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As the US congressional midterm elections in November 2022 and the Hungarian general elections on April 3, 2022, American Republicans and Hungarian Prime Minister Urban are using similar populist tactics. A common tactic of Urban and Republicans in this election is to run election campaigns on LGBTIQ people. Thus, they seek to divide both rival political parties and alliances, including conservatives, and present an argument that could bring their voters to the polls and unite them around family values, against economic problems or criticism that might be justified.

LGBTIQ referendum and election in Hungary

On November 9, 2021, the Hungarian legislature passed a law banning the use of the concepts of homosexuality and pedophilia in parallel, prohibiting gender reassignment and homosexuality in schools, and only state-approved institutions can provide sex education. . Opposition groups called for a boycott of the by-elections. Thus, he aimed to avoid losing both the opposition conservative voters and the liberal voters supporting the LGBTIQ rights. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the by-elections, but President Andrei, who was elected by Urban’s party Fidez, announced that he would submit the bill in a referendum on the day of the general election. Thus, on April 3, 2022, the people will both vote in the general election and in the same ballot vote for a law with the theme of LGBTIQ and children.

The people will be asked four questions in the referendum:

1. Do you support the provision of sexually oriented education of children in schools without parental consent?

2. Do you support the promotion of gender reassignment surgery for children?

3. Do you support the publication of child sexual content?

4. Do you support showing children sex reassignment pictures?

Urban’s motives are that opposition from voters who answer “yes” to these questions destroys the family institution, advocating for showing such content to children, and mobilizing the support of conservative, religious voters who prefer the family institution. Opposition parties have stated they will not run in the by-elections, but will make clear their position on LGBTIQ rights. Urban, on the other hand, constantly tries to label the concepts of LGBTIQ and pedophilia as “family values, etc.” LGBTIQ “hesitates and tries to spread the idea that all school children will be” forced to become LGBTIQ individuals “if the result of this referendum is negative.

While it is legal to hold a LGBTIQ-themed referendum and general election at the same time, it cannot be said that this initiative is sincere and willing to face the reality that the background goal is to change the axis of the general election. Debate and voter choice guidance.

“Gay banned” in Florida

Another development of 2022 is happening in Florida, where the governor’s office and state legislatures are dominated by Republicans. The Florida Senate and House of Representatives have passed a law entitled “Family Rights in Education.” Under the law, sexual orientation and gender identity should not be discussed in class, from kindergarten to third grade in Florida public schools, and should be spoken “appropriately” in the classroom above third grade. One of the most controversial parts of the law is that parents have the right to sue the school if this rule is violated.

According to LGBTIQ activists who oppose the law, such content is not widely used in schools and the purpose of the law is to create a non-existent polarization in society through LGBTIQ individuals.

In the United States, same-sex marriage and the adoption of same-sex couples or other means are legal in the United States. Therefore, even a child whose parents are gay couples talk about their family when they go to school or talk about their family during class, there is a risk that the ban will take effect. Opponents of the law claim that conservative judges, especially those appointed by Republicans, may use the law to consider such speeches and even natural expressions in the scope of the ban, and they are concerned that gay parents may use the law to target. Children of gay couples. Republicans, on the other hand, claim that LGBTIQ people “brainwash” children by sharing videos of teachers who say they want to teach children LGBTIQ rights and ideas from an early age, especially on social media. However, they do not provide specific data on the number of teachers, how many children in Florida kindergartens actually talk about the LGBTIQ theme, and they leave unanswered questions about the subject’s real-life equivalents.

In his condemnation of the Biden law, Pete Boutigig, the first public gay minister in the United States, said that the law could lead many gay children to suicide. Disney + Company, which has significant investments in the state, has announced that it will cut funding for the political campaign of pro-law Republicans and, if he signs the law, to the governor. Republicans have also reacted to Disney + ‘s decision, saying the agency does not care about child psychology.

The governor of Florida is likely to sign the law into law in the coming days. A lawsuit will be filed in Florida shortly. This will open the door to a time when LGBTI rights in Hungary and the United States and legal arguments and judicial decisions on child education are discussed, but most importantly, LGBTIQ rights have become a matter of choice.

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