If love is an idea, its opposition is also love.

Onur Akhan’s novel Ants in My Head tells us the need to think with the opposite of the idea. Although he says that the value of the idea is given by the opposite, he makes love more valuable without putting it in front.

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The moment a person tastes love, he does not just feel the change of mood. His life began to take shape again. Because love is a person’s speech, worldview, disposition, character, eating habits, going to bed, getting up, work, friendship; Perhaps it is the only force on earth that can change everything. For example, love became one of the most important topics in literature. The romance novel focuses primarily on the relationship between two people and romantic love and often leads the reader to a satisfying happy ending. Those who love romance novels know; The book has a math from the cover to the last sentence. The reader knows where, when, what will happen. From the moments when the characters will penetrate each other, when the pink dreams will give way to the dark clouds.
Onur Akhan tells the contradictions that shape human life through a love story in ‘Ants in My Head’. Friendship and enmity, guilt and innocence, right and wrong, sharp contrast between life and death, thanks to love in the novel. Although an innocent feeling turns two friends into enemies, love can destroy the thick line between death and life.
“She fell in love. She knew she had seen him for the first time.” Although the author breaks the math of the romance novel that the reader knows from the first moment – the protagonist in the first paragraph does not fall in love right now – he indicates that his goal will be towards the positive or negative effects of love on our lives rather than the romance novel.
University student Egemen, on the Kadıköy-Beşiktaş ferry, meets the Girl with the Ice of the Sea for a brief moment right in the middle of the Bosphorus. He wants to chase after the woman who stopped his life for two seconds even though he didn’t paint after this look that cut his leg off the ground. When he says to the woman, including Paul Oster / Brooklyn Madness, “Your book is very good,” the woman replies, “It’s like poetry,” and looks the other way. When the ship comes ashore, he loses the woman. In fact, Egemen learned much later that the woman followed him after he got off the ferry. Thanks to the book’s title and the words “like a poem”, he found the woman after a long internet search. The woman he started texting with knew that her name was Sila. Sila, who is obsessed with her uncontrollable behavior and the scenario created in her mind, is freed from the ‘worm’ that took over her head after the first message.
Although Sila is a more positive view of life, Egemen presents the negative side of her relationship with loneliness, boredom and pessimism due to the ants around her head. In contrast to her soul, which is dark enough to say that she is a ‘sign of death’ to a woman who asks her zodiac, the woman insists that she is a ‘sign of love’. The writer seems to want to surprise his readers at any moment and throw them in the wrong corner. The moment of disaster or the coincidence of the characters appears to the reader in an unexpected moment. In such cases, Agamemnon’s diary, the ‘red-lined notebook’ that his grandfather keeps, always helps him. On the other hand, the reader manages to come out of the whirlpool that he entered with the narrative of sympathy created for him.
Onur Akhan reminds us that in the events we encounter in life, we have to “think of the concept as opposed to it.” For example, there is no day without night, there is no good without bad, there is no meaning of life without death. Akhan does not explain love in his book. He can’t help but write comments made by others before. But Akhan is doing something good. On the other hand, the idea of ​​love does not put the opponent in front.

Ants on my head

Onur Akhan
Support Publications, 2022
320 pages.

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