Did you kick those cheaters out of school?

The efforts of students studying in Ukraine to return to the country led me to the onset of the epidemic two years ago.

As you may recall, when the Corona epidemic broke out in the first month of 2020, YÖK made a decision and allowed the transfer of students studying in the top 1000 universities in the world to universities in Turkey.

Of course, our people found a way to abuse this opportunity, as they did with every other opportunity, and they were admitted to universities in Turkey, although they did not deserve it, with all kinds of fraud.

After the emergence of this situation and my insistence to follow the subject in this column, Prof. Dr. Yekta Sarak called and said, “We will take necessary action against them. They will be expelled from school, but unfortunately, whatever we do, the judiciary will interpret them as vested rights and send them back. ”

As I spoke, a member of the judiciary said, “Fraud has no acquired right. Let YÖK do what it needs and we will do what we need.”

It’s been 2 years.

No action has been taken against these “fraudsters” who have made unjust and illegal transfers from foreign universities to Turkish universities demanding higher scores.

No one was expelled from the university where they were admitted.

As always, the one who did it was left to his own devices.

Because, as you can guess, none of these cheaters were poor Anatolian children.

They were all relatives of something, a power.

Of course, nothing will change when I write this.

They will continue to study in those schools, and many of them will graduate from these schools in the next one or two years and they will find their jobs in a dignified way.

So why am I writing this even though I know it won’t work?

Just so you don’t forget.

To remember you

There is no other reason.

Yesterday, I saw a small piece of news in the bottom corner of the front page of a newspaper.

A young man from Samsung transferred 16 billion TL from a bank’s limited credit investment account to his own account, and the spirit of the bank never heard of it.

A few days later, the young man was caught with a gun at a police request and told police, “If you had 16 billion TL in your bank. You would carry a gun, too, ”he boasted.

I did not believe the news.

16 billion TL easily earned 1. 1.1 billion, and it was difficult to get that much money from one bank.

This amount corresponds to about one-fourth of the bank’s equity capital and half of its market value.

And anyway it was bad journalism in my opinion.

Either the news number was wrong.

No, if the numbers are correct, such a news headline would be news, not a small angle at the bottom.

Habertturk Editor-in-Chief Dear Yavuz Barlas, has an economic background, so he immediately investigated the incident.

Finance Secretary Rahim Ak got the information.

The news was true.

The interval that this young man transferred from the bank’s investment account for short sales during the system transition over the weekend was 16 billion TL, or about 1 1.1 billion, and the bank did not even hear about Spirit in the first place. Even the banks and institutions in charge of overseeing such astronomical money transfers were not aware of it even though the customer’s branch understood the situation and withheld the money.

Fortunately, the young man transferred only 600,000 TL of this money to various accounts, but after the blockade, he spent 250,000 TL and that amount remained in the account enough to make a bank fail.

As soon as the money is returned, the situation improves.

The only thing left is the stigma of journalism which makes such important headline news small from the matchbox.

When We punish the guilty, not the honest.

As you know, parties and congregations are organized in the name of the foundation.

In this way, they not only provide themselves with a legal framework environment by circumventing the laws of the Republic of Turkey, but also manage their financial relations more easily behind the foundations and, moreover, they can get council decisions. Ministers provide “tax exemptions” according to their powers.

One of the communities organized in the name of such a foundation is the “Furkan Community” or foundation of Alparslan Quitul.

The foundation and its leader have long been in fierce opposition to the ruling party and its leader.

They never gave up in the face of pressure.

An Islamist party that opposes an Islamist government.

For this reason, they often face state power.

They are tried, imprisoned, subjected to harsh treatment, but they do not retreat.

The last time members of this community or foundation tried a non-violent protest was in Adana a few days ago.

The protest was met with very, very violent intervention by the police.

Police attacked the participants in protest with fierce anger, men and women were strangled to all and crawl on the ground.

If it had carried out such a violent intervention against an Islamist group in pre-party times, party spokespersons are still talking about it, they would have been the victims of this intervention and sent to jail.

But that did not happen because they were in power. This time they have ignored the violence against Islamists.

I can’t help but laugh bitterly at the ‘silence’ of those who have built their entire political lives on the accusation of ‘persecuting the righteous’ in the face of state beatings against religious people, it would be a lie to say so.

Because the present government survives and tastes all the things that it criticizes, condemns, jumps on and gets political rent.

But God forbid, there was a lot of criticism in the media about this issue.

For example, there are some people who say, “It hit my heart that a woman wearing a headscarf brutally hit a protester wearing a headscarf.”

I don’t understand how such nonsense can be done.

If one of the parties does not have a scarf on his head, will there be any problem?

The heartbreaking thing is that wearing a turban hits a person wearing a turban!

If a man without a turban hits someone without a turban, does it not hurt if a person without a turban hits a person without a turban?

Is this our problem?

Head Scarf and Head Scarf Sister, are the others handmade?

We are at this time now!

Don’t we feel sorry for the women who suffered similar violence on Women’s Day for not having headscarves?

Or those who were beaten, gassed and pressured during the LGBTIQ march.

Bosphorus students who were threatened, beaten, pushed around and arrested while walking down the street.

90-year-old doctors crawling on the floor.

To Birkin Elvan, who was killed at the age of 15.

Doesn’t it hurt you!

Thank God, ink is not used in this internet environment.

Otherwise, each article should start with the phrase “before the writing ink dries”.

Just a few days ago, he said, “The price of meat will go up a lot. My butcher advised me to invest in meat with a loan, ”I wrote, adding that the state government had increased the price of meat by more than 30 per cent yesterday.

If the official is 30 percent, then you calculate what the private sector does.

This is our best day.

Ramadan ahead.

Since we are a Muslim society, Ramadan means a time when food prices are skyrocketing.

Let’s see what will happen in Ramadan.

Exports are an important factor in the rise in meat prices.

That’s not what I’m saying, the industry is saying.

Large quantities of livestock are exported, especially to the countries of the Arabian Peninsula.

As it reduces domestic supply, it raises prices.

Yesterday, I wrote that Zara’s price hit the channel price two years ago.

Today I give you the good news that the price of fat ground beef is comparable to the price of last year’s tenderline.

After my criticism of livestock exports, I got up and said, “Brother, this is Turkey, the free market economy. They will say, what can we do, ban exports or confiscate exporters’ goods?”

Well, what was the North Korean economy like when you raided a merchant’s warehouse, stocked onions, stored oil?

I’ll tell you it will happen.

We will start importing meat in a month or two.

Those who sell meat in the Gulf today will start importing meat from Argentina, Poland and Brazil from tomorrow.

Thus, they earn both when sending and receiving.

On the other hand, you and I go and eat local and imported food.

But don’t be sad.

We aspire to be one of the mediators in the war between Ukraine and Russia.

A foreign country manager who we cursed yesterday comes and goes.

Our UAVs and SİHAs are very good.

We got gas in the Black Sea.

TOGG will hit the streets in August.

What more could we want!

Mine is seriously ungrateful!

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