Who is Antonio Banderas, where does he come from and how old is he? What are the films of Antonio Banderas, who shared his pictures with Kerem Barsin?

After Antonio Banderas shared his picture with Kerem Barsin, it became the subject of curiosity of the citizens. An internet search has started for the famous Spanish actor whose real name is Jose Antonio Dominguez Banderas. So who is Antonio Banderas, where does he come from and how old is he? What are the films of Antonio Banderas, who shared his pictures with Kerem Borsin? Details of famous actor’s life, biography and acting career in our news …

Who is Antonio Bandaras? Where and how old is it?

Antonio Banderas was born on August 10, 1960 in Malaga.

The famous actor, whose full name is Jose Antonio Dominguez Banderas, wanted to be a football player as a child. Abandoning this dream after his injury, Banderas discovered his qualifications for acting with Milos Forman’s acclaimed film “Hair” (1979).

Antonio Banderas started acting at the age of 10, despite all the objections of his family. He traveled around Spain with an established theater company with his friends, performing street performances. Antonio Banderas, who had the opportunity to prove himself shortly after moving to Madrid in 1981, was entitled to enter the Spanish National Theater. In his theatrical years, he crossed paths with the famous Spanish director Pedro Almadovar and he opened a new path in front of him.

Antonio Banderas, who starred in the director’s sex comedy “Labyrinth of Passion” in 1982, had the opportunity to work with Alam Dover in films such as “Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown” and “Law of Desire”. Turning his way to Hollywood after playing the role of a mental patient, the handsome actor starred in Arne Glimcher’s movie “The Mambo Kings”, which was adapted from a Pulitzer Prize-winning novel. Antonio Banderas, who has enjoyed playing complex characters throughout his career, has starred in “The House of the Spirits” (1993) starring Jeremy Irons, Meryl Streep and Glenn Close, and Neil Jordan’s “Interview with the Vampire”, Salma Hayek. He became famous. With the movie “Desperado” (1995).

He played a ruthless professional assassin in the movie “Assassins” (1995), in which he co-starred with Sylvester Stallone, the actor successfully reflecting every role he played on screen. Antonio Banderas, who also took part in voice-over projects, voiced the role of Push-in-Boot in the Shrek animated movie and once again received rave reviews. The most recent film starring and circulating Banderas was My Mother’s Lover, where he played the role of a secret agent.

What are the movies of Antonio Banderas shared with Kerem Bursin?


2014 – Akil (running picture)

2013 – Single (moving picture)

2006 – Summer Rain (moving picture)

1999 – Madness in Alabama (moving picture)


2014 – Akil (running picture)

2013 – Single (moving picture)


2014 – Akil (running picture)

2013 – Hero Night (Motion Picture)

2012 – Automata (moving image)


2017 – Security

2015 – The 33 (Mario Sepulveda) (Motion Picture)

2015 – SpongeBob SquarePants 3D (Alameda Jack) (Motion Picture)

2014 – Night of the Cup (moving picture)

2014 – The Expendables 3 (Galgo) (Motion Picture)

2013 – The Razor Turns (Gregorio Cortez) (Motion Picture)

2013 – Single (moving picture)

2013 – The Hero Night (Sir Clorex (voice) (Motion Picture)

2013 – I Will Move My Mind (Leon) (Current Photo)

2012 – Love in My Dream (moving picture)

2012 – Automata (Jack Vacan) (moving picture)

2011 – The Skin I Live In (Dr. Robert Lagarde) (moving picture)

2011 – Push In Boots (Push In Boots – Voiceover) (Motion Picture)

2011 – Crossfire (moving picture)

2011 – The Big Bang (Ned Cruz) (Motion Picture)

2011 – Black Gold (Amir Nesib) (film)

2010 – Shrek: Happy Forever (Push in Boots-Voice) (Motion Picture)

2010 – Tall Brunette Man (Greg) (film)

2010 – 82nd Annual Academy Awards (Own) (TV Movie)

2010 – Dali (Salvador Dali) (moving picture)

2009 – Endgame (Gabriel Martin) (Motion Picture)

2008 – The Other Man (Ralph) (Motion Picture)

2008 – Chavolution (self) (moving picture)

2008 – Mom’s new girlfriend (Tommy Lucero / Martinez) (Motion Picture)

2007 – Shrek 3 (Voice) (Motion Picture)

2007 – Cross Border (Alfonso Diaz) (current photo)

2007 – Shrek Christmas Special (Voice) (Motion Picture)

2007 – Confession of a superhero (himself) (current photo)

2006 – Without Rules (Pierre Dulin) (current photo)

2005 – The Legend of Zorro (Zorro) (moving picture)

2004 – Shrek 2 (Voice) (Motion Picture)

2003 – Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over (Gregorio Cortez) (Motion Picture)

2003 – Lost Lives (Carlos Rueda) (moving picture)

2003 – Once Upon a Time in Mexico (El Mariachi) (current photo)

2003 – and starred as Pancho Villa … (Pancho Villa) (TV Movie)

2002 – The Woman Who Killed (Nicholas Bardo) (Motion Picture)

2002 – Crazy Boys 2 (Gregorio Cortez) (Motion Picture)

2002 – Frida (David Alfaro Sequiros) (current photo)

2002 – Ballistic (Jeremiah X) (current photo)

2001 – Crazy Kids (Gregorio Cortez) (Motion Picture)

2001 – I Love Lucy’s 50th Birthday … (myself) (TV Movie)

2001 – The Sinar (Luis Antonio Vargas) (film)

2001 – Mysterious Discovery (Father Matt Guterres) (current photo)

1999 – Until his death (Caesar Dominguez) (current photo)

1999 – Rapid Sox (Morales Pitman) (Motion Picture)

1999 – 13th Warrior (Arab Ahmad Ibn Fadlan) (moving picture)

1998 – Zorro (Alejandro Murietta / Zorro) (current photo)

1998 – 70th Annual Academy Awards (Own) (TV Movie)

1996 – Evita (Che Guevara) (film)

1995 – Too Much (Art Dodge) (Motion Picture)

1995 – The Assassin (Miguel Bain) (moving picture)

1995 – Miami Rhapsody (Antonio) (moving picture)

1995 – Four Rooms (The Man) (Motion Picture)

1995 – Desperado (El Mariachi) (moving picture)

1995 – Never Talk to Strangers (Tony Ramirez) (moving picture)

1994 – Interview with Vampire (Armand) (current photo)

1994 – Love and Shadow (Francisco) (current photo)

1993 – Rage (Marcos) (moving picture)

1993 – House of Spirits (Pedro Teresaro Garcia) (current photo)

1993 – Philadelphia (Miguel Alvarez) (current photo)

1992 – The Mambo Kings (Nestor Castillo) (film)

1991 – In bed with Madonna (herself) (moving picture)

1990 – Tie Me (Ricky) (moving picture)

1990 – Against the Wind (Juan) (moving picture)

1989 – Si Te Dicen Que Caí (Marcos) (current photo)

1989 – La Blanca Paloma (Mario) (moving picture)

1989 – Market Al Moro (Alberta) (moving picture)

1988 – Woman on the verge of a nervous breakdown (Carlos) (moving picture)

1988 – Baton Rouge (Antonio) (film)

1987 – The Law of Passion (Antonio Benitez) (current photo)

1986 – Puzzle (moving picture)

1986 – Matador (Angel) (current photo)

1984 – Los Jancos (Alberta) (film)

1984 – Cinema 3 (itself) (TV series) (12 episodes)

1982 – Passion’s Maze (Sadeq) (current photo)


2003 – Once Upon a Time in Mexico (moving picture)

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