Afghan-Turkish Maarif schools offer hope for the future of orphaned Afghan students (3)

Bilal Guler / Sayed Khodaiberdi Sadat – The Turkish Ma’arif Foundation (TMV), with its schools and centers in Afghanistan, provides international quality education, covering the expenses of tens of thousands of orphans whose financial means are not enough to make them better in the future.

TMV administrators of Afghan-Turkish Maarif schools and orphan students studying in these schools have assessed the AA correspondent about the educational process.

Afghan-Turkish Maarif schools operate in a total of 46 kindergartens, primary, secondary and high schools and 7 learning centers in 8 provinces of Afghanistan. In addition, the Foundation serves 11 dormitory students. Since the Taliban took power, three new educational centers have opened in the country, and 8,300 students, 40 percent of whom are girls, are studying there.

Those who wish to study in these schools, including scholarships, are first subject to the Maarife Entrance Examination (MAGİS) and, if successful, are accepted into their school. Scholarships are given to about 100 orphan students in schools with inadequate financial means. All 55 of them covered all expenses, including education, dormitory, clothing and stationery, by the foundation.

“I was blown away when I found out I had passed the test.”

Miriam Nurje, a 16-year-old 10th grader, was one of those who received a high score from MAGIS and was entitled to a full scholarship to the Girls’ High School in Herat.

Mentioning that her father, a truck driver, was killed in a clash between the Taliban and government forces 13 years ago, Miriam described how she met with Turkish Ma’arif schools:

“I went to the school where my aunt, who is a teacher, was teaching and I saw the announcement of the Afghan-Turkish school exam. I started preparing for the exam and I won the school. My mother told me for the first time that I won. At that moment, I I was happy to fly because I dreamed of attending such a school. TMV took care of me and provided free education. Thus, my life changed abruptly. All my school expenses were covered by TMV. “

Mentioning that her mother works as a daily wage and they have financial problems, Miriam said that she is well educated in school and her teachers treat students very well.

“I want to study medicine and be a doctor. If possible, I want to study abroad and I want to serve my people in this field.” Says

Maryam’s mother, Laila Nurje, works 3-4 hours a day in Badghis province, away from Herat, trying to support her family.

Thanking TMV, Nurje said, “We have no money, but I try my best to educate my daughters. I always believed that my daughter would study in such a good place because my daughter is a hard worker. When I heard that my daughter is in this school. “I was just happy to win. So I believed that day that my daughter was going to do what she wanted.” He said.

Maryam’s teacher Fatima Samedi said of her student, “She is a very hardworking student. Her family is not well. That is why such orphans are taken care of separately in our school. We also have psychologists and they support them.” Used phrases.

“I want to study in Turkey”

Turkey is one of the favorite countries for Afghan students to study abroad. Thanks to these schools, students have the opportunity to receive scholarships in Turkey.

Sayyid Habib Husseini, 18, a 12th grader at the Afghan-Turkish Maarif School Herat Boys’ High School, is one of the orphans receiving a 100% scholarship.

Husseini said the school’s education staff is strong, successful students are supported and they are better prepared for the future in the education they receive.

“I am very happy to be able to study in this school because they give us enough opportunities and we can do better. Education in this school. So that we can get a good education abroad. They also give us enough opportunities. ” Says

Husseini said it was a dream for him to attend a quality school and that he had succeeded in MAGIS and won a scholarship. “I want to study computer engineering in the future. I want to go back and serve my people. ” Says

Habib’s elder brother, Syed Ahmed Shakib Hussaini, said that according to his father’s wishes, they attached great importance to education, they studied hard and now he is working as a lecturer in a university.

“All Afghans see the importance of the Afghan-Turkish school. For this reason, we thank you. Habib is also a hardworking student. He studies morning and evening. He tries By. ” Says

Emphasizing that his brother had successfully progressed in his education according to his father’s wishes, Husseini said he was glad to hear that his brother had received a scholarship to study at the Afghan-Turkish Maarif School Herat Boys High School.

Amidullah Injita, another 100 per cent scholarship student studying in 10th class, said his best course was biology and he wanted to study medicine in Turkey.

“Life has its ups and downs. I lost my father six years ago. I never had the opportunity to go to such a school. I am very happy that Afghan-Turkish schools have given me such an opportunity,” said Intizar, a student at Herat Boys High School at Maarif School. The school is very good in terms of equipment and quality of teachers. ” Used phrases.

Shemid Sadki, the wife of Imidullah Injita’s uncle, said: “Amidullah lived a good life. His father was a colonel. Their lives were turned upside down after the martyrdom of his father. Their condition turned into poverty and despair. We have to work. We are very happy that she got a scholarship from such an advanced school that she could not study. ” Says

“We see that they deserve scholarships for orphan students.”

Salih Sagir, Country Representative of the Turkish Maarif Foundation Afghanistan, said that the Turkish Maarif Foundation is the largest non-governmental educational institution in Afghanistan and has received requests from parents to open more schools day by day.

Noting that they have plans to open a new learning center in particular, Sagir stressed that the annual support given to orphans as an institution has reached হাজার 100,000 and will continue.

Noting that the country’s orphanages have a wide range of support, including Turkish education, Sagir said: “The good thing is that we see that they deserve scholarships given to orphans. So, these students have a very high grade point average. There is a serious difference between the two, “he said.

Noting that students at these schools have a higher chance of accessing scholarships through the Turkish Abroad and Related Community (YTB) and the Exam for Foreign Students (YÖS), Sağır said: “In this sense, they enroll children in our school Maybe. ” He said.

Noting that the orphans will play an active role in the future between the two countries, Sagir added:

“Of course, orphans have a special status because of their nature. Of course, we show closeness to orphan students in our school, but they show more closeness to us. Because our school students are aware that they are not only supported. In education. They are also emotionally supported. They are also supported mentally because children are marginalized and neglected in social life because they do not find proper and good opportunities. We see that these institutions make students feel much stronger as they are supported by school, campus, teachers, school administration. Surrounded and of course, Turkey is behind them. “

5 languages ​​are taught

TMV schools are one of the best educational institutions in Afghanistan. Students who graduate from these schools are placed in the university department with high scores in the university examinations held in Afghanistan.

Dari and Pashto, the official language of Afghanistan, are taught in schools, but courses such as mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology are taught in English.

Also, students learn fluent Turkish with intensive lessons.

“The students are very good. They have a good relationship with the Turks. They learn Turkish well and quickly,” said Serdar Ali Yassin, a Turkish teacher at Herat Boys’ High School. Used phrases.

In addition to these languages, Arabic lessons are offered in schools on request.

Afghan-Turkish Maarif schools offer hope for the future of orphaned Afghan students (3)

Afghan-Turkish Maarif schools offer hope for the future of orphaned Afghan students (3)

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