Former soccer player Cesar Ozturk: ​​I’m the main victim of this incident – last minute Turkish news

Cesar Ozturk, who shot and killed a man in a fight on the way to the Istanbul Sanctuary, reappeared before a judge.

Detainees Cesar Ozturk and Omer Jane were brought to the Anatolian 1st High Criminal Court for trial. The family of Halil Ibrahim Sholten, who lost his life, and his lawyers also took part in the trial.

Cesar Ozturk’s wife, Ozlem Ozturk, who was called as a witness at the hearing, said they rented a house in Pasako for a month and drove to the zoo with two cars on the day of the incident. The road was closed, we could not go any way, the door of the vehicle was open, my wife asked for directions, someone on the other side said, wait, we will open it. ‘My wife asked for directions again,’ he said.

“My son showed ‘they are killing my father, mother'”

Ozlem Ozturk mentions that someone from Opash cursed her husband and her husband Cesar Ozturk said, “Don’t talk like that, clear the way, let me go”, continue as follows:

“We had a baby in the car. They started swearing. Meanwhile, a man forced open the back door. Our baby was in the caregiver’s lap. At that moment, my wife got out of the car. I stopped to get up. A man punched my wife. From behind.” Someone threw a chair at him and my wife was shocked. At that moment, 15-20 people started attacking. When Caesar’s friend Om, who was in the car, got out of the car, he fired 1-2 shots in the air. We were all shocked. “

Özlem Öztürk, who said her husband and Ömer Genç started beating her later, said her son was very scared at the time and shouted, ‘They are killing my father, mother’.

“Schulten hits first fist”

Ozkan Orsenkan, nephew of the late Halil Ibrahim Skolten, was also heard as a witness. “I did not see how he died, but when Cesar Ozturk got out of the car, Halil Ibrahim Schulten was the first to punch. Duran Genche threw the chair. I tried to separate it, but no one listened. “

“Victim’s own death causes us to go to jail”

“I am the main victim here. I have tried to protect myself, my family, my children and my grandchildren from the onslaught. Even if you put a cat in a corner, it will bite you. There are no survivors,” said Cesar Ozturk, a convicted felon. Animals may be indifferent to self-violence. The question of finding a way should not come up here. ” “We also have to go to jail for the death of the victim. I am the real victim of this incident. I want my release. I want justice,” he said.

Cesar Ozturk’s lawyer Serdar Oktem also demanded the release of his client.

The state of arrest continues

Announcing his interim decision, the court board decided to continue the detention of accused Cesar Ozturk and Om Jenk. The hearing was adjourned to rectify the deficit.

From the complaint

The indictment, prepared by the Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, alleges that on September 19, 2021, Cesar Ozturk murdered Halil Ibrahim Schulten, with whom he had an argument over his way, ran after him with a gun and noticed him. , Resulting in six shots.

It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein.

Allegedly, Cesar Ozturk was charged with “intentional manslaughter”, “intentional manslaughter”, “manslaughter”, “chain assault” and “possession of an unlicensed firearm.” He was sentenced to 10 years to 32 years and 9 months in prison.

Accused Ömer Genç has been charged with “intentional homicide by participating in unjust persuasion”, “intentionally injuring a body by breaking a bone”, “intentional injury”, “common injury” and “intentionally endangering general safety”. 15 years 9 months. He was sentenced to 28 years and 1 month in prison.

Duran Gain was sentenced to eight months to two years in prison for allegedly throwing a chair at Cesar Ozturk and inflicting “common injuries with a gun.”

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