He fell to his death from the 6th floor, the father of a woman who was accused of cheating and was suspicious of the death of the 28-year-old woman: “My daughter was scared of height, she couldn’t even look out the window.”

Four suspects appeared before a judge in connection with the death of a 28-year-old woman who fell from the sixth floor in Castamonu. At the hearing, the defendants claimed that the woman had fallen out of a window during an argument due to treason.
The incident took place in May 2021 in Ino district of Castamonur. According to the information received, MK, MK’s father AK, MK’s wife YK, MK’s employee CD and a woman named SD (26) had a quarrel. SD (26) fell down the stairs from the 6th floor during the altercation. MK, AK, YK and CD, who were on trial for SD’s death, appeared before the judge. The families of MK, AK, YK and CD, the lawyer and SD, whose trial was pending, were present at the hearing in the Kastamonu High Criminal Court. The hearing began on behalf of the accused. At the hearing, the defendants claimed that MK had cheated on his wife YK with SD and that SD had fallen out of the window and died when he was caught in the same house.

“When I looked out the window, I saw that he had fallen on his face.”
On behalf of the incident, MT said that they had met SD for breakfast at the house where the incident took place and said, “We agreed to meet in the morning. We were supposed to meet at 09:30. The house key was on the SD. After a while I went home and rang the bell and entered the house. I smoke together. We were having breakfast together. After 15 minutes the bell is pressed. As soon as I looked at the door, my employee saw the CD, but when my father called, I did not open it. We were surprised and scared. SD told me, ‘You open the door, I’ll be hiding in the bedroom.’ I’ve been waiting a while for SD to be saved. While I was waiting to hide it, I heard a click. We didn’t quite understand what had happened. As soon as I opened the door, my wife said to Wike, ‘Where’s the girl, we caught you.’ Her bag and coat were found under the bed during a search of the house. I was excited too. When he didn’t come out of the bedroom, I looked too. I looked out the window and saw that he had fallen face down. I went downstairs immediately and the ambulance arrived. There was a hole where he fell. The paramedics could not get down the wooden stairs. The sound was coming from the stairs. So we call the fire service. But I went downstairs without waiting for the fire service. Then the officers came, the police came. I went there and went to work. “When I was at work, the police called me and I went to testify,” he said.

“I went to where the woman fell, I couldn’t even look
YK, who said she followed her husband MK because she suspected he was cheating on her and went to the house where the incident took place, said, “I guess MK is cheating on me. It was getting late to return home. He worked secretly. I saw that they were meeting on his phone the day before the ceremony. I was already meeting with lawyers for divorce. The lawyers asked me for proof of divorce. I wanted to do a follow-up and hold him red-handed so I could have some evidence. When I left home in the morning, I started following MK. After following for a while, we meet my father-in-law who was going to meet MK woman in front of the house. I started screaming to open the door. When the door opened, I went to MK. I searched the house and looked in the cupboard, I saw the woman’s bag and coat under the bed. I asked MK again why this. At that moment a voice came. At first I thought they were fleeing. So I went out with the bag as proof. Unable to jump on the barbed wire outside, I handed the bag to my father-in-law. Then I went to where the woman fell, I could not even look. My father-in-law said, ‘You go to the children’s house.’ I also left the scene, “he said.
Wyke noted that shortly after, he filed for divorce from MK.

“My daughter was scared of height, she couldn’t even look out the window.”
At the hearing, SD’s father I.D. “My daughter is 1.60 meters tall and weighs 85 kilograms. They say ‘he jumped out of the window’ but there is no chance of getting in the window. My daughter has a fear of heights. He can’t even look out the window. It cannot jump 50 centimeters high. Because he was afraid of his height. He can’t even look out the window. If the law of gravity falls, there must have been a situation like an explosion somewhere. But his clothes were not torn. There was such a situation in the mine, there was fraud, why we were not told. Why didn’t we know? This is a premeditated murder. I am a complainant, I want to punish them, “he said.

The trial is adjourned to a later date
After hearing the witnesses and their lawyers, the court board decided to continue the trial of the defendants MK, YK, CD and AK and adjourned the hearing to a later date. During the trial, the accused and SD’s relatives were upset.

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