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Playing at Bahceşehir College Sivas 4 Eylül Stadium, Beşiktaş took a 1-0 lead in the 12th minute with a goal from Batshuai. Yatabar’s goal in the 26th minute leveled the score for hosts Demi’s group Sivaspor: 1-1

Gezal’s stylish header in the 43rd minute gave the visitors a 2-1 lead in the locker room.

Besiktas won the penalty in the 72nd minute after the VAR review. Batshuai scored from the penalty spot to make it 3-1.

In the 84th minute, the host Demi’s group Sivaspor won a penalty after a VAR review. Penalty shootout with Fajr turned into a goal, reducing the red-white team difference to 1: 2-3.

The rest of the time no more goals were scored and the fight ended with Beşiktaş’s 3-2 win.

Beşiktaş, who have won the road for the third time this season and extended their unbeaten streak to 8 games, have raised their score to 44. Demi’s group Sivaspor, which struggled to win last time out, remained at 34 points.

Michi Batshuai, meanwhile, who netted twice on Besiktas, added 11 goals.

The crucial moment of the match …

In the 4th minute, Fajr took a free kick from the right, and Beşiktaş defender sent the ball into the corner with a sixcake header.

In the 26th minute, Montero tackled the ball with his head in the middle of Pedro Henrique’s hard center in the middle of Yatabar from the right side.

Lake: Besiktas took the lead in the 12th minute. Gazelle enters the penalty area with a stylish fint from the right wing and turns it inside. Atiba passed to Alex Teixeira after the defense intervened. This football player also saw Batshuai without waiting. Send the ball to the net with a smooth kick from the field Batshuai: 0-1.

Coffee shot from behind the penalty arc in the 14th minute, the leather round narrowed to the right of the goalkeeper.

In the 23rd minute, Hakan Arslan’s head shot, which went well from the left wing in front of the six-past, along the middle of Erdogan Yelliurt, the ball bounced off the side.

Lake: Sivaspor drew in the 26th minute. Despite a good defense, Yatabare, who was outside the penalty area of ​​Ugur Sifatsi, went into the net despite the intervention of round leather goalkeeper Ersin Destanoglu: 1-1.

Besiktas won a corner kick from the left wing in the 35th minute. Wellington’s head shot in the middle of the gazelle hit the crossbar well in front of six passes and bounced back into the field. Goalkeeper Muammar Yildirim then came out and controlled the ball.

Lake: The visitors took the lead again in the 43rd minute. Gezal, who rose well into the penalty area in the middle of Umut Meras from the left, brought the head with a round leather net: 1-2.

The first half of the match ended with Beşiktaş taking a 2-1 advantage.

In the 61st minute, Fajr sent a curved ball straight into the goal from a corner kick used from the left wing and went just over the post.

In the 62nd minute, Fajr’s corner kick from the left wing, which went well inside the penalty area, was headed out by Kanar Osmanpasar’s head kick from the right side of the goal.

Lake: Increased lead to 2 in the 73rd minute. The referee went to the VAR after Sivaspor was in the penalty area. The referee showed the penalty spot after Hakan decided that Arslan had touched the ball with his hand. Batshuai sent a penalty shot into the net from the right side of the goalkeeper in the leather round: 1-0.

Kenan Karaman shot in the 7th minute without entering the penalty area. Goalkeeper Muammar Yildirim stepped forward to his right and slapped the ball.

Besiktas won a free kick from the left side of the penalty arc in the 70th minute. The ball, which was sent straight to the goal by Gwen Yeltsin, hit the side post and went over the top.

Lake: Sivaspor reduced the lead to 1 in the 65th minute. Beşiktaş After the carom in the penalty area, the referee went to the VAR. After the test the referee decided that Joseph touched the ball with his hand and showed the penalty spot a second time. Heading the ball, Fajr converted a penalty goal: 2-3.

Batshuai’s shot, entering the penalty area from the left in the 7th minute, prevented the danger by interfering with the ball with his feet.

90 + 4. At the last minute the goalkeeper slapped the leather ball into the corner, while Gwen Yalkin hit the ball into the left corner.

The match ended 3-2 with Beşiktaş’s superiority.

Stadium: Bahceşehir College Sivas 4 September

Referee: Sarper Barış Saka, Cevdet Kömürcüoğlu, Murat Tuğberk Curbay

Demi Group Sivaspor: Muammer Yıldırım, Caner Osmanpaşa, Goutas, Camara (min. 83 Konate), Uğur Çiftçi, Cofie (min. 76 Kerem Atakan Kesgin), Hakan Arslan, Fajr, Pedro Henrique (min. 70 Kayode), Yardogantar, Yesiltabare

Basics: Ersin Destanoglu, Rosier, Wellington, Montero, Umut Meras, Nesip Wisal (min. 57 Joseph), Atiba, Gezal, Alex Teixeira (min. 68 Guven Yalsin), Kenan Karaman, Batshuai (min. 90 + 2)

Goal: 12 minutes and min. 73 (from penalty) Batshuai, Min. 43 Gezal (Besiktas), Min. 26 Yatabare, Min. 85 Fajr (from penalty) (Demir Group Sivaspor)

Yellow card: Min 3 Wellington, Min. 50 Atiba, Min. 90 + 8 Ersin Destanoglu (Besiktas)

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