Animal lovers eat Ömür Gedik first!

Writer and singer Omur Gadik says of the increase in meat, “Let the price of red meat be higher, animals will live, people will be healthy.” This is a mess.
Based on Hıncal Abi’s view that a writer is valuable if he talks a lot, Gedik succeeds in staying on the agenda. But sometimes ridiculously!
I respect what Geddick has done for our animal friends, but this statement is like saying that gas prices should go up further and we should not pollute our nature!

Beef, mutton, mutton etc. They exist because we feed and produce them. In other words, if red meat is not eaten, Gedik can’t find an animal to think about!
For example, what does Gedik’s dog eat? How many animal lovers feed their cats and dogs expensive vegetarian food?
Our dog friends, with whom animal lovers are very upset, do they eat grass? When they were hungry, they ate in the van, poor six-year-old Ruken!
If these very sensitive animal lovers and vegetarians are hungry on a desert island, they will first eat their leader, Omur Gadik!


I haven’t seen ‘Muslim’ and ‘Bergen’!
“Bergen’s name wouldn’t have been mentioned if he hadn’t been cast in her face. We love the pain. The movie was made by Bergen, Muslim Garca. Why wasn’t a movie made by Baris Manco, Tanzu Okan and Sam Karaka? Just a song by Bergen. I ask.” Can you tell me? Well, how many songs will you sing for Baris Manco and Sam Karaka? Their film was not made. Turkey’s reputation is built on scandal. “
I Selçuk Ural signed under this statement!

Unfortunately, biographical films are rarely made in Turkey. It focuses on artists with a lot of sensation and tragedy so that the illustrators focus on the box office.
But he even described to an American or European politician that you usually find it very annoying, with such an impressive cinematic language that you go and see!
Although I liked Müslüm Gühorse’s simple personality and some of his songs, I never saw his movies. I don’t even see ‘Bergen’! I think the artistic value of his songs is low, although I am sorry for the tragedy he felt. Bergen has no life philosophy that will make a movie!
Our producers and directors have found the job easy. They stopped eating pain and tears. They make movies like hot kebabs. Recent biographies are actually big budget versions of Yesilcom’s famous Arabic films!
We could not get rid of this Arabic love!


Teachers have no authority!
A student at a private school in Ankara is dancing and caressing the teacher’s face. Videos of his disrespectful behavior provoked reactions through social media.
If the teacher had taken the same step, the soil would have been removed and his school life would have ended. Now the boy who did this rude thing will run away with a little punitive action and someone else will do the same!
There are many similar incidents in Ankara. No matter private or public school, students do not respect their teachers.
Teachers cannot establish authority in the classroom because it is misapplied in the student-centered system. It also reduces the quality of education. Among the spoiled, rebellious children, those who want to read are also affected.

Because our generation has been beaten by the teacher, beaten at home! It was said that if the teacher beats him, you deserve it. The class was hard to pass.
Of course, I’m not in favor of beating. We grew up as a generation with low self-confidence because so many of us have been beaten and the coup of September 12 has passed over society like a cylinder.
We were beaten, but the quality of education was high! Now, in the fourth grade of elementary school, there are children who cannot perform four operations and do not understand what they are reading. A zero confidence in the new generation! Poor, oppressed and beaten parents now want to take whatever pleasure their children have. This leads to the growth of an unsatisfied generation!
After doctors, it is invaluable for teachers to lose their respect in society!


Call For the juice!
Russia’s invasion of Ukraine triggers a food crisis. As hunger in the Middle East and Africa deepens, European market shelves become empty. French leader Macron says his country will face a food crisis.
“Drink tap water instead of bottled water, use filtration to improve the taste of water,” German magazine Focus advised its readers. If any Turkish newspaper works on this, it will be a joke on social media!

Epidemics and wars have also increased food security. Now, countries have stopped exporting some food products that they consider strategic.
The food crisis in Turkey is a big part of the market, especially the unusual prices in the market! But no one talks about the impact of the food crisis when it comes to the cost of living!
Global warming will exacerbate the food crisis. Turkey’s agriculture and livestock sector needs major reforms. We should be as self-sufficient as before.


One star Born
Alperen Şengün, who played for the Houston Rockets in the NBA, is 19 years old, but has 24-25 years of experience.
It’s no coincidence that he entered the ‘Rising Stars’ mix on the NBA All-Star!

Alperen is a very special talent. High points and support. He is very flexible, dribbles well and makes generic moves.
Moreover, he does all this in his ‘Rookie Year’. It looks like he will rise above Hidayat Turkulu, the most successful Turkish in the NBA. This baby is likely to be an All-Star or even an MVP.
Our sports press has no news of ore in their hands! An NBA star is coming!


“One day you will eat your last meal, smell your last flower and hug a friend for the last time. You will not know this is the last time. So, you have to do whatever you love with passion. The rest of the year you should be appreciated. … “(after life)

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