Earth Song | Quote About Land Blessing 2022

The sound of the earth

Mevlana’s words about land, short words about land, soil and fertility are grouped below. Vein soil sounds and harvest time sounds which you are surprised to have in our content.

Here are 10 good words about soil;

1. Look to feel the rain, the earth, the sun. Listen to nature, touch the earth, absorb it.

2. Friendship; It’s like a mug made of clay. It just breaks down and will never be the same again.

3. My right, left, front and back building! Where are you, earth!

4. Crying on the ground will not bring your loved one back. So don’t make them cry now.

5. The soil that creates Rizik will one day fill your eyes. Serani

6. In your eyes I am lost like dust. Bathe my soul in your smile.

7. Don’t think of yourself as great. What a grateful man under the ground.

8. There is soil under the ground; There is no use of gold.

9. I wish for you as the sky wishes for the moon, the beach for the waves and the dry land for the water.

10. The stones themselves do not turn green just because of the spring. Need to know to land.

The sound of soil and fertility

It should be like soil, but the soil should not crush people. No one should dig a well on someone’s land.

Stop saying it’s me, just say ‘by my side’. Because everything is vested, looking at the ground.

They bury the dead in the ground and the memory in the heart. Which is the deepest grave? Which is more loyal? Unknown.

Do not rebel when you get mud on your feet. It reminds you that the earth will exist.

Come on brother, I make flour, lump, water or soil; Paris is everything to me!

The fruits of each soil are different.

White bread always comes out of black soil.

Whether you wear a rope around your neck or a rope with ore, your part in this world is the last fist of the world. Ashraf

There are so many living creatures on earth that they are no different from the dead below.

If you cut the soil, you grind the bread. They did not say, ‘Whatever you cut, it will come in your spoon’.

If the world understands the value of rain? Then it will not rain.

It receives everything that falls from the sky. Everything planted in the ground will end one day. This world is an inn, O traveler, whoever comes here must leave.

There has to be a drop of rain, it has to be mixed with the ground gently … there has to be a drop of tears, it has to come down your cheeks and meet your lips.

Even if you buy thousands of acres of land, if your heart is poor, it has no value.

Come on, your hair becomes like a braid when we age! Tomorrow we will be isolated under the same soil. Even if you and I melt the earth together, the earth is poisoned by our unconscious dust.

The earth carries a tiny seed both on its back and in the mountains.

Spring is the friend of the earth. Friends are also the spring of man. It should be as valuable as land.

Not all soils are the same. Some will be incompetent. The better the seed, the more it dries in the soil. So are people. The best advice and wise words cause side effects in their hearts and increase their anger.

Roses that bloom on the ground do not take long to fade, while roses that bloom in the heart never fade.

People they forget the death of their parents, but they do not forget to leave their land. MachiaveII

Nothing can frighten a person who has buried his loved one with his hands.

We crave land, friends, reinforced concrete everywhere!

For some, being under the ground was as normal as being on top of it. For some, staying on the ground was important. Because there was no place for them below. Ugur Arsian

Love is such a thing; The iron of pride melts, nourishes the soil of the heart.

I love you like the smell of soil after rain, here and there.

I do not sow black spots on my soil.

One must be as strong as the earth. He is; The harder it is, the harder it is. Those who oppress him always need him. They always find life in it.

Soil disasters are three: landslides, erosion, failure to plant seeds in it.

It should be as soft as soil, as generous as soil.

When you are cultivating the field, do not miss the prayer from your tongue and confidence in your heart so that the land becomes fertile.

Why do you think the world smells so beautiful? Is it to say that our loved ones are with him?

Life is not tiring. People make people tired. Life is soil, people dig wells.

No matter how rich the soil is, if it is not cultivated, there will be no crop. So is the head; Heads that aren’t planted don’t make sense either. Seneca

Did you sow seeds and the soil say ‘I will not give’?

Rose yellow yellow, soil wet. Burnt folk song, sketchy inconsistent. All of them are good; Coming from the heart, he sings, as if lovers, piercing his heart with a needle. Love is so beautiful, as it is, love in all things.

He seems to love secretly. The seeds grow deep in the soil.

Some deny that man was created from dust and claim that he came from apes. Even reacting to these monkeys means being involved in misfortune. Let them play three monkeys playing their own strings.

Take a handful of soil and scatter it over your enemy’s head. Do you think his head will explode? No. Pour water on his head well. Will it break? No. So mix soil and water to create Adobe so you can reach your goals.

Green hides the ugliness of the earth, and sweet words hide the faults of men.

Do not move your hand too much! Will go underground empty handed. Distribute so that your good deeds come with you.

Your soil could not adapt to my climate. Our geography was neither hot nor dry in summer and not cold and rainy in winter. It was always dry, always barren.

The soil returns the water and seeds obtained with the most beautiful berries; He does not return the people he has taken away.

No matter how beautiful it is, all faces will be dust.

The earth will one day appreciate the rain; But it will not rain that day. Nikanor Parra

Not every soil can carry everything. African proverb

O indifferent man! You can laugh and have fun on the ground, but one day you will go under it.

If you can be a rose, it will turn to dust and take you to your head.

