In this case, I am the real victim.

Cesar Ozturk, a former soccer player who went to the Istanbul Sanctuary Zoo with his family, had an argument with those who cut the road and used alcohol on the way home.

An attempt was made to attack Cesar Ozturk, who wanted to clear the road, under the influence of alcohol from the opposite direction. People who do not pay attention to the children in the car try to open the car door. Then, Cesar Ozturk got out of the car.

Cesar Ozturk, a former football player, got out of his car and was attacked with a fist. With the first punch, the earth suddenly turned into a battlefield.

Roadblocks began pelting Cesar Ozturk and his family with stones and sticks. Meanwhile, Cesar Ozturk’s face, which had been beaten by many, was covered in blood. After the incident, a shot was fired from a gun and Halil Ibrahim Scholten died on the spot.

Cesar Ozturk and Om Jenak, who were arrested after the incident in September last year, appeared before the judge.

Family members and lawyers for the late Halil Ibrahim Sholten also attended the hearing.

“Wait LAN, we’ll open”

Ozlem Ozturk, wife of Cesar Ozturk, who was called as a witness at the hearing, said they rented a house in Pasako for a month and drove to the zoo with two cars on the day of the incident. “When we got to the house, there was a group, they blocked the road, we couldn’t go any way. The door of the vehicle was open. My wife asked for directions. Someone from the opposite side said, ‘Wait, we’ll open. My wife asked for directions again.’ . ” Says

“We have a kid in the car, they started cursing.”

Ozlem Ozturk, who told the story in tears, “We had our baby in the car. They started swearing. Meanwhile, a man pushed the back door. Our baby was in the caregiver’s lap. At that moment, my wife got out of the car. As soon as I got out, a man punched my wife.”

Cesar threw a chair at Ozturk’s head, killing 20 people

Someone from behind threw a chair at his head, my wife was shocked. At this time 15-20 people started attacking. When he got out of Om’s car, he fired 1-2 shots into the air. We were all shocked. I couldn’t believe what I saw and heard. They started beating my wife and Omar. My son was in another car then.

“They’re killing my parents.”

He ran to me and shouted, ‘They are killing my father and mother.’ My wife’s face is covered in blood. I saw my wife driving a pickup truck from behind. My wife pushed herself aside. Then the crowd suddenly dispersed. At that time they had stones and sticks in their hands. They were attacking my wife and Omar.

“When we got home, he was hit in the head, his chest was formed.”

When we got back home, my wife’s head was split, her chest was broken. He had incredible bleeding. He started vomiting. His head was spinning. We immediately left the house to go to the hospital. At this time the neighbors came forward to help. I couldn’t go because I had children. Then they went to the hospital and I didn’t see what happened. ” Used phrases.

“We got in the truck. They were shocked. We got it.”

Dilara Karaye, wife of accused Om Jane, “They didn’t care if there were women and children. It didn’t hurt. When my wife shot in the air, they started to break down. Then they got into the truck. One of them was shouting, ‘Crush them. Now.’ Or insects. They were drunk anyway. Then they went back. We got in the car. We went home. My wife was bleeding in the head. As I was leaving the house, the neighbors came. With family.Stay, ‘he said. Neighbors were with us, they were gone. ” Says

The family of the winner: Halil Ibrahim attacked at the first moment

Ozkan Orsenkan, uncle of the late Halil Ibrahim Skolten, was also heard as a witness. In his statement, Ozsarkan said that Scholten Cesar was the first to punch Ozturk. “On the day of the incident, Halil Ibrahim came running up to me and asked for a gun. I told him what the gun should look like. I don’t see how he died, but when Cesar Ozturk got out of the car, Halil Ibrahim Schulten punched him first.

The young chair attacked his head

Duran threw the chair at his head.

“I must speak the truth to my conscience.”

I had to tell the truth for my conscience. I tried to separate it, but no one listened. “ Says

After hearing the witnesses, Cesar Ozturk was given the word.

Cesar Ozturk: ​​I am the main winner, I tried to protect my children

Cesar Ozturk, a former soccer player, says:

“Here, I am the real victim. I have tried to protect myself, my family, my children from the onslaught. Even if you put a cat in the corner, it will give you a scratch. No living thing can be indifferent to violence against itself.” There is no gain with these people.

“The family has found us legal”

They drink on the side of the road, obstruct traffic, do not give way. On top of that, they attack people. I have never seen anything like it. I go to the hospital, they block me. Even Victim’s family, who were heard in the last session, almost found us. The question of finding a way should not come up here. Torture forced us to go to prison for his own death.

“I want my evolution”

In this case, I am the real victim. I want my release, I want justice. “

The decision to continue the arrest

Announcing his interim decision, the court board decided to continue the detention of accused Cesar Ozturk and Om Jenk. The hearing was adjourned to rectify the deficit.

From the claim

The indictment, prepared by the Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, states that on September 19, 2021, defendant Cesar Ozturk killed Halil Ibrahim Schulten, with whom he had a gun, ran after him and had an argument to target him. , Resulting in six shots.

It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein.

Accused Cesar Ozturk was charged with “intentional manslaughter”, “intentional manslaughter”, “damage to property”, “threatening with a chain weapon” and “possession of an unlicensed weapon.” He was sentenced to a total of 17 years, 10 months to 32 years and 9 months in prison for his crimes. Accused Ömer Genç has been charged with “intentional homicide by participating in unjust persuasion”, “intentionally injuring a body by breaking a bone”, “intentional injury”, “common injury” and “intentionally endangering general safety”. 15 years 9 months. He was sentenced to 28 years and 1 month in prison.

Duran Gain was sentenced to eight months to two years in prison for allegedly throwing a chair at Cesar Ozturk and inflicting “common injuries with a gun.”

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