What is this lasting love?

As we experience the devastating effects of the climate crisis more and more every day, the concept of sustainability has become a recurring theme in our daily lives. When we say that we should not unknowingly consume the resources of our planet, it is inevitable that we will be part of a global movement. And for those who want a habitable world, this is a personal responsibility.

Life demands balance. Therefore, listen to yourself first. While you may not like the answers you hear when you ask the “what do I want” questions, the transition starts on its own. Self-love, awareness, facing your shadow, being in harmony with nature, much more suddenly becomes visible in your life. The axis of our production-use has been set in such a way that the aspect of production takes precedence. Then love calls us from deep. Just as we say longevity for the world, we can say longevity for our love.

So what is this lasting love? A lot of people can mess things up when they’re in a relationship. Unable to comprehend how their own power diminishes in the boundless tendency to give and / or receive, they experience a state of love that shrinks, breaks, and breaks. Yes, now the icebergs of your inner world are starting to melt. Emergency packages have raised their banner saying “now”. No matter how hard your staff tries to make their voices heard, sometimes the upper levels of consciousness want to push that voice away.

Wait a few years, wait for 2030, wait for 2053, ice melts, ocean currents reverse, you face environmental catastrophe and your inner worlds are almost destroyed. If you want to stop your internal ruin, all you have to do is say, “Isn’t that a clich!” I want you to remember these sentences that will make you sigh.

A seed that grows in the spring

  • Love is not instantaneous, we throw it into the sea like a plastic bottle. – Love is not as easy as restoring the fertility of the land.
  • It is our responsibility to make ourselves happy like the seeds that germinate in spring.
  • Love is a fluid state, like the immense flexibility of a tree exposed to a storm.
  • Love is able to hear, think, and empathize without knots, just as planet B does not.

Walking in nature

To create a lasting love, it is important to remember our own potential. Although the madness of consumption aims to touch every particle of life, let us be united. Let’s think about what can make us feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. How much of what we think we actually want and how much of it reaches us through a variety of perception management tools?

I recommend keeping a three-week diary so you can check it out. Write three words in the title of love, what I don’t want, what I don’t want, before turning into a dream state every night. At the end of three weeks, identify your three most repetitive words for each section. Take your words with you and go for a walk alone in nature in support of the regenerative energy of spring.

Sometimes silence, walking and the things you take with you will be your guide on your way home. When you travel through the states of your own guide and love, I hope to have a self-care partner like you, if your heart desires it. Those who can love themselves and love every creature have already received entry tickets through the gates of the miraculous city of love.

Last but not least, the Valentine’s Day gift is also available for durable gifts. Symbolically, you can adopt a wild animal, donate a tree, bathe in the forest, go on a picnic with the food you make at home, or spend a beautiful day feeding yourself and your essence.


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