 14 is the most emotional message for mom

Valentine’s Day message for mom! Prove that you haven’t forgotten her by sending a message to your mom on Valentine’s Day, celebrated every year on February 14th. The passionate message of February 14 is in our news content.

Valentine’s Day message for mom

Only you, mother, are enough for me. You are always the crown of my head.

If they say tell me happiness, they say my mother is alive, I would keep quiet.

Thank you mother for your boundless love and boundless patience in your heart.

With the scent of your roses and your warm smile, I am glad you are my mother!

No doctor’s treatment works like you promised mom.

If my mother lived for me, I would not die for anyone. My dear mother, I am glad to have you.

Being a mom thinks when your child hurts, I wonder if it happens to me.

Let your tears flow only from happiness, let it be so on your worst day, mother.

Love mother love heaven Because mother’s love is one of the most precious gates of heaven.

I miss you so much mom. Your scent, your smile, your look, whatever I do, I still forgive.

Thank you mom for loving me in the best way possible in this world full of evil, lies and ambition!

My mother. I need your feelings. I want you to understand at a glance the unbelievers.

You have always been my only refuge in all storms and you will always be, my dear mother. I love you

Thank you mother for your boundless love and boundless patience in your heart. Happy Mother’s Day.

You are always the crown of our head, the only queen of our house, you are precious to all of us, you are extremely valuable to us.

My mother! Your love is the only sun that illuminates my world. I know you will never lose your light. I’m glad to have you!

Distance does not change the fact that you are the most precious asset of my life. I love you so much mom.

I live to be a worthy son to you, my mother, your rights have not been paid. I’m glad you’re my mother.

You were the one who healed my every problem and always took care of me, my mother, I am grateful to you for the great love you have given me.

I can’t repay you, I can’t live to love you. If the whole world were mine, you wouldn’t be a mother.

If they take me, past. If they take me back to my childhood years. If they give my mother warm and compassionate arms, they are my temple.

Wherever I go you are like my shadow, like a part of me, you are in the most beautiful corner of my heart, my mother.

The mother of my beautiful heart, who loves me with boundless love and never gave up her affection at any moment of my life … You are the only support of my life, my best chance. I’m so glad to have you.

Thank you for even giving me the experience of heaven under your feet with a smile. You are the most precious asset of my life. Goodbye mom.

You gave birth to me and raised me with compassion and love, my mother. You are the one who showed me wrong and always taught me the truth and brought me to these days, my dear mother.

Happy Mother’s Day Mother, I hope I will be a loving and devoted mother like you, I hope I will be a worthy son for you. I love you

The safest refuge in this world is in your arms, sweet sleep in your lullabies. And the feeling of love is mostly in your eyes. I love you so much mom, happy to have you!

I am so fortunate to be the child of a sympathetic, patient and strong woman like you, God put you in our head. My dear mother, my beautiful mother. I’m so glad to have you.

You are my guiding light in my day, illuminating my night, encouraging me in trouble and holding me happy. You are my most beautiful being in this world, mother. I’m so glad to have you.

The word boli reminds me of you, your compassion saves me from every trouble, your little sorrow darkens my world. I love you so much mom, I’m glad to have you.

If there’s anything I can’t value, it’s your existence, if there’s anything I’m afraid of, it’s your sad moment. But nothing else can bother me because you are always by my side. Goodbye mom.

My dear mother, you are the only person who can turn my sorrow into joy. You know me best, embrace me without expecting anything in return and offer me the purest love. You are my chance; I’m glad to have you!

Behind all my laughter is your happiness, behind all my sad moments is your little sorrow. Every successful moment has your contribution, my mother. There is a big place in my heart that will always be there for you. I love you

My dear mother, who has always taught me to love, gave me strength and encouraged me even in the most difficult situations, I will never be able to repay you. You are the most loyal, strong, most beautiful woman in the world. Happy Mother’s Day.

You turn my winter into summer with a smile and wipe away my tears. You are the one who has always raised me in compassion and always shown love. You are not paid, my gratitude to you cannot be expressed in words, mother. You are a child who loves you very much and always tries to be worthy of you.

My little sweet mom. I am always happy to have a child with a woman like you. You are my greatest opportunity, I have seen it in every aspect of my life. My most precious asset, my light in the darkness, you are my yesterday, my today, my tomorrow.

My only mother who loves me more than me and thinks me more than me. You have such a beautiful heart that you can solve my every problem and make me forget the biggest troubles. You are the most devoted mother in the world, you are my beautiful angel. I love you

I know your heart will burn if you bleed from my knees, you won’t sleep if I have a little problem. Your big heart is the only safe place where I can always take refuge, the only moment to sleep in your lap that makes me forget all my troubles. I love you

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