He wrote a book for his father, who carried him back year after year – the Kokeli newspaper

Yasmeen Temel Siftsi, 55, who lives in the Izmit district of Kokley, contracted polio when she was just two years old. The farmer, who was unable to walk due to his disability, received the most support from his father, Suleiman Temel, a Korean elder. Suleiman Temmel carried his daughter, who could not walk, on his back for 12 years so that she would not fall behind in her education. A report in a local newspaper changed the life of the Temel family. News of the parents’ life reached Germany. A Turkish doctor living in Germany read the news and wanted to help the family. Thanks to a Turkish doctor working in Germany, Yasmin Siftasi was able to stand on her own two feet after one year of treatment.

After completing his education, Çiftci retired after working as a human resources specialist in a private company. Yasmeen Sifatsi talks about her father’s sacrifice in her book “Hopes Greening on the Shoulders”, which she wrote 2 years ago.

“I was on my father’s shoulder for 12 years”

Explaining that she had polio at the age of two, Yasmeen Sifatsi said: “I had a lot of trouble with polio, I couldn’t say I didn’t feel it. But I was very lucky to have a perfect father. My father always said and protected me. Girls are more valuable than boys. I was on your shoulders, I finished primary school that way. When I graduated, my father was chosen father of the year. I did not allow it because there was no environment for a disabled child to get an education. Of course, my father did not give up. He made this decision after applying to the Ministry of National Education. I was admitted to the school, “he said.

“I got up after a difficult treatment.”

তiftci used the following statements: Ahmet Serimar, a reporter working for a local newspaper, made the news and reported that the news reached Germany.

“I was 12 years old when we got the news. After the news, the Turkish doctor called the newspaper where the news was published and said, ‘How can I reach this girl? I want to help.’

We talked to the doctor and then the treatment process started. After a difficult treatment process that lasted 1 year, I got up and started walking. When I reached high school age, I had to take a break from my studies due to family reasons. Since I didn’t want my education to be unfinished, I enrolled in a trade high school. After graduation, I went into business. I finished the Faculty of Open Education while working. “

“My book explains my father’s sacrifice”

Two years ago, Çiftçi decided to write a book to tell her story with her father. He spoke of my father’s sacrifice. All my siblings supported me a lot. They didn’t think I was disabled. Even when my father was working, at home my brothers carried me on their backs to school. They never complained about this situation. I was never introverted. I did not see myself as different from other children at school. “I couldn’t attend physically. Education classes. I used to see kids participating in physical education classes. I read poetry on holidays. I used to go on picnics, attend social events,” he said.

“I wanted to explain the importance of education in my book.”

Referring to the importance of education in his book “Hopes Greening on the Shoulder”, Sifatsi said, “If my father had not gone to the Ministry of National Education and admitted me to school, I would not be in this situation now. Now that I have finished my education. I retired as a human resources specialist in a private company. I made my living. And I stood on my own two feet. I was on my father’s shoulder while traveling to school. My hopes were fulfilled. While browsing the media, I participated in live broadcasts. I send some proceeds from my books to children, including SMAs, “he added.

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