“Kokeli provides extremely successful services in health and social services” – Kokeli newspaper

On the 2nd day of the CARTEP Summit 2022, the speakers at the first session at the Kokeli Congress Center Selim Sirpasa Hall were Dr. Instructor Member Asmin Kavas Bilgiç, Alanya Hamdullah Emin Pasa University Prof. Dr. Pheasant Evin Torlock, Pamukkale University Tanku Sayichi, Istanbul Medeniat University Professor. Dr. Hamza Ates, Istanbul Medeniat University Muslim Ildiz, Karadeniz Technical University. Trainer Member Suna Ersavaş Jar, Karadeniz Technical University Res. See. Nisa Erdem, Marmara University Association Dr. Burak Hamza Erigit was the chairperson of the session of Ankara University Professor. Dr. Ayegul Mengi took charge.

Global Fighting is a global problem

The evaluation of the responsibilities and duties of the Metropolitan Municipality of Turkey was discussed within the framework of the Kovid-19 epidemic through world examples. Ankara University Professor Dr. presided over the first session. Dr. It was led by Ayegul Mengi. The first speaker of the first session was Alnia Hamdullah Emin Pasha University Professor. Dr. Pheasant Evin Torlake touches on the issue of the global network of UNESCO education cities in the fight against the epidemic. “Global problems need to be addressed globally,” Torlock said. By selecting cities such as Learning Cities and performing a comparative analysis with the system’s member cities, we looked at the UNESCO Focus Network and created our tables accordingly. We saw comparisons within the city. We have noticed that there is no difference between learning cities and similar cities and at the same time, we have seen that learning cities are not ready for epidemics. About 7 million lives were lost. Because I think that’s because the world has never faced such a situation before. It should prepare for the next food shortage and climate crisis and take the necessary precautions, ”he said.

States should cooperate with local governments

Muslim Ildiz, who attended the session, drew attention to his commitment that states should cooperate with local governments. Yildiz said “almost all states should fight the epidemic in collaboration with local governments” and touch on procedures and case studies. Yıldız said: “The study was designed as a case study and the Kokaili Provincial Public Health Board was selected as a role model at the organizational level. The most important result of this study is that the effectiveness of the process of mitigating the negative effects of the Covid 19 epidemic on society and the city increases in direct proportion to the governance and cooperation initiatives between the central government, local government and civil society.

Competition for skills and competencies

Karadeniz Technical University Race. See. “This is based on the answer to the question of what the impact of ‘local diplomacy’ activity in the fight against the epidemic is,” said Nissa Erdem. “Local diplomacy is one of the areas where information exchange is best practiced,” Erdem said. Local diploma is a more effective field because it is based on intergovernmental relations. “I think local diplomacy is an active area in the fight against the epidemic,” he said. Assoc. Dr. Burak Hamza ErigitIn the recent past, one of the most important planning methods developed by private sector companies to ensure efficiency, effectiveness, efficiency and competitiveness has manifested itself in the form of “strategic planning”. The strategic plan prepared by the municipality in 2019 gives negative results in 2020. At the end of the meeting, all the presenters were given certificates of participation.

Social change in SenR and policy

The other sessions in the morning discussed social issues and social issues in the city. Sakaria University Association. Dr. Hassan Hussein Tailan, Sakaria University Association. Dr. Ümmügülsüm Zor, Dr. of Altınbaş University. Trainer member Murad Canbulut, University of Sarajevo Association. Dr. Emin Yaman, Nekmatin Erbakan University Professor. Dr. M. Fatih Bilal Alodali, Nekmatin Erbakan University Professor Dr. Ismail Sevin, University of Trachea Professor Dr. Mahmud Gul, Truck University Dr. Instructor Burak Mert Parlian was present.

Kokeli is a successful example

Sakaria University Association. Dr. Hassan Hussein Tailan He focused on empowering vulnerable communities for resilient cities and exemplifying Turkish novels. Taylan said, “This study, which is based on a qualitative study, was based on a meeting of the Focus Group in November 2021, which was attended by Romani opinion leaders from 25 different cities in Turkey. What problems are we facing and what are we waiting for? The support department is the last step in this task. The study grows and the process of opening the novel begins and strategy documents are prepared. Roma’s problems in the fields of “education”, “shelter”, “employment”, “health” and “social service” and the suggestions for resolving these problems need to be discussed. I think vocational training should be directed, and it succeeds in cochlear. I have seen in my work that, in addition, employment policies should be formulated and strategy documents should be continued in 2022. “

Rural and regional development is important

Dr. Trainer Murad Canbulut, a member of Altınbaş University, talks about sustainability and rural development. “It is important to build social and intellectual capital, implement inclusive policies and develop all savings in a sustainable structure, not only in cities, but also in rural areas, as well as the efficient use of regional resources and their transformation into an economic value,” Canbulut said. The decline of the young generation in rural areas is a significant problem. Diversifying the ecosystem, turning the region into a center of attraction from different perspectives, addressing regional management in a multidimensional framework such as employment, education and technology adaptation will contribute to the development of the region, especially in rural areas where agro-based economy. Influential. Young people should be taken to the countryside and protected from their ancestral heritage. I think women should be included in employment, brought forward and women’s cooperatives should be included. “

The positive side of Kovid-19 has changed

Kartepe Summit, Assoc. Dr. Emin Yaman stressed that the problems and possible solutions of an academic mother should be implemented in the home quarantine during the Covid-19 process. Yaman said, “He realized that he could not solve real life problems without rules or adhere to strict discipline, and he created more realistic and practical solutions, even turning the situation into an advantage. The fathers did a great job, the transformation took place, the evolution took place and the fathers came together at home. Nekmatin Erbakan University Professor. Dr. M Fatih Bilal Alodali If In the case of social municipalities, In addition to the classical municipal services, the responsibilities and activities of the municipality have been expanded and the responsibility for providing services in the social and cultural spheres has been increased. Says Professor Dr. On the other hand, Burak Mert Shining reveals how the Romanian community was integrated with the city in the face of urban poverty. He also pointed out that the city has created resistance points in some parts of the city and the causes of this emerging situation, what was done and what should have been done are the main topics of study.

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