Current child and Mr. Kamal

In Trabzon “Kamal Saheb” The incident is ridiculous enough to enter the history of Turkish politics. To a child “Kamal Saheb” There is no need to command anyone; All the children are better aware of the language of agenda and politics than all of us, they exploit it like a sponge and the aim of the speech changes according to their surroundings. I understand very well, because every day I OjalI grew up in a house where swearing and even if I didn’t scream from the stage at least once was inappropriate for a reception or anything else. “Fat” He must have come out of my mouth as a child. But the real problem is not what he says or does, but the distance between the child and the adult.

Chetin Altan often linked the Turkish agenda to the country’s backwardness and always gave the same example as a reason for backwardness. The lack of professional people in Turkey was an obsession. He also stressed that the printing press has arrived late in these lands. Would he have made the same reference if his life had been enough to watch kids videos that the guy was saying “Mr. Kamal”? In this example, the delay of the printing house and the transfer of the baby’s microphone are exactly the same.

Childhood discovery

Neil Postman Examines the child’s perception from past to present “Extinction of childhood” He wrote in his book that in the Middle Ages there was no difference between children and adults. Children are equal partners involved in every aspect of life except sex and war. It is not isolated in games, stories and everyday operations, no information is hidden from it. At the age of seven, the child is fully adopted into the adult world, with no intergenerational privacy. Since oral culture is dominant, there is no educational institution that separates the child from the adult world, all kinds of information are transmitted orally and children and adults breathe in the same information environment.

PostmanAccording to, the invention of childhood dates back to the invention of the printing press in 1450. With the spread of literacy the way of communication is also changing; There is a gap between adults and learning to write. Reading is the first step towards becoming an adult, and it is imperative to build a mediating institution like school to achieve this. Over time, the concept of family develops around the child and the school; Both institutions emphasize that the child’s behavior outside the home and behavior is different, discipline comes into play and the concept of shame and embarrassment is created. The French Revolution sharpened the distinction between children and adults. A child that lives in the same world as an adult and even has its own section after wearing the same clothes. Children’s clothing, children’s books, children’s movies and toys as well as a huge children’s economy were born.

Book naming “Extinction of childhood” If PostmanIt is based on the concerns of the 80’s about the proliferation of television. We thought we were waiting for death by entertaining ourselves in front of the television (“I’m joking with death”) By Postman This time, he shows that childhood is lost in front of the television, and that the child who looks at the screen, which broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week, has all the information that an adult has. Learning child pornography, seeing sex or violence only for adults, disappearing perceptions of shame and embarrassment, learning to use them through advertising, killing them in serials, witnessing defeat and lust are signs of their disappearance. Likewise in childhood, jeans and sneakers – children’s clothing – speaking in children’s language and childish hand gestures (“It’s an owl!”) Adults are also contributing to segregation. We can add that today there is a serious adult buyer of Marvel movies or video games. Adults as well as children go to places like Disney Park.

Parents who want to protect their children from the outside world lose control when their children leave the door. At school, on TV, on the radio, on the street, on the phone in their hands, on the words they hear from a friend in the classroom, on the cold and intercity bus, they stop being babies with the smell of herb cheese. In the lunchbox of someone who aspires to be a poet.

Restaurant and rental square

A few months ago, there was a very clear answer in Turkey. “Restaurant with kids” There was an argument. “Claim” In Turkey, where there is no tradition, parents wanted to take their children to restaurants where they stayed up late at night and abused both children and other customers. This act has become reckless, parents have tried to impose on our minds the right to let their children cry and cry everywhere, which many of us do not want to express. They also did not accept any answer.

The child’s place is not the restaurant with wine, but the house. Similarly, the child’s place is not the meeting place or the political stage. These two events are not as independent as they seem. Just like the medieval man, Turkey still does not know the difference between a child and an adult. Even many parents living on white Turkish streets are not able to set a clean bedtime for their children – especially during the summer months. Until midnight the children are at the center of the adult conversation. Some parents attribute this ‘lace-fire’ approach to their children’s generosity and openness. In that environment the child forgets his childhood, as if it is a very funny thing. “The boy must be human” The entity develops, in addition, it receives applause in return. Baris Manco If he said that, you would laugh. Dear Nesin‘S “Today’s kids are great.” Even her children, who wrote letters in her book, spoke in the language of adults, discussed their problems, and sent messages to adults. But the main goal “Children be a child” Should be able to stay.

Little Emrah The real danger is the children whose childhoods have been taken away from them, who are exposed to all sorts of underbelly jokes at the adult table, who are forced to work at a young age. Ibrahim Tatlis He praised a girl he put on his program with an O-word; Canceled culture still doesn’t work for him. The environment that does not allow children to be children exposes them to attack, exploitation and rape. It is no coincidence that reports of child abuse have increased in recent years, raising fears that childhood has been ruined in this country. “Kamal Saheb” Maybe that’s why we had the opportunity, at least we remembered the value of the child.

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