Who is Blackboard Arif? Who is Genghis Bozkart, where did he come from? Does Cengiz Bozkurt have children? Cengiz Bozkurt movie

The life of Genghis Bozkart, who played the role of Arif in the Blackboard series, is intriguing. So who is Genghis Bozkart, where did he come from, how old is he?

Who is Sebgiz Bozkart?

Genghis Bozkurt, who was born on December 24, 1965, in the Guliyazi district of Nevsehir, graduated from Ankara Atatুrk High School.

He began his higher education in the physics department at Middle East Technical University, but dropped out of school halfway through his decision to become an actor. Bozkart, who moved to England after leaving school, worked as a hawker, chauffeur and shop assistant and learned good English.

Since he can speak English at a good level, he also took part in representing the Expatriate Association in London.

He decided to continue his education in England and completed his higher education in the Department of Media and Communication at Goldsmith University in London.
The successful actor was one of the founders of the Arcolo Theater in 2000, as well as a general artistic director.

After returning to Turkey in 20003, Bozkart took on various roles in many theatrical dramas, TV series, and film projects, and his biggest break came with the character Erdal Bakkal in the series Leila ile Meknun.

The actress, who entered the world with her English teacher in 1990, had a daughter named Chaglyan in the marriage.

In 2008, she married for the second time to fashion designer Hatev Kavak, whom she met in England, and from this marriage two daughters, Sena and Ginger, were born.

The master actor will play the role of Arif Asmali in the TV series ‘Young My Youth’, which will now be aired on ATV screens.

Changiz Bozkurt, characteristic of Capricorn, is 1.70 meters long and weighs 79 kilograms.


2016 – 11th ITU Epgik Award – Most Successful Movie Actor of the Year

2010 – 47th International Golden Orange Film Festival – Best Supporting Actor – Junction

Theatrical plays starring Genghis Bozkurt:

2011 – Fuzzy (game) – 2nd floor

2007 – Anna Karenina – city actor

2005 – Ash to Ashes – A Journey – Aksanat “New Generation Theater”

2004 – Love Crazy – Aksanat “New Generation Theater”

2003 – Captain of Insmore

Theatrical plays directed by Genghis Bozkurt:

2006 – Gambler’s Choice – Kent Player

TV series and movies starring Cengiz Bozkurt:

2018 – Jet Society (Sengiz Ozpamuk) (TV series)

2018 – Family Confused (Muzaffar) (film)

2017 – Happiness Time (Tariq) (film)

2017 – The Man in Visible (TV series)

2016 – You Are My Everything (Rare) (Current Photo)

2016 – Small Shopkeeper (Fahretin) (film)

2016 – Who Didn’t Like Us (Army) (TV Series)

2016 – The Man in Visible (TV series)

2016 Dilara (Carlo Barbaro) (Current Photo)

2016 – Daily Dumrul (Current Picture)

2016 – 50 m2 (TV series)

2015 – Black Trouble (Cudret) (moving picture)

2014 – Good One (Platform) (film)

2014 – Coming Soon (Suat Güneş) (Current Photo)

2014 – 2015 – My Husband’s Family (Delaware) (TV Series)

2014 – Home Office (Hamdi) (TV Series)

2014 – Eyyvah Alas 3 (Organizer) (running picture)

2014 – Don’t Tell Me Tales (Nafi) (Current Photo)

2013 – Sebadaluk (Muhtar Ali) (TV Series)

2013 – You turn on the night light (Nazim) (current photo)

2013 – I Miss You To (Sengiz) (TV series)

2013 – 2014 – Stay in Us (Hall) (TV Series)

2012 – Long Story (Mustahedem) (film)

2012 – Follow-up: Istanbul (Border Guard) (Motion Picture)

2012 – Code name Venus (Adamos) (moving image)

2012 – Berlin Tiger (Realtor Tier) (Motion Picture)

2011 – Oz Hakiki Thana (Hasan) (running picture)

2011 – Body (Yılmaz) (moving picture)

2011 – 2012 – Laila and McNoon (Erdal Mudi) (TV series)

2011 – The Tragic Story of Selal Tan and His Family (right) (current photo)

2011 – Can (Favji) (moving picture)

2010 – Don’t Forget Me Istanbul (Current Photo)

2010 – Losers Club (Taxi drivers) (moving picture)

2010 – Junction (Bedat) (film)

2010 – Behjat c. An Ankara Detective (Erdal) (TV series)

2009 – Moon Love You (Sado) (Current Photo)

2008 – Judgment (short film)

2008 – Three apples fall from the sky (Mafia) (current photo)

2008 – Go: My Marlon and Brandom (Azad) (moving picture)

2008 – One Moment, Freedom (Hotel Manager) (Motion Picture)

2008 – Devrim Carr (rare) (moving picture)

2007 – Eggs (owner of beer house) (moving picture)

2007 – Stone Pillow (moving picture)

2007 – Priyo Dunurum (Osman) (TV series)

2007 – Sunday’s Tale of Trade (Hasan (Fan)) (current photo)

2007 – 2009 – Behind the Bars (Guardian Ekrem) (TV series)

2006 – Karagümrük Is Burning (Sıtkı) (TV series)

2006 – Ezo Galin (Duran) (TV series)

2005 – I Miss You So Much (Serhan Irtunch) (TV series)

2005 – Broken Wings (Bandit Honor) (TV series)

2005 – Gulf Fever (Voice) (TV series)

2003 – Valley of the Wolves (Adnan Erdogan Voice) (TV series)

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