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The second day of the 2022 Cartep Summit, held for the 4th time this year by the Kokeli Metropolitan Municipality, continued with sessions held at the Kokeli Congress Center. This year, the session discussed “Resilient City and Transformation of the City” and sought solutions to various problems. In that session, Kokeli Metropolitan Municipality’s support for agriculture and farmers came on the agenda. Dr. Uğur Ömürgönülşen “The Cokeli Metropolitan Municipality has conducted research on ancestral seeds. Many seeds that were on the verge of oblivion were brought back to the agenda and brought to agriculture. ”

The first session was on agriculture and food

In this context, Professor Suleiman Pasha was present at the first session. Dr. It was presided over by Sedat Murat. In the session, “Impact of Agriculture and Food Policy on City Life and Supply Networks” is discussed. Professor Dr. Uğur Ömürgönülşen, “The role of the metropolitan municipality in agricultural activities for local development in Turkey; Trainer member Fatih Turan Yaman, on the other hand, discussed the topic “Implementing an agricultural city between resilient cities and food security opportunities”.

“Water and energy are the two most important issues in our country”

Professor Dr. President of the session. Dr. Sedat Murat; “One of the areas of special interest in Turkey is agricultural policy. In particular, local governments need to develop highly effective and pioneering national and international projects in this regard. The two most important issues for our country in the future are water and energy. Although we are facing difficulties at the point we have reached today, water is used in a rude way. Agricultural land is not given due importance, ”he said.

“Kokeli brings his Atsid on Sunday”

Professor Dr. Uğur Ömürgönülşen told the session that with the enactment of the law in 2012 and the number 6360, significant changes have taken place in the role and functioning of the metropolitan municipality. “One of them was to give the metropolitans some work related to agriculture and animal husbandry,” said Professor Dr. Dr. Ömürgönülşen said, “Since 2014, local governments have shown serious interest in agriculture. The Kokeli metropolitan municipality, which we host, is different from the metropolitan municipality. It provides support to farmers for fodder crops, seed support, medicinal and aromatic plants and livestock. But there is something more important. Seed of ancestors. Kokeli Metropolitan Municipality has done research on ancestral seeds. Many seeds that were on the verge of being forgotten were brought back to the agenda and brought to agriculture.

“We have the world in our memory”

Istanbul Rumeli University said in the session. Trainer Resilient City conducted the Agriculture City Practice and its members Fatih Turan Yaman and Essin Yalkintas conducted the Food Safety: Istanbul Silver Example. Coaching member Fatih Turan Yaman; “As a country, we have failed in industrialization. Due to migration and industrialization, people’s relationship with agriculture has been severed. But our people’s relationship with agriculture and land is not like that of western countries. We still have soil in our memory. We can use this memory, “he said.

“Urban policy calls for resistance”

On the other hand, in the second session held at Suleiman Pasha Hall, issues related to “Urban Disease Prevention and Sustainability” were discussed. Professor Dr. The first title of the session, chaired by Adam Essen, was “Urban Immunity for Resilient Cities”. Dr. Ozkan Yalkin; The concept of urban resilience; He said it is a common concept used to implement global policies in response to important global issues such as urbanization, development, climate change and sustainability. Mentioning the concept of resilience involved in the disaster in Turkey. সম্প্রতিzkan Yalçın said, “Recently, this concept has been identified due to the Kovid-19 epidemic. In this context, some municipalities are developing action plans considering the urban resilience of their urban policies and practices. “

“NGOs will come forward in urban management”

Tekirdag Namık from Kemal University, Assoc. Dr. Seda Bostancı, on the other hand, says, “Should cities be sustainable or smart to be resilient? Handle the subject. Trucker In his presentation, he noted that disasters and crises come to the fore in resilience. Assoc. Dr. “Today, epidemics, environmental issues, global climate change, increasing natural disasters and social inequalities due to income inequality are of concern for the future of cities,” Bostansi said. These conditions create an environment in which local administrators have to make joint decisions with more stakeholders. The 2030 Sustainable Development Goals predict that NGOs will remain in the city administration. “

Other topics of the session

From Ataturk University, Race. See. Shaheda Altunak gives examples from her research entitled Seferihisar and Halfetti’s Evaluation in the Context of Population Criteria of the Quiet City Movement. University of Ankara, Dr. Lecturer Moinul Ahsan talks about Ankara’s Water Sensitive City: Current Practices, Challenges and Opportunities.

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