A contract signing ceremony was held for 6 young football players at Fenerbahce

The event, held at the Ulkar Stadium 1907 Tribune, was attended by Ali Koch, president of the Yellow-Dark Blue Club, board member, Tahir Karapainer, general coordinator of the football academy, and relatives of the players.

In a statement here, Ali Kok said the community is very excited about the young players.

Koç stressed that they have made significant investments in the academy since the first day of taking office.

“At our Antalya camp, 11 players from the academy trained with the team. Slavia had 5 players in the squad for the match in Prague. It is very close to what we imagined four years ago. It is a historic day. Fenerbahçe. Six of our athletes Has the power to contribute. “

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Coke says the technical staff pays attention to the young players.

“You can see Ismail’s (kartal) courage on the field. We have to protect our young players. In the past, our Under-21 champions could not join this team. We don’t want to do the same. Wrong. Football for Fenerbahce A team and other teams in the league. It will train the players. I believe it is a step. If Tahir Carapinar realizes half of his dream, he will fly to Fenerbahce. The steps we have taken are beginning to bear fruit. The result.

Ferdi Cadioglu’s performance has improved a lot this season and they are happy to have signed a contract with him, Koç noted that 6-7 teams wanted Muhammad Gumuskaya at the start of the season, but they did not accept.

Using the phrase “I hope she always smiles” for Arda Guler, Koç says the community is happy to see her.

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Recalling that Ertuğrul Çetin has been in the infrastructure since the age of 11, Koç emphasized that the young net keeper is a very professional player.

Koç insisted that the Melih Bostan agreement was the most exhausting of the agreements they had signed.

“The newest member of our team. I handed him over to Arda and Ferdi. It’s very similar to Ferdi’s story. He’s a genius. No need to discover him. Those who follow European football knew it. Isaac’s father is Turkish and his mother is Swedish. He has lived in Portugal since he was 12 years old. Isaac’s father is a fanatic in Fenerbahce. He has also raised his children. “Our expectations are very high. He will train in the first team and play in the under-19 team. There will be a lack of order. I think he will contribute. Fenerbahce for a very long time.”

“We will probably work with a foreign teacher in 6 months.”

Ali Kok has indicated that a foreign coach will take over after 6 months.

Koç says a journalist, “Ismail Kartal, if he comes, will not take on the assistant coaching task.

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What do you want to say about this?

“I don’t remember a statement like that. It’s the most natural right. There are some points that Ismail teacher will serve us. Hopefully he will continue. We will probably work with a foreign coach in 6 months. He bought the team. Don’t talk about money.” It’s a turbulent time. Nobody does it. I’ve been angry with him once in my life. Greet him. Hopefully, if the situation develops the way we want it to, we’ll be together for a long time. ”

Revealing that the coaching issue would end soon, Koç said that they had met Altai Beindir and Serdar Aziz, whose contracts would expire and they believed they would have no problems.

Statement of Berke Özer from Ali Koç

Ali Kok, president of the Fenerbahce club, has said that they will not run with their young goalkeeper Barke Ozar next season. Ali Coke answers reporters’ questions about the future of Burke Ozar.

“In the interests of both teams, we have decided not to be together until next season.”

The contract of the young 21-year-old fisherman with the yellow-dark blue team expires on June 30, 2022.

Ferdi Cadioglu: I want to win the trophy

Ferdi Kadiolu, one of Fenerbah’s young players, said he wanted to win the trophy with the yellow-dark blue team.

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Ferdi recalls that he joined the community 4 years ago when he was a child.

“I was 64kg and beardless. Now I gained 9kg more. This season was incredible. I gave my best. It’s a big day. I hope we can all fight on the field at the same time. I want to win more trophies. For that. I will give anything. I have played in many positions. ” “But the biggest thing is, to play. I’m very happy. I used to be angry when I used to play right back. Now I accept it. I’m accepting the structure and I’m doing my best.”

Muhammad Gumuskaya: This is my home

“I am very happy. I want to thank everyone who has not stopped supporting them. Now it is my home,” said Muhammad, who performed at Fenerbahçe in the first half of the season and visited GZT Giresunspor in Lone during the winter transfer.

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Mohammed said he joined the club when he was 11 years old.

“The contracts are a bit formal to me. I have signed a lifetime contract with Fenerbahce. I am very proud of that. I hope to return to Fenerbahce at the end of the season.”

Arda Guler: We are already fans of Fenerbah

“We’re already in Fenerbahce,” said Arda Guler, a 17-year-old star candidate from Fenerbahce. Used phrases. Arda thanked everyone who contributed to it.

“I hope we will all serve this club for many years and be successful. We are already from Fenerbahce. I hope we will continue to play. We will contribute more to this club. Thank you for comparing Alex de Souza. Alex Hall My idol. I hope I can be a player like him. “

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Ertugrul Setin: I never thought I would be able to come to this position

Fenerbahce’s young goalkeeper, Ertugarul Chetin, says he is on the verge of giving up football.

Ertugrul insisted that he had lost hope of making the A team before Tahir Karapiner, the general coordinator of the football academy.

“You have what you want to see about Fenerbahce. We are the children of Fenerbahce. I’m glad to be in Fenerbahce. I never thought I’d be able to get to this point. I was looking for different things. . “

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Melih Bostan said: “I came to this club when I was 12 and I have been here for 6 years. I am very proud to be under this jersey. I dream of scoring goals for this team with stick form. I will work. I’m happy. My goal is to settle down as soon as possible. ” He said.

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Isaac Bhural: I will try my best

Fenerbahçe’s new transferee, Isak Vural, says he is a baby born of yellow-dark blue. Isaac explained that his father was a big fan of Fenerbahce.

“As a kid, I grew up dreaming of playing in this beautiful stadium and in front of these big fans. I am very happy to be here. My father and grandfather have always been fans of Fenerbahce. I am glad they put it in me. They did their best to help the team. “I’m glad I did, Fenerbahce. I used to play football with my parents and grandparents. They taught me a lot. I’m grateful for all of them. I will have the opportunity to train with this team here. I did not get this opportunity in previous teams. I have chosen this path and come here with my heart. “

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Tahir Karapinar: I am very proud

“I am very proud. We want to train cultured players for Fenerbahce. I have been shown great grace. They are like my children. We want to raise them in the best way possible. Thank you very much for this opportunity.”

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