Has the law come to schools?

2022.03.24 04:00


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A message sent by a school principal to change the seating arrangement of students in the classroom so that girls and boys are separated and the document is published in the press, “Has Sharia come to school?” Discussion and sharing.

The most surprising thing was that the number of social media posts that surprised the event was too much to underestimate. Sharia was not going to come out of nowhere, and the religiosity of education has been created step by step over the last 20 years. Schools were surrounded by religious buildings and religious rules.

The 4 + 4 + 4 Act, calling and constructing “youth who are plaintiffs for their religion, language, hatred …”, legal and practical abolition of co-education with amendments to secondary education institutions, Separate classrooms, corridors and even buildings for girls and boys. Curriculum changes, textbook content, school policy and imam-hatipization of all schools, elective courses are in fact paving the way for child marriage in the name of “compulsory” protocol and cooperation, rules and regulations, examination procedures, interviews, competitions, etc. Activities to reach out to schools and communities, shifting it from special education and mentoring programs to gender equality in TÜGVA, children who have lost their lives and hope in the community dormitories of Karaman and Aladag.

We teachers and students are living a reality that has ceased to be a question year after year.

We are witnessing the irrational statements of the spokespersons of the political forces, speaking of the concerns of the Conservatives who are worried about the “opposition” and the darkness in which children, youth and women live, even the screams of Ennes. Caralar, whose lives are darkened by conservative pressure, is tried to make them inaudible.

Although some continue to be the voices of “concerned conservatives”; Ignoring the law, the bill to establish a “religious academy” was passed in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey.

Although some continue to be the voices of “concerned conservatives”; Steps are being taken to make pre-school religious education sustainable and comprehensive, based on a decision taken by the 20th National Education Council. MEB has announced that 3,000 new kindergartens and 40,000 new nursery classes will be opened by the end of 2022. However, recruitment of 40,000 pre-school teachers is not on the agenda of the Ministry of National Education.

Although some continue to be the voices of “concerned conservatives”; The Server Yassam Foundation, which runs the “Let’s go to the mosque” project for children aged 6-13 during breaks, has developed a protocol for primary education called “Journey to the Horizon” with the Ministry of Education, which includes secondary and high school students in 81 provinces. Exceeds the authority of the Department of General Education and Secondary Education. It organizes competitions, which plan to share the personal information of parents and children with the server Yasam Foundation and its partner associations. Imposes responsibilities and duties on teachers outside of their responsibilities. Books prepared for the competition are sold at the school. The transfer of education, which is a public right, continues uninterrupted in the religious framework. The rights of our students to public and scientific education and the professional rights of teachers are being ignored.

The state of seeing “thoughts” over truth is also a political choice …

The problem of secularism, public and scientific education in Turkey can never be thought of independently from a class perspective, it is a rejection of history and what happened otherwise. Depriving the public of their right to education, shifting them to religious structures and capital, depriving more than half a million children and youth of formal education due to inequality and poverty, turning them into a cheap labor force is a political and class choice. , And forcing them to the community and the community.

“I have lost my hope, I have lost all my dreams, I am worried about my future, I do not dream so that my dreams are not destroyed” The future cannot be built without seeing their reality.

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