‘I resigned from the department and prepared for the exam for 1 year’

Yaziz Barut / IZ Newspaper- Explaining the reason for taking a break from the theater in the past years, he said, “It was difficult for both of us to stay away from the boy for a long time because of the tour. “I left the theater with tears in my heart,” said Buket Ozkat, an actress at Izmir’s Metropolitan Municipality City Theaters (zBBŞT). He said he was preparing for the test.

‘It gave me that age’

Can you introduce yourself a little? When did your interest in theater begin?

I am the first child of teacher parents. We have traveled to many cities. My late father was a French teacher, but he was very interested in literature and theater. He was always given the teaching of the theater branch. Occasionally his students would come to our house to rehearse and take sound recordings. I just sat there and watched them. I mean at that age theater entered my blood …

I attended high school at Izmir Esrefpasa High School. My literature teacher was Ahmet Urdu, a resident of our village. He has supported us in every aspect of the industry. I have a lot of work to do. They were friends with my father. One Teacher’s Day, I was chosen to read a text I had written myself. That day my teacher Ahmed called my father on the phone; “Your daughter made us all cry today,” he said. (Laughter) After I left the phone, my dad turned to me and said, ‘I’m proud of you,’ with tears in his eyes… I decided to go to the theater that day.

I finished high school in the summer; In 1991, we decided on my test piece with my favorite Jackie Yorulmaz, an actor from Izmir State Theater, and we studied regularly. My clever teacher will not hire many students. He trusted me and handled me very well. I won the acting test as 3rd in Dokuz Ilul University Faculty of Fine Arts (DEU GSF). Thus began the adventure.

‘I am grateful to them’

What did you do before you started acting professionally, who did you work with?

First of all, I am proud to be a student of Özdemir Nutku and Hülya Nutku. I studied acting in a school where stage and behind-the-scenes discipline is very important. This is a great opportunity. We were trained by highly valued teachers; Like the late Haldun Marlali and Hasim Hekimolu … may they live in peace. My role teacher was Ankara State Theater actor Mehmet Gurkan. He also encouraged me to take City Theater exams. The place is very different. Another important name is Verlam Nicholas. I learned a lot from him about both theater and life. He currently lives in Tbilisi. My music teacher was Izmir’s opera and ballet artist Altug Dilmak. Our lessons were very enjoyable. There have been many times when I have found the right words, notes, laughter. (Laughter)

We have been educated, grown up and shaped by a huge staff of teachers in both practical and theoretical courses. Our theoretical classes were as heavy as our acting classes. We talked a lot about it then, but when we start our professional life we ​​realize the importance of it. It’s a good thing they forced us, it’s good that we read all the plays, we’re lucky that we passed with daytime lessons and evening rehearsals … I’m grateful to all my teachers.

‘This is education’

I can’t help but mention that; We were complete in the drama composition, acting and design department. In the short drama composition competition organized in the name of teachers’ teacher Suat Taser, 4 plays were staged in the week of 26 March. As actors, we kept director’s notebooks, assisted, learned drama, and helped design workshops with our friends’ outfits and costumes if needed. This is what we call ‘theater kitchen’. This form of education has contributed a lot to my professional life and it is theater education that I believe; How it should be.


What kind of work and theater have you been involved with so far?

The first 2 years of our student life, it was forbidden to do theater outside. Because our performances have not yet reached the required maturity… With the special permission of my dear Özdemir Nutku teacher in 1st grade, we both played the role of Jill in my senior friend Ersin Ummul’s graduate thesis ‘Küheylan’ and as a ‘student artist’ at Izmir State Theater. I started taking responsibility. This privilege was probably due to my hard work and multi-discipline. After me, this ban was somewhat extended, depending on the organization and the role … Jill, it was a turning point in my acting life. Dear Ersin is a very good actor. We practiced and rehearsed a lot together. Her professionalism also helped me, I broke my shell and even found my identity …

My debut at the State Theater was the late Diner Sumer’s play ‘Ali Aye Savio’, a writer I admire and respect. Rest in peace. For season 2, the play is sold out, we have traveled, we have traveled almost the whole of Turkey. The play is directed by the late Fikret Tartan. After this play, my teacher Fikret chose me for many of his plays … State Theater became my second school, my family. I learned a lot, not only from the directors and actors, but also from those who worked there. The person I would like to mention in particular is Gundogan Incekara, who retired from the post of ‘Stage Manager’ a few years ago. I was already an actor with good backstage and stage discipline, but Gundogan has grown many times over for our caretaker’s gestopism. When Gundogan heard my caretaker’s footsteps, we would scatter like mushrooms and fall silent.

