Amin Gulse praises her husband Mesut Ozil! “A great father”

Registered beauty Amin Gulse talks about her husband Mesut Ozil. Ex-Turkish beauty, reporters ask “Who likes Ada the most?” “Our daughter looks like Mesut.” Replied.

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The actress, who is married to famous football player Mesut Ozil, says that her daughter Ada will be 2 years old: “I hope our daughter is a bit like me but she is a copy of her father. He even said ‘dad’ at first when he started talking. They have beautiful bonds. Mesut is a great father. “

Mesut Ozil and his daughter Ada

Gulse, “Are you thinking of returning to the screen again?” He answered the question: “I have other projects at the moment. If a good scenario comes up, I’ll think about it. But for now, I don’t think so. I have some projects like home decoration. ”

He answered the action question!

Amine Gulse, wife of Mesut Ozil, a football player in Fenerbahce, and her daughter Ada Ozil were spotted at the Istanbul Aquarium the day before. Amin Gulse, who came with his daughter and saw stingray fish, anaconda snakes, penguins and the Amazon forest, did not neglect to pose and chat with reporters after leaving the aquarium.

Amine Gulsey, who married footballer Mesut Ozil in 2019, “Are you thinking of acting again?” Answered the question.

  • The 26-year-old beauty said, “No, there is no such thing as acting now. I am fulfilling my responsibilities as a mother.”

I Have 5 Kids Promises!

Actress Yasmeen Sakalluolu performed a one-man show on the open air stage in Harbiel the previous evening. Famous names who came to see Sakallıoğlu include Bensu Soral, Seray Kaya, Alper Kul, Aylin Kul and Amine Gülse, who were elected Miss Turkey in 2014.

Speaking to reporters, Amin Gulse, 28, announced that he had devoted all his time to his daughter Ada. Gulsey, who made the statement, “It’s growing so fast that I want to feel these moments. I’ve taken a break from a lot of things for her, but I’m busy with other things. Let it be a surprise.” He said.

Gulsey announced that he would not be in a new television project, as he had devoted all his time to his 1-year-old daughter Ada. Mentioning that he wants to witness every moment of his daughter, Gülşe said, “She is growing so fast that I want to feel these moments. I have taken a break from many things for her, but I am busy with other things. Let it be. A surprise. . ” Expressing that he did not want to participate in the digital platform, Gulsey said, “I think if there is a project that appeals to me, I do not think outside of it.”

He said I was not ready for a project at the moment

Mesut Ozil’s wife, Amine Gulse, was seen in Istiniye the day before. Gulsey, who toured the shopping center stores where he came with his mother, “Do you have a new project?” He answered the question: “I’m not preparing for a new project right now. I’m spending my time with my child.”

Mesut Özil and Amine Gülşe, who renovated their home in Çeşme at a cost of 10 million TL, are spending their vacation here. Mesut Özil and Amine Gülşe, who showed their love with their fingers and crowned their marriage with a baby, became the center of attention on social media by sharing their daughter Eder. This is how Mesut Ozil posed with his daughter Edar.

Reject the offer!

Amin Gulse, who returned to Turkey from England after transferring her husband Mesut Ozil from Arsenal to Fenerbahce, became a favorite of the producers. Amin, who participated in many TV series and commercials before marriage, started getting offers for new projects. However, the famous name turned down offers because of both her daughter Ada being younger and the epidemic.

Meet the girl!

Gulsey, who came to the shopping center with her daughter Ada, was photographed while touring the world-famous store on Markler Street. The beautiful actress, who was enjoying shopping while her daughter Ada was sleeping in her stroller, did not break the reporters’ request for photos, but simply thanked them without question.

Enjoying the sunny weather while shopping outside, Amin Gulse finishes his shopping in a short time and leaves the shopping center with his daughter.

Stealing a role from his mother!

Amin Gulse, who started living in Istanbul with her husband Mesut Ozil and daughter Eder, has received great praise for her recent sharing with her daughter Eder. Registered beauty Amin took a break from acting after marrying Guls and started taking care of her daughter. Amine Gulse shared the photo with her husband Mesut Ozil and daughter Eder on her Instagram account.

Jewelry is on the agenda!

Amin Gulse, who often shares his home state with 2.9 million followers from his Instagram account, finally shared a picture of himself after letting his daughter Ada sleep. To share “Ada hugs monitor while sleeping” In addition to the pure beauty of Gülşe, who wrote the note, her jewelry was on the agenda.

  • Her husband Mesut Ozil bought Gülşe’s watch for 80,000 TL and her ring for 100,000 TL, and his mother-in-law gave him a bracelet worth 10,000 TL.

There was a lot of talk with his daughter about the location!

Amine Gülşe, with her daughter Eda, took this photo from her Instagram account. “My world” Shared with note.

Full support to your wife!

Mesut Ozil, who was injured in the 28th week of the Fenerbahce’s Spor Toto Super League match against Fraport TAV Antalyaspor, was suffering from partial tears in the inner and outer lateral ligaments of his legs. The response to Ozil’s message of speedy recovery and a statement about his latest health came from his wife, Amine Guls. Gulsey made the following statement on her social media account:

“I want to thank everyone who asked and sent their best wishes. With God’s permission, he will be fine and come back stronger, InshaAllah. Amen.”

During the interim transfer period from Mesut Ozil to Fenerbahe, Mesut Ozil began to take steps to establish his own order in Istanbul. Ozil, who first bought a house in Chamlika to settle in Istanbul, is continuing to renovate it.

The couple Mesut Ozil and Amin Gulse found a new home during the renovation process. To pass this process, Çubuklu, where many celebrities sit, was chosen. The famous couple will stay at a site in Chabuklu until the renovation of their new home in Chamlika is completed.

Emotional sharing!

Amine Gulse shared a photo of her football player husband Mesut Ozil and their daughter Eder on her social media account. Gulsey, who shared the theme on February 14, ‘My most beautiful 14th February, I’m glad to have you, I love you so much.’ He shared his notes. Here is the picture:

He watched his father’s first match

Amine Gulse, the wife of famous football player Mesut Ozil, who moved to Fenerbahce, has been the focus of social media attention. Amine Gülşe recently shared with her followers that her youngest daughter Ada is watching her father from her social media account. The sharing of the beautiful actress has received great attention from her fans.

The famous player photographed the moment when he saw the first match of his wife, who was wearing a jersey at Fenerbahce, the match of Atacas Hatayaspor with his daughter Eder.

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