Deep Waters Review of the movie

9 1/2 Weeks (1986) To young people our age, who were born in the late 90’s or early 2000’s and are now described as their Z generation, ‘We used to see “erotic thrillers” in movie theaters, Everything they paid as a visitor member with tickets, Deadly attraction (1987), Pornography (1993), Unfaithful (2002), Eyes wide open (1999), Strange relationship (1996) and even Basic instinct If we give the example of (1992), we will probably ‘cancel’. It’s hard to believe, but all this was real, it happened; In addition to the “2 Super Movies at Once” school, real movies like 18+ Erotic Dodged Stones are also being released …

Maybe after the 1980 coup in Turkey, Adrian Lin’s ‘blockbuster’ films didn’t have a chance to show up immediately (see 9 1/2 Weeks, which was only released in 1990!), But even the ’90s Turkish climate’. Fifty Shades of Gray He was also rich in honor of the movie! See again Adrian Lyne’s Lolita! (1997) Instead of creating a section like “Love, Drama, Crime”, Deep Water (Deep Water), signed by legendary filmmaker Adrian Lynn, who engraved his name in gold letters at the 1980-90s erotic thriller school. Short filmography, 20 years later. This Friday, he appeared in front of the audience with the help of Home Theater. Let’s just add that this choice is a bit unfair for the 81 year old director. Let’s move on to the movie …

Deep Waters, whose news came during the initial production of 2013, is actually a movie that was shot in 2019, before the epidemic, and if anything, we would have a chance to see it on the big screen in November 2020. Well done though they say they love each other, Vick (Fool) And Melinda (Anna de Armas) The frame story of the movie based on the couple’s troubled relationship. The script adopted by Jack Helm and Sam Levinson from the novel of the same name by Patricia Heismith (1957), another legendary American author of the twentieth century, is already quite hungry with this framework. So how did director Lin choose the movie to show us from his own perspective? Honestly, since I haven’t read the book (it was published in Turkish in 2005), unfortunately, I can’t compare an adaptation, but it is possible to evaluate the movie in terms of both its dynamics and the director’s filmography. On the other hand, it is possible to compare this movie of Gone Girl with Ben Affleck, but I think the lanes are completely different from the point of view of the directors.

We have Melinda, a ‘femme fatal’ character from head to toe, and an owner – her husband Vic – who does his best to keep her femme fatal. Everyone knows that once you get the object of your desire, your emotional connection with it gradually diminishes and your old ‘stimulus’ no longer exists… but what if you think that the woman’s unpleasantness is intended to keep you in the game? Time? Melinda, who likes to live ‘like herself’, does just that with her husband Vic, whom she now finds annoying! With the young and handsome men who had just come into town, removing Vick from his private place and making bait for him, on the one hand, he had ‘fun’, on the other, it ignited the rise of all ‘heat’. ‘Vicker. Let’s not go into too much detail about the story of the movie, but let’s add that it has enough archetypes, especially in terms of American culture, and on top of that, the director places fun and erotic Europe against rude, annoying American culture. (Although, how annoying it can be for Americans when you party so much in that small town with certain boundaries, of course, it doesn’t bother you when you see it from the 3rd world …)

All of these flows play a leading role Fool And Anna de Armas In fact, they show exactly what is expected of them. Affleck carries the thriller element of the movie and manages to portray an ugly FEMA deadly with sheer big eyes and a deep cleavage. Anna de Armas In fact, it holds electricity very well, and we know from tabloids and social media that they were seen on the set of this movie (November 2019) and quickly entered into a heated relationship. On the other hand, another element of the movie that stands out as the two main characters is the great performance of the couple’s daughter Trixi and her life-giving little actress Grace Jenkins. In the movie script, Trixie is more than just a child trying to keep his disgruntled parents together. Trixie, who expresses more mature words than her age, is fully aware of what is happening in her parents’ life, and she is a naughty person who does not hesitate to take initiative despite her age. When more than 3 monkey games suitable! We hope we get a chance to see Grace Jenkins in a similar value-added role, where she wasn’t cast just for being a pretty kid.

If another director were to make the Deep Water movie, it would be “a complete patchwork made by stealing scenes from many of the genre’s most popular movies!” You say. But as the director himself sprinkles references to his filmography as a tribute to his own filmography, a smile appears on someone’s face with nostalgia for the old days. Let’s revisit the filmography of the entire Adrian line at a meeting in Deepwater this weekend; If your heart and partner can handle this bombardment of old school erotic suspense! Throughout the story, the clear scenes that remained in the air due to the editing, he told the audience, “If this is a studio cut, I’d like to see the main director’s cut!” Creating feelings Deep water It will be seen on Amazon Prime in Turkey this weekend. Check it out without worrying too much about the negative comments, but with the question of why we don’t often see these and similar movies in cinemas, the answer is in the changed world system after 9/11.

Have a good time!

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