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These positions, for which KPSS requirements have been sought, are filled through recruitment within the Ministry of Health. Also, the Ministry of Health makes purchases with İŞKUR. In these ads, there may be a verbal test with the KPSS condition. Usually, support staff is recruited through İŞKUR. Another form of application is created by the health centers themselves applying for open advertisements. Over time, health centers may post ads for the staff they need. You have to go to the announcement of the health center you want to work in person and leave your CV. If so, fill out the form and wait for results.

What does a health center do?

Health center activities, Regulated by the Ministry of Health. Health centers provide preventive health services within the scope of primary health care services. With its new name, Family Health Centers provide services to the physician with whom the person is associated. Health center services can be listed as follows:

  • Sick people are examined by family doctors.
  • Medications can be prescribed. However, it does not cover some drugs.
  • Health training is organized. It is offered to the public.
  • Regular blood tests can be done before marriage. The results are evaluated and presented by the family doctor.
  • Information about family planning is provided.
  • Birth control pills are given free of charge.
  • Condoms are provided free of charge.
  • Pregnancy is followed-up. Immunizations planned during pregnancy are followed. The pregnant woman is reminded and vaccinated.
  • Postpartum follow-up is done. The data is stored.
  • After birth, the baby’s second heel blood is taken.
  • Vaccines are followed on routine vaccination report cards prescribed by the Ministry of Child Health. The family is reminded and applied.
  • Nursing mothers can be educated.
  • Children’s height, head circumference and weight were monitored.
  • General examination of children’s eyes is done.
  • A medical report is issued for the driver’s license.
  • A medical report is given for military service.
  • A sick report is given for 10 days.
  • Coronavirus vaccine has been given.
  • Some blood and urine tests are done.

What are the working hours of the health center?

Health center working hours, Obey the Public Working Order. Work started at 8 in the morning. Lunch is given between 12:00 and 13:00. In the afternoon, it continues to be served until 17.00 in the evening. It does not provide services on weekends and public holidays. Healthcare job application Those who do this should consider this information.

What are the responsibilities of health center staff?

Health center staff varies according to the number and variety of service staff. Generally, the health center has staff like family doctor, midwife, nurse, cleaning staff etc. Family Physicians provide services in cases where the service group affiliated with them applies to a health center in the face of an illness. He requested blood and urine analysis that he has authority over the health system. He examined the patient and prescribed medicine. Refer to the hospital where it deems it necessary. Report for military service, driver’s license and marriage. It can also report the patient’s disability. However it is given for a maximum of 10 days. It intervenes in emergencies and submits reports. At the health center, nurses and midwives monitor pregnant women and children. Follows and administers routine vaccines in the list of Ministry of Health Follows the development of children. Engage in informative activities for the family. As a result of the epidemic that has been raging for the last two years, he administered the Covid-19 vaccine. The support staff is responsible for the cleanliness and discipline of the health center.

What is the salary of health center staff?

Salary of health center staff This is one of the topics of interest. Especially Healthcare job application Those who want to do this want to know the salary. The salaries of family physicians working in health centers vary because they are included in the scoring system. However, it can be said that their salary is between 7.500-18.00. On the other hand, the salaries of midwives and nurses vary depending on the region in which they live, but about 5,500-6,500.

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