From “Our Children” here! 85 lost penalty, lost all hope …

Our national team, led by Stefan Kuntz, shared the trump card with Portugal in the 2022 FIFA World Cup European Qualifiers play-off semifinals. The Crescent-Stars started with a pay-per-view against their huge opponents, led by Cristiano Ronaldo, at the Dragao Stadium.

Portugal, backed by supporters, repeatedly attacked and hit our target, and at 15 Otavio shook the net. After this minute, the home team increased their pressure and took the lead at 42 Diego Jota 2, ending the half 2-0.

In the second half, we didn’t start very brightly, but Burak Ilmaz scored a goal with a great organization in 65, we were optimistic. In ’83, Annes Null remained on the ground in the penalty area after Font’s intervention. Referee Daniel Sibert pointed to the penalty spot. Burak, hoping for the first goal, threw a penalty to Snard.

At 90 + 4, Nunes at Man set the score: 3-1. With this result, the team of stars got the ticket to the final of Portugal qualifiers. On the other hand, the moon-star has closed the book of the World Cup.

48 fans at Dragao Stadium

The number of fans following Carlama for the national team against Portugal was cleared as 48,10.

Although the national team faced Portugal in the semi-finals of the Dania Cupas play-offs, the interest of the fans towards the salary did not go unnoticed.

Although the Dragao Stadium with a capacity of 50,033 people was almost completely filled, the number of spectators watching the match at the stadium in the second half of the meeting was also cleared. A total of 46,010 fans took part in the stand.

Matan minutes | The first half

Portugal scored in the 11th minute. Bruno Fernandez takes a free kick from the right side and Jota slides down the pass and puts his foot on the ball, coming out of the main goal top.

What did Portugal bring in 15 minutes? The ball hits a side post outside the Bernardo Silver penalty area and lands. Otavio rolls the Maine cloud at the bottom pass, sending the ball to the field with a blow from the right cross: 1-0.

In the 21st minute, Danilo’s wrong pass in the Portuguese defense was blocked by Genghis from the penalty box. The ball goes to goalkeeper Diego Costa.

The national team drew close to the goal in the 22nd minute. Kerem, who faced the ball near Genghis in the Portuguese penalty area, controlled the ball in the last line. He made the rear pole, and Barkan hit his head in the middle, causing the main round to move slightly to the side.

Moon-Ildzel team was effective in the 26th minute. Orkun, who caught the ball outside the penalty area, entered the penalty area with his gold, bouncing the ball sent by Genghis to the penalty area from the right wing. Orkun ground keeper Diego Costa reached his left and took a corner.

The hosts increased their lead to 2 in the 42nd minute. Jotta hit the ball into the net in the middle of Ottavio’s penalty area and sent the ball into the net: 2-0.

The first half of Emsabakan ended with a 2-0 victory over Portugal.

Matan minutes | KNC half

The Crescent-Star team has lost the chance to participate in the 2022 World Cup.

In the 48th minute, Portugal’s Jota Bernardo Silva passed. Bernardo Silver’s goalkeeper Urkan, who was in control of the ball in the penalty box, approached you and caught it. The rest of the defense took the ball to the boat.

In the 56th minute, goalkeeper Diego Costa went behind the defense with a long pass, Jota got the ball before Urkan bleed outside the penalty area and turned the goal straight. But the main round became narrower than the stain.

The national team reduced the gap to 1 in 75 minutes. Burak, who got the ball in the Portuguese penalty area that he got from Barkan, gave Genghis a pass and went into the penalty area. Without waiting, Genghis sent a pass to Burak. Burak, who got the ball at his bottom pass, sent the ball to the left foot: 2-1.

In the 75th minute, Portugal’s improving player, Guerrero controlling the ball from the left wing, hit Ottavio in the back post in the middle.

In the 72nd minute, Ennes Null remained on the ground after a fight with Fonte in the Portuguese penalty area. After warnings from the VAR, referee Sibert came to the side of the field, saw the position and decided the penalty.

Burak Ilmaz, who took a penalty in the 75th minute, sent the ball back from above.

90 + 4. Portugal’s third goal in the minute. Nunes sent the ball into the net to face goalkeeper Urkan in the penalty area near Liao: 3-1.

90 + 6. In the second minute, Felix confronted goalkeeper Yurkan and Ronaldo got the ball back from Urkan. For Ronaldo, I drove to St. Derry Harp Auto.

Emsabaka ended 3-1 in Portugal.

Stadium: Dragao

Referee: Daniel Siebert, Jan Siddle, Rafael Foltin (Germany)

Portugal: Diego Costa, Dalot, Danilo, Fonte, Guerreiro (min. 8 Mendes), Bruno Fernandez (min. 60, William Carvalho), Moutinho (min. 7 nuns), Bernardo Silva, Ronaldo, Minao ()) 88 Leo).

Turkey: Urkan Akr, Ozan Kabak, Merih Demiral, alar Sync, Zeki elik (min 80 Yusuf Yazc), Orkun Kk (min 80 Dorukhan Tokz), Berkan Kutlu (min 90 Serdar Dursun), Cengiz nder, Hakan alhanolu, Kerem Acting Group . 66 Enes nal), Burak Ylmaz

The goal: Min. 15 Otavio, Min. 42 Jota, Min. 90 + 4 Nunes (Portugal), Min. 65 Burak Ilmaz (Turkey)

Yellow card: Min. 33 clever hand, min. 69 Hakan Alhanolu, Min. 76 Merih Demiral, Min. 90 + 6 Dorukhan Tokaj (Turkey), Min. 33 Jota, Min.86 Moutinho (Portugal)

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