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In the 29th week of the Sport Toto Super League, Fenerbahce faced Itemiz Alaniaspor. The yellow-dark blue team won the match 5-2.

Diego Rossi scored in the 26th minute, Mesut Ozil (penalty) in the 50th minute, Arda Guler in the 7th minute, Pelcas in the 90th minute and Berisha in the 90 + 4 minute.

Taifur Bingol scored in the 53rd and 7th minutes by Aitemiz Alaniaspo.

Goalkeeper Altay Bayındır is the name that helped Rossi score in Fenerbahce. The 23-year-old goalkeeper made history as the first goalkeeper to assist in the Super League this season.

Arda Guler, the Yellow-Navy Blues’ third goal scorer, has scored his first goal of the season in a Fenerbahce jersey this season.

Fenerbahce, with their 4th win in the last 5 matches, raised their score to 50. Alaniaspore, who lost 2 matches in the league, has 48 points.

Important moment of the first half

In the 1st minute, Afekan Karaka, who was overwhelmed by Awaazim in the half of Alaniaspor, took a chance to keep the opposing goalkeeper ahead but the ball went from the top.

In the 8th minute, Serder Dursun took the ball to Rossi on the left side in Fenerbah’s attack. After entering the penalty area, a shot taken by this player from the left corner, the leather round went from top to bottom.

In the 16th minute, Alaniaspor tried to get out of their own half, and Rossi sent the ball to the priest, who sent the ball to Mesut Ozil, who was on penalty. After Mesut Ozil’s shot, Marafona rarely took the ball into the corner.

In the 20th minute, Fenerbahce tried to move the defense away from the left wing in Juanfran’s penalty area. Goalkeeper Alta Beyandi went ahead of the ball that fell in front of the penalty area near the Efekan Caracar shot line and threw the leather ball and the defense removed the danger.

In the 21st minute, Alaniaspor attacked with Juanfran from the right side, Fenerbahce’s defense tried to push the ball away from the penalty area. While Umut Gunes was scoring the ball in front of him in the penalty arc, Altay Beyndi moved to the corner with a leather ball in this position.

Goal26. Fenerbahce took the lead in the second minute. Hanging behind Alanyaspor’s defense on a long pass from goalkeeper Altay Bayındır, the rope-headed goalkeeper brought the ball into the net over Marafona: 0-1.

Fenerbahce came very close to the goal in the 32nd minute. Mesut Ozil handed over the ball, which he lost to Alaniaspo in the attack, to Serder Dursun. This player’s hard shot from the goal side turns the goal leather post.

Fenerbahce ended the first half of the match with a 1-0 lead.

Important moment of the second half

Goal 50. Fenerbahce increased the lead to two with a goal from the penalty spot in the minute. In the attack on the developing Fenerbahce, Rossi, who controlled the ball near Mesut Ozil, took his shot into the penalty area. Goalkeeper Marafona touched the ball with his finger, hitting the post and bouncing back. Zajc, who wanted to send the leather ball to the empty castle, fell to the ground after Awazim’s intervention. Vulcan Bayerslan showing penalty spot after VAR warning while maintaining position. Mesut Ozil, who took the ball on a penalty kick, scored his team’s second goal: 0-2.

Goal53. Alaniaspor reduces the interval to one per minute. Emre Akbaba, who attacked from the left wing, took his pass to Taifur Bingole. This footballer enters the penalty area and brings the ball into the net with his left diagonal shot: 1-2.

Goal 67. Alaniaspor equalized in the minute. After a long pass, Emre Akbaba wanted to control the ball in the penalty area and Fenerbahচেe defensively set foot on it. Afikan Karakar’s penalty shootout again, and Novice’s hard shot, Taifur Bingol, who returned from Altai Beindir, sent the ball into the net: 2-2.

Goal78. Fenerbahce took the lead again. Attacking from the left, Rossi lowers the centered ball to the back post of Szalai, Arda Guler gathers round leather nets: 2-3.

Goal 90. Fenerbahce again took the lead at two intervals. Rossi enters the penalty area from the right and passes the wall with the priest. The last intervening Pelcas made the score 4-2, as the ball bounced off Marafona’s back and hit the pole.

Goal 90 + 4. Fenerbahce scored the fifth goal in the minute. Berisha kicks the ball into the net, which is concentrated in the penalty area from Arda Gul’s left diagonal: 2-5.

Fenerbahce won the match 5-2.

Status: Bahsehir School

Referee: Vulcan Byerslan, Ali Segin Ogel, Mustafa Sonmez

Itemis alaniaspor: Marafona, Juanfran, Awazim (61 DDU), Milunovic (minimum 74 Oguz Aidin), Furkan Bear, Novice, Afkan Bekiroglu (Min 85 Candias), Umut Gunes, Taifur Bingol, Afekan Karabaka,

Fenerbahce: Altay Bayındır, Ozan Tufan (min. 68 Pelkas), Serdar Aziz, Kim Min-jae, Szalai, Crespo, Osayi-Samuel, Zajc, Mesut Özil (min. 74 Arda Güler), Rossi (min. 90 Murat Kapacak), Serdar Dursun (64 minutes Berisha)

Goal: Minute 26 rope, min. 50 Mesut Ozil (from penalty), Min. 78 Arda Guler, Min. 90 Pelcas, Min. 90 + 4 Berisha (Fenerbach), Min. 53 and 67 Taifur Bingol (Itemis alaniaspor)

Yellow card: Min 49 Awaziem (Aytemiz Alanyaspor), Min. 61 Serdar Dursun, Min. 87 Pelcas (Fenerbahce)

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