The sound of the earth

Fertilize your soil first. If it is dry, what will the rose axis write? Weeds end again, weeds again.

Just as the soil surrenders to the farmer without question, so should a man be loved.

People are like the earth. There is something hidden in everyone’s subconscious.

Among the seeds planted in the soil, the one that yields the fastest is the blood spread by the bouncer. BaIzac

Don’t look at the rocks or the earth. Be content with less, so that you do not lose yourself when reduced.

My heart does not rust, like soil, like soil. There is no benefit in abusing it.

The stones and soil of Istanbul are gold. Of course, what did you say about the gold bullion?

You are the soil, you will return to the earth. Pearls

The most valuable land is the homeland.

The ground on which the coffee table was set remained barren. Victor Hugo

The world is like a woman. It can’t come from harshness or cowardice.

I am waiting for you like dry land waiting for rain. I know you will come; Just as the crescent is seen at night and the sun appears at the end of the night.

If you dig with faith, you will find wealth in the ground.

The soil that is not irrigated dries up, and the heart without love dies.

Man is born to die; So he likes the smell of soil after every rain. ToIstoy

Trees never extend their strong roots to the sky. They are always hiding deep in the ground.

Sow the seeds, otherwise the soil will be ashamed. N. Phase I Kisakurek

Don’t think i’ll let you go Does the earth get angry over the clouds because it is not raining?

We are like the earth. All sorts of bad things can be thrown at us, but good things always come out of us. Kuned-i Baghdadi

Can’t you see the land? How humble. So flowers bloom in your chest.

If the farmer knows when the land will be planted, there is no fear of Hazan season.

Like a landowner who does not know that he has a rich golden vein in his soil, people do not know their strengths and weaknesses (most of the time). Jules Renard

Even if there are two distances between you under the ground, it means it is too far for you. Hz.AIi

Love is like a natural fertilizer. It causes nausea, but it also manages to turn the soil green.

If you love him very much but his heart is not open then know that you are not that land.

We all have mothers; Soil. Victor Hugo

Every human being who comes from the ground will come back to the ground again. (He will return.) What is the need of mud in 3 days earth?

If you can’t measure me in your heart, what happens if you take refuge in the ground and cry?

The leaves dry out and fall to the ground, you know? You should learn from them. Because those leaves are always looking at the ground.

The black soil you are walking on now will one day surpass your height. What will you do when you are alone with him?

The lower ones are much higher than the upper ones. Wake up brothers.

The soil is like a woman; He does not want to be harsh or intimidating. Anatole France

Were you born in spring When the world wakes up? Is this your beauty?

Without the order of spring from the right, the soil cannot reveal its secrets. Mevlana

The skill is not to be marble in the palace, but to grow roses in your chest through the soil.

People throw bad things on the ground, but good things always come out of it.

Life is a drop of leaves, the last black soil of all.

The land was not swallowed up by the oppressors or the disbelievers. Someone’s grave is the pit of hell, and someone’s grave is the garden of Eden. There is a truth that the earth holds the dead, and a believer should not deny that ‘this is not consistent with reason’.

Traitors who live on the soil of this country; At first they pretend to give you rose water. When night falls, they go and pour cerulian under the rose.

What do you think of the people lying under the ground, who are you?

Know the value of the motherland. You will understand if you are an orphan, but it is too late.

Mercy to the soil is good, believe me, if it is merciful, it will give roses, if it is cruel, it will give thorns. Order

Roses that grow from the ground fade, roses that grow from the heart are eternal. Mevlana

Take soil as an example, Ademoğlu! Cover the faults, give roses to everyone.

Even if the garden is covered with blessings, rats and snakes will eat only soil.

Although the soil is very rich, if you do not plant it, it will not produce a crop. Such is the intelligence. If you don’t use it, you won’t see your work.

If no one is willing to give his life for this, that land cannot be called motherland.

These lands are priceless. Because the heroes got their blood.

Like a landowner who does not know that he has a rich golden vein in his soil, people do not know their strengths and weaknesses (most of the time). Jules Renard

Get Rizik from the ground now, one day your eyes will be full. So do not eat haram.

Walk softly in the spring; Mother Earth is pregnant. Indian proverb

To love the motherland is not to love the soil, but to love the people, the history, the culture, the flag and the spiritual values.

The world cannot be worse than an ungrateful man. Asonius

There is a call that does not remain silent even when all suffering is over and the pain is gone; Black comes from the earth. Mehmet Scenario

The sound of the earth

Walk gently in the spring, be gentle. Mother Earth is pregnant, who knows if she will give birth to flowers.

I have embraced many, my friends say, my loyal half is black soil. I’m in love with Veyse

Blood-soaked soil does not bear any fruit. Victor Hugo

What travels in the dry land in the current?

Let’s hug each other until the world takes us. Otherwise, love will be angry with you, you will be sad until you are dust.

The grass you set foot on today will end up on your soil tomorrow. Mevlana

Is there any dry soil in the stream? Mevlana

Seeds; If you fall to the ground, do not despair. How do you know that He will not pierce the earth and pierce the sky?

If the soil is irrigated with blood, the crop will not be harvested.

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