What do kids want on vacation? Advice from experts

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The first period of face-to-face training, which began on September 6 after a year-and-a-half of epidemics, ends on Friday, January 21. About 18 million students who receive their report card will take a two-week semester break. Experts say that students who are intense during their studies should rest during the holidays. National Education Minister Mahmut Ojha also warned teachers not to give homework to students. So what to do during the first semester break after the epidemic?
Yıldız Technical University Dean of the Faculty of Education Professor. Dr. Mehmet Engine Deniz said, “Especially after the school reopened after the epidemic, the children faced an intense class period and housework. The rush to make up for the loss of learning was also effective. This situation makes children mentally and emotionally exhausted. Therefore, children taking this break to relax and have fun will have a positive effect on their mental health. So, they can start the second term with more inspiration. ” Noting that the holiday season is a risky time for children in terms of technology addiction, Deniz said parents should avoid uncontrolled use of the Internet and technological tools.

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What do children want on holidays?
Professor Dr. According to Dennis, the answer to the question is very simple: he wants to have fun with his mother and father. “There’s a lot to do when kids are at home, and deciding what to do is really about listening to your child and noticing what he or she wants and needs,” said the professor. Dr. M. Engine Deniz lists things to do with the child during the holidays:

Have fun reading together. Reading does not mean reading. When children read books, they can gain more skills than they do when working for lessons.

Encourage curiosity. The child discovers his interests through curiosity. Encourage them to study, research or travel in areas of interest. Stay with you in this process. Teach her to watch videos and research what she wants to explore. For example, teach him how to find answers to questions like how plants grow and how astronauts spend a day in space. Let him ask new questions.

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সী Restrict the use of technology, tablet or computer game play depending on age. Don’t let him play games, watch videos, watch movies freely and all day long. Be sure to check out the watch and play content.

দিন Let the kids go out. Let your area spend time outside and get as much fresh air as possible.

Chat with your child. Talk about a topic or a day spent. Understand your child’s true thoughts and feelings. Don’t forget to understand. Share your thoughts too.

Guide your child to play sports and play musical instruments. Discover what kind of sports your child can turn to and what kind of music you can learn, in your own way and in the possibilities of your environment. Turn this holiday into an opportunity for your child’s development.

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You can do as many applications as indoor activity. Ask for help with family matters. For example, share and do things related to the house, such as arranging cabinets, cooking, meeting the needs of the house, cleaning the house.

Expert advice on what children want on vacation

Decisions must be made together with a common purpose
Head of the Department of Basic Education, Faculty of Education, Boğaziçi University. Dr. Jeannepe B. Erdeiler Yatmaz: “The semester break is a two-week vacation that children wait for and is responsible and owned by the children. However, in practice, child control may not be in question. From the point of view of schools, the concern is that forgetting what is taught and from the point of view of parents, the order will be disrupted and they will become accustomed to comfort, this may turn into a holiday that children feel they deserve, in a struggle. It can be a vacation, but study and do your homework. Semester breaks should be considered as a period when decisions are made for a common purpose, consensus is reached and action is taken together, just as it should be during school hours. So what can parents do? class = “medianet-inline-adv”>

– First of all, parents should strongly resist the notion that education is only in school and is strengthened by doing homework, and they need to see that every environment can be a learning environment for people.

– It is important to realize that the child is instructive, not taught. It needs to be acknowledged that learning at school, at home and in every environment is in the child’s control. Should be understood as a whole.

– It is important to talk to the kids and decide together about the opportunities, opportunities and responsibilities available during the semester break.

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– Feeling that he is in a position to make decisions, he should believe that the child will make the most of his vacation and school obligations.

– Recognize that human development is a complete, human-like body, and that rest and relaxation are essential for learning.

– Semester vacations should be seen as a process where children will receive their education with the people of their choice, within the timeframe of their choice and with the way they want.

– Considering this holiday not only for the children but also as a great opportunity for parents to make decisions together with their children and have a good time.

Expert advice on what children want on vacation

Be consistent about the main and the gift
Ankara University, Faculty of Education, Department of Primary Education, Professor. Dr. Erten Gokse: “Parents are happy when they buy something for their children or fulfill their wishes. Children usually have a tendency to ask things from their parents. Families should be aware and sensitive about this problem and make some rules and regulations This is not the right way to meet or buy what kids want. Families can meet the wants and needs of their children within their own budget and possibilities. But here the prize should not be turned into a bribe. For example, the family of a child who wants a tablet should not adopt the ‘if you have all 5th class, you will get the tablet’ method. The child will then study to access the tablet. However, the main responsibility of the student is; Going to school, studying and succeeding. In such cases, the family; By expressing ‘we are happy and pleased to have a very good grade on your report card’, they can use a method like ‘we can evaluate the tablet problem if our budget allows’.

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