Iron deficiency can be the cause of that dangerous disease!

Note that iron deficiency and related anemia is an important public health problem, according to the Association of Internal Medicine and Hematology Specialists. Dr. Ömer Ekinci said that iron deficiency anemia is basically a figure characterized by the formation of less iron than the body needs and that it directly or indirectly affects many systems. Underlining that the causes of iron deficiency can be very variable, Assoc. Dr. Ekmer Ekinci explained that the main reasons are reduced iron intake in the diet, decreased iron absorption and blood loss. Explaining that multiple causes are effective as the cause of bleeding, Assoc. Dr. Ekmer Ekinci says, “There are some hematological disorders such as erosion from the gastrointestinal tract (esophagus, stomach, small and large intestine), damage to the genitourinary tract (bleeding in men and women, chronic kidney disease, kidney, urinary tract and urinary tract inflammation, ), Bleeding disorder. “Bleeding is the most common cause of bleeding in the background of the disease,” he said.

Cow’s milk is effective in newborns.

The use of cow’s milk, especially in newborns, can lead to anemia due to insufficient iron content in food-induced iron deficiency, Assoc. Dr. Ömer Ekinci said: “Despite the growth and development of adulthood, iron intake in the diet may be low. Iron absorption is impaired; this may be the case in many diseases of the stomach and small intestine (especially celiac disease). Associate Dr. Ömer Ekinci said: The cause of iron deficiency is usually blood loss, since dietary intake is sufficient in developed countries, it is the most common cause of inadequate dietary (dietary) iron intake in developing countries.

It is most often seen in women

Note that in different studies conducted in our country, the frequency of iron deficiency anemia is found at different rates in different age groups, regions and communities, Assoc. Dr. Ömer Ekinci said, “In our country, in various studies conducted in childhood, this frequency has been reported from 15.2 percent to 62.5 percent. When we look at adults, iron deficiency anemia is about 20 percent, and it is most common in women due to menstruation and pregnancy. Assoc. Dr. Om Ekinchi says: “The most common symptoms of iron deficiency are paleness, weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite, palpitations, shortness of breath, headache, exercise intolerance, depression, unstable foot syndrome, nail changes, hair loss, cracking of the mouth and gums. Desire to eat soil defined as pica, eating ice and neurodevelopmental delays in children.

Affects the function of many organs

Iron is an important mineral for our lives because it has a systemic effect that affects the functioning of many organs, Assoc. Dr. Ekmer Ekinci says, “When iron-containing compounds, both in cells and in circulation, cannot perform their functions adequately, significant changes occur in cellular function, growth, motor development, behavioral and cognitive function, physical capacity and vitality, immune system, gastrointestinal tract.” System, thermoregulation, skin and mucous membranes.

Diagnosis can be difficult in some cases

Iron deficiency anemia is a common and easily diagnosed disorder, Assoc. Dr. Ekmer Ekinci shared the following information: “Complete blood counts (hemograms), peripheral blood smear tests, serum iron parameters (iron, total iron binding capacity and ferritin) and biochemical tests are used to diagnose the disease. Iron parameters show the depth of diagnosis, differential diagnosis and deficiency. Although it is easy to diagnose in some cases, it can be difficult to make a differential diagnosis, especially in a small number of patients who have inflammatory parameters and may be able to move from treatment to diagnosis.

Attention to meat cooked in aluminum!

Noting that there are many factors that affect iron absorption, Assoc. Dr. Ekmer Ekinci lists them as follows: “Aluminum and stainless steel reduce iron absorption. Iron-rich foods, such as cooked meats and green leafy vegetables, reduce the absorption rate. Calcium is also an important molecule, and iron absorption decreases as the amount of calcium in food (especially milk and its products) increases. Also, the tannins in tea, coffee and cocoa reduce iron absorption. It would be healthy to have tea and coffee two hours before or after an iron-rich meal. Compared to tea and coffee, tea can further reduce iron absorption. “

It can also be a highlight of a tumor

Note that until the iron stores are full, there is a risk of anemia and organ damage / ischemia, Assoc. Dr. Ekmer Ekinci said, “In general, regardless of the symptoms, it is recommended to treat iron deficiency anemia or iron deficiency without anemia. However, the treatment of iron deficiency or iron deficiency anemia is not just iron replacement. For example, a newly introduced image of iron deficiency may be a precursor to a tumor of the gastrointestinal tract. The cause of iron deficiency should be investigated and disclosed to all patients, especially men and postmenopausal women. By emphasizing that oral or parenteral (intravenous) iron products can be used to treat iron deficiency anemia, Assoc. Dr. Ekmer Ekinci says which one to choose depends on the depth of anemia, the patient’s ability to tolerate oral preparation and the availability of various iron replacement products. Assoc. Dr. Ömer Ekinci says, “Preparations of face iron are usually used as the first choice because they are effective, readily available, cheap and safe. However, for those who cannot tolerate oral iron, parenteral treatment options are used effectively.

Less developed and more in developing countries

Finally, adds that iron deficiency anemia affects about 12 percent of the world’s population, Assoc. Dr. “Women and children of reproductive age, especially in underdeveloped and developing countries, make up the main affected populations,” said Om Ekinchi. Thanks to screening programs, pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy follow-up, and early childhood iron replacement techniques, this image has become less common in our country. “

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