For the first time in Turkey, a separate activity program for children will be created.

With the Bartın University project supported by TÜBİTA K, for the first time in Turkey a unique activity program will be created for primary school children.
Bartin University Dean of the Faculty of Education, Professor. Dr. The project created by Fatma Unal, called ARDEB1001 “Sports Research”, was open and supported within the framework of the cooperation protocol signed between the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Ministry of Industry and Technology. With the project entitled “Development and Evaluation of a Parent-Teacher Supported Individual Physical Activity Program for Elementary School Students”, the goal is to develop a unique activity program for elementary school children for the first time in Turkey.
Specialized scientists in the field are involved in this project
Skilled scientists are involved in the project area, who will contribute to the implementation of the “Sports, Education, Health, Children, Digital Transformation” policies specified in the 11th Development Plan. In this sense, Professor. Dr. Under the direction of Fatma Unal, Association. Dr. Beija Aksu Duniya and Dr. Trainer Member Yasmeen Buuksahin, Association. Dr. Ayça Genç and Assoc. Dr. Hatice Ildiz Durak will take the place as a researcher. In the project, which will contribute to the training of qualified human resources in this field, 3 undergraduate and 3 undergraduate students will serve as scholarships. Work on our project will continue uninterrupted for 24 months.
Sports, education, health, children, digital transformation.
Going to give information about the project, Professor. Dr. “We aim to help 14th grade elementary school students develop physical fitness, motor skills, social and psychological well-being through a combination of physical activity and educational games and parent-teacher support,” Unal said.
Referring to the project as the first for primary school children, Unal said, “Considering the objectives of the project, first of all, it will contribute to the improvement of living standards and level of education. In addition, the development of physical well-being, motor skills, and the level of social and mental well-being of children will be supported, especially at a time when the incidence of epidemics is increasing. In our specialization, we aim to reach the best in an interdisciplinary experimental work environment. Encouraging us to create work that reaches out to society with this in mind, said Bartin University Rector Professor Dr. Dr. I want to thank Orhan Uzun and all my teammates. ”
“As Bertin University, we continue to add value to our future.”
Note that they aim to add value to the world of science and the future of our country through their work as a university. Dr. Orhan Uzun, for his achievements, Professor. Dr. Unal thanked the academics who took part in the project.
Rector Uzun said, “We strive to reach out to society through the scientific studies we conduct in our country’s priority goals and fields. In line with our local internationalization goals, we aim to improve our academic productivity day by day. We are very happy to see the results of our work. I sincerely congratulate all our constituents who have been our companions in this journey and we have started with success. With this thought, our YÖK President Prof. Dr. Dr. I would like to thank Errol Ozver, our members of the YÖK, our Bertin Governor Sinan Gunnar, who has always stood by us, and all our stakeholders in government institutions and organizations. ”

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