Your mother lost custody in a tick-tock shift! Disgusting words from father

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Ferrit K. (43), a businessman living in Izmir and his 15-year-old wife BK (41) decided to divorce last year. At the time of divorce, the couple separated their home, leaving their two daughters, aged 8 and 13, with their mother. Claiming that his wife Izmir had spent a long time on the ticket during the trial in the 19th Family Court and therefore showed no interest in his two daughters, the businessman demanded custody of their daughters.

The court-appointed pedagogue’s report on the request for temporary custody found that the mother had seriously violated her obligation to the children and had granted temporary and permanent custody to the father. After deciding to divorce, the issue of permanent custody will be finalized, the father told Ferrit. In fact, this work goes on until morning. Instead of trying to seduce me, he made my little girl accustomed to the ticket. My daughter also wants to take and share a video. He also shot our girls in his video. “

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“I’ve been ticking till morning”

Noting that his wife’s indifference to children has led to her entering the divorce process, the businessman said, “I am particularly uncomfortable with the tick-tack videos. The divorce has not taken place yet, but my wife and I live in a separate house. Shoot. Actually this work goes on till morning. My eldest daughter is constantly texting me that she can’t have breakfast till noon and she can’t wake her mother. I was going to feed my daughters. I have warned my wife many times. I don’t know how to make money on social media, but tickling has made these kids indifferent and shake the family. When my wife and I started living in separate houses, my eldest daughter had problems at school. I called my wife home for a while. , I know you shot TickTack videos until midnight. Instead of attracting myself, he made my little girl accustomed to TickTick. My daughter also took and shared a video. Wants to do. I don’t have a Tiktok account, but while I’ve watched a few videos, I’ve also noticed that there are videos that push ethical boundaries. Since I do not want my children to grow up like this, I have warned her many times and sued her for custody. Fortunately, the Pedagog Report gave me temporary and permanent custody. Once the divorce is clear, the issue of permanent custody will also become clear. I very positively welcome this decision for the future of my daughters. “

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“High Child Benefits”

Ferit K.’s lawyer enay Geçkil said: “Mothers and fathers must exercise their rights and powers arising out of custody in the best interests of the child. Considering the best interests of the child, he alone is responsible for preparing the child for life physically, emotionally, physically and morally. Although the mother and father have the right to custody together as a rule, each spouse is independently responsible for the use of custody. However, if one of the guardians refrains from fulfilling the obligations related to custody, then it is questionable to file an application or cancel custody only against the party in custody. One of the reasons for the removal of custody would be the lack of attention paid to the child or the neglect of the duties arising from the custody of the parents, which would hinder the physical and spiritual development of the child.

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Mourning words from father who lost custody in mother's tick-tock shift

“Division cases increase with social media”

An educational report was prepared by the court on the request for temporary custody in accordance with the provisions of section 169 of the Turkish Civil Code, noting that “the judge took action against the juvenile offender”, Gekil said. There were serious violations. It was considered that the father should be given custody because he did not spend enough time with the children and could not. He was sympathetic to the children. Violation of the obligation may be considered a fault in the case of divorce, but it is not a matter of custody when the parent is directly responsible for their children. Physical development should not be neglected. In our case, it was determined that the time spent on the mother ticket was Had a negative impact on the development of children. The mother education of the TickTock app, including the children in the videos she shot, puts children at risk of all sorts of abuse. As a rule, joint custody of children under 10 years of age is given to the mother. Here, however, the mother’s serious breach of her obligation to her children was cited as the reason for the removal of custody.

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