I’ve worked with important names like Fikret Tartan, Türker Tekin, Çetin Köroğlu, Mediha Köroğlu, Önder Alkım at the State Theater … young people don’t know, so let them sleep in peace …

Aysen Gruda School

After graduation, I continued to work as a contract artist at Izmir State Theater for many years. In 2004, I decided to try my luck in Istanbul. Many of my friends had already gone to Istanbul after graduation because there was no private or funded theater in Izmir except for the State Theater. Not only in Istanbul, but also in Izmir. I started working in a dubbing studio in Istanbul and set foot in the community. I had the opportunity to meet and enter the studio with legendary voices like the late Paider Hekimogulu and Nur Subashi. In late 2005, I met Asuman Dabak through my school friend Murat Ergar … Asuman Haneem was setting up a theater and he was auditioning for a play directed by Haldun Dorman. I found myself fit for the role of ‘Ida’ in Philip King’s play ‘The Reverend Escaped’. This role was a turning point for me. Sharing the stage with a great actress like Ain Gruder and taking part in a play by a director like Haldun Doremen was a significant achievement for me. Asuman Dobk Theater became my third school. Sister Ain (Gruda) in particular was both a theater and a school of life for me. We’ve had great memories, we’ve been around, I’ve learned a lot from her … let her be at peace.

‘I cry for blood’

I met my son’s father on the Alanya tour. Just 3 months after we met, we married with such love that I quit my job, Istanbul. A year later, my son was born. At the moment, I have frozen my theater life for a while. I guess I must have annoyed the theater fairies because they didn’t stop for long …

In 2013, I returned to Izmir after my marriage and started playing at Izmir State Theater again. I worked for 1 season. However, I saw that I had to choose between my career and my son. Ijit was only 5 at the time and it was difficult for the two of us to stay apart for long because of the tour. I left the theater crying inside. Of course, I had to make money raising my son… I started working as a clerk in a small boutique. A few years later, I switched to an important brand. Later, I became the store manager of an important brand. Yes, I was making money. I was high, yes. But I was not happy.

‘We’ve been waiting year after year’

How was your arrival at Izmir City Theater? How do you decide to take the test?

We, the graduates of the DEU GSF Theater Department, have been waiting year after year for the opening of the City Theater. The studies that began under the leadership of my dear teacher zdemir Nutku were probably accelerated in a more meaningful way after his loss. Because this theater was the testimony of our great teacher. As my other colleagues have said; The lack of a city theater in Izmir was a big mistake.

After returning to Izmir, of course, I started meeting my old friends and teachers. At this point, my favorite teacher, Hulia, gave a lecture … she encouraged me to return to the theater every time. Sometimes like a mother, sometimes like a teacher. I miss him so much. Rest in peace. He said they started laying the foundation of the city theater in Izmir and I had to take the test. After that, I resigned from the store manager and got ready for the test, trying to follow the establishment process every moment for exactly 1 year, I waited. Sometimes patiently, sometimes close to giving up, sometimes with tears, sometimes with anxiety, sometimes with confidence… I would like to thank all my friends and teachers, especially my dear Yusuf Koksal, the artist of Izmir State Theater who stood by me in this process. . My mentor, teacher, friend without him I would not be able to take the test with such confidence.

‘Confident and Strong’

What do you see when you think of the founding staff and the team, especially Usel Yerten, as a whole?

4zBBŞT My 4th school… Learning acting is not the end. It can’t end. It doesn’t have to end. My favorite teacher, Usel Irten, is one of the most important people in Turkish theater, whom I follow from afar and dream ‘if only I could one day be his student’. In his keynote address at the presentation of the founding of IzBBŞT, he said; “Hoja Ozdemir, rejoice, your dream has come true. Send news to Muhsin teacher, Sebada teacher, Matin and teacher and Sevin teacher. Tell Mahir teachers, Kunet teachers, Salih and Nujet teachers; They did not act in vain, they did not die without purpose.

The greatest proof of how my dear teacher, Eusel Irten, devoted himself to this work, how he fought, how he traveled with a great sense of responsibility, and that he would not do it, if I did not hear this speech with tears in my eyes. Leave the fight for this, no matter how many obstacles come in his way? It is our duty to carry the flag of this honorable struggle with pride and to carry its victory like a medal on our chest in the light of such a convincing and strong founder General Director of Industry.

I am proud to be an artist of this organization. I am grateful every day. Whenever I go to the theater, I touch the stage floor and hug the sets. I smell it. It is very difficult for me to express gratitude in words.

We will keep our signature under very good project with our management team, actor colleagues and technical staff. We are all very energetic, determined and hardworking.

Finally; Why should the people of Izmir watch the Tavsan Tavsanoglu drama?

Rabbit Tavsanoolu is a fun game where they will find similarities from their own family, make internal calculations if appropriate, realize their own mistakes if appropriate, truth will probably bring them back like a slap, and also embellish with humor. I want the ball to go out and everyone. Come closer. (Laughter)


What is your biggest dream about theater?

My biggest dream is to support the Turkish theater industry, not only the state and its institutions, but also high-level organizations. New and stylish theater buildings should be built, festivals should be held and international projects should be supported.

What is your favorite role or game you have played so far?

I don’t want to bother the theater fairies … every one of my roles is very precious to me.

Which game do you like to play the most?

I want to act in a Broadway musical; Like Moulin Rouge …

Who is the player you want to play the most?

Ahhh… Al Pacino.

Who is the name that inspires you the most about theater or life?

Of course, these names and adaptations change from time to time, but my biggest and most important source of inspiration right now is my favorite Usel Yerten teacher.